Murder Mystery Wedding

Just imagine the fun you’ll have at a murder mystery wedding! From the fun attire to the vintage looks and decor, this wedding theme is going to be remembered for a long time!

A small guest list would allow for a games night at the wedding reception, and why not?

Details for a Murder Mystery Wedding

Do you love serial killer documentaries? Do you enjoy watching forensic investigation shows? Is “Law and Order” one of your favourite television shows? Then a murder mystery themed wedding is the perfect wedding theme for you!

The murder mystery wedding theme involves getting guests in on the action. One party planner described it as a live-action game of Clue. Some couples will hire professional actors to assist, while others ask members of the wedding party to carry out different roles in the game.

Some brides will use the reception as the locale of the murder mystery, and this theme tends to work better when the guest list is rather small (50 or less). Some brides also further the theme by choosing a historical time period, such as the 1920s.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Murder Mystery Wedding

A historical home would be the perfect place to host a murder mystery wedding. This venue has a multitude of rooms where the crime scene can be laid out and investigated. If the bride is using a certain time period for the theme, such as the 1920s or Victorian England, then consider choosing a historic building that embodies the time period.

Many brides who have used the murder mystery wedding theme have also utilised music during the murder mystery-themed reception. You’ll want to make sure that the venue is set up so that you can play music on either an A/V system owned by the venue or that there is the proper equipment in the reception hall to support a system that you bring in. (For instance, an outdoor venue with little access to electricity or a place to set up the equipment would take away from the theme.)

Colour Palette for a Murder Mystery Wedding

Brides are able to choose from a variety of colour palettes for the murder mystery wedding theme. Consider black and purple. These colours are used in many thriller books and movies. Purple is chiefly associated with royalty, but it is also associated with wisdom and independence. Dark purple is also associated with the goth fashion movement. Black, of course, symbolises mystery, which makes it perfect for this wedding theme.

Some brides will add gold to this colour palette. This would be especially fitting for brides hosting a 1920s murder mystery themed wedding. Other colours for consideration are crimson red, forest green, and maroon.

Food for a Murder Mystery Wedding

Most murder mystery companies state that the best menu for a Clue-themed party is one that involves finger foods. This is so guests can move around and mingle while enjoying some delicious snacks.

Skewers are a great way to feed your guests while allowing them to move around the venue. Wedding caterers can offer veggie skewers, or you may wish to offer grilled chicken or grilled pork skewers as an alternative. Mini Pigs in a Blanket, as well as Savory Pinwheels, are great choices that are very tasty. Consider mini pizzas on bagels. These are filling and delicious as well as totally portable.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Murder Mystery Wedding

The wedding dress for a murder mystery themed wedding need not fit a certain mold. However, if you wish to choose a time period in your murder mystery theme, then this should be a consideration for your nuptial wardrobe.

For instance, if you’re planning a murder mystery theme set in the 1920s, then plan to choose a wedding dress that is reflective of the theme. While you aren’t required to wear a flapper dress, cap sleeves and a knee-length hem are from the 1920s era. Some brides will wear a dress with tulle or lace, and, rather than a veil, they may add a tiara or a flower to their hair. Add elbow-length gloves for a real 1920s throwback.

Groom Style for a Murder Mystery Wedding

Grooms and the members of their wedding party can really have fun with the murder mystery themed wedding. Like the bride, if the time period one chooses is the 1920s, grooms can find outfits that symbolise the era and look good at the same time. While the groom doesn’t have to dress in a zoot suit, he can don a fedora with his Sunday suit for the occasion.

Think Peaky Blinders when it comes to the suit itself. A black suit with a vest and long tie is perfect for the nuptials. Add a pocket watch and chain. There are gray or tan suits that fit the 1920s era as well. Top this with a skimmer hat for summer nuptials, or choose a newsboy hat for fall and winter weddings.

Wedding Invitations for a Murder Mystery Wedding

You’ll want to inform your guests of the theme long before the day they arrive for the ceremony, and the invitations provide a fun way to do so. Your invitations can be inspired by the board game Clue. Choose red and white as the colours of the invitations and use the same font as on the cover of the Clue game box.

Other invitations can feature a Lady Peacock-style mask utilising the colours of your wedding. Be sure to let guests know what you have planned during the reception so they’ll be ready for all the fun!

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Murder Mystery Wedding

Again, since you are departing from tradition with the murder mystery wedding theme, why not do the same with your wedding cake? Cupcake towers are a great way to provide sweet treats for the guests, plus they’re portable, which is very important for the game to work out perfectly.

Many cupcake wedding towers feature a small cake at the top with cascading cupcakes underneath (in many ways, the tower would remind one of a Christmas tree). However, there are options where decorators use clear glass plates arranged on a metal display. Add floral touches, or fill in any gaps with fruit (strawberries work very well for this). Use a specially-built shelf system for serving adorable cupcakes to guests.

Ceremony Decor for a Murder Mystery Wedding

For a 1920s murder mystery, you’ll want an opulent and almost outlandish amount of decor for the ceremony. This type of decor is luxurious and glamorous, heavily influenced by Art Deco. Choose items such as ostrich feathers, chandeliers, strands of pearls, and metallic gold or silver.

Tall candlesticks with thin, white candles are also appropriate for this murder mystery theme Floral arrangements should be over-the-top as well. Many of these arrangements should be on tall stands with tendrils of greenery flowing toward the floor. Remember, the more elaborate, the better!

Reception Decor for a Murder Mystery Wedding

Since your murder mystery game will likely take place during the reception, you’ll really want to make sure your reception’s decor matches that of the ceremony. Long dinner tables filled with floral arrangements, tall candelabras with taper candles, and white china plates sitting on a metallic gold charger are perfect for the murder mystery theme.

Consider decorating an area that looks like a Victorian fireplace complete with an ornate mantle. Be sure to place some taper candles and a cascading floral arrangement on the mantle for full effect. Faux pearl strands and white feathers would also be appropriate around the faux fireplace and mantle as well.

Clue Themed Murder Mystery Wedding

I figured we’d finish off the board game wedding series with a (literal) bang. This cheeky Clue themed murder mystery wedding inspiration shoot from Dottie Photography, on loan from the lovely Annabel over at Love My Dress, is the perfect way to end this fun little series and a wonderfully fun idea for a photo session with your bridal party!

Reverend Green, Miss Scarlet, the mysterious Mrs Peacock and all the rest are here along with their murderous tools of the trade… see if you can figure out who did it!

Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography
Clue themed murder mystery wedding / Dottie Photography

Disclaimer – This inspiration shoot was done for creativity’s sake. Hitting guests with candle sticks etc at your wedding is ill-advised.

That officially concludes the board game series! Be sure to take a look back at all the fun: Battleship, Candy Land, Chess, Chutes & Ladders, Life, Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Scrabble, and Yahtzee. Which was your favorite?

Credits: Photography: Dottie Photography // Styling: Truly Madly Dottie // Paper Goods: Dottie Creations // Venue: Glemham Hall // Brownies: Couture Cakes // Flowers: Lesa // Makeup: Liza Smith // Hair: Leanne Eldridge // Men’s Clothing: Tweedmans Vintage // Vintage Bus: Buckland Buses // Miss Scarlet’s Dress: The State of Grace // Mrs Peacock’s & Mrs White’s Dresses: Lindsay Fleming // Vintage Underwear & Furs: Bluebird Vintage // Vintage China: Serendipity Street // Mrs Peacock: Chelsea Fitzpatrick // Mrs. White: Chloe Alexandra Ruffell // Miss Scarlet: April Rayson // Professor Plum: James Yallop // Col. Mustard: Jame Meachen // Reverend Green: Benjamin Akira Gilles.