Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Silver candlesticks with white tapers adorn the table which is draped in a shimmering silver and gold tablecloth. Gold tealights are sprinkled throughout. The bride has silver accents in her hair and drop earrings to match the silver embellishments on her gown.

Everything is indeed classic and just lovely to admire. Take inspiration! You’ll find lots here, in this photo shoot that takes place at a private estate.

Colour Palettes for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

If you’re looking for that extra elegance for your wedding day, combining the magical colours of silver and gold would be a perfect idea. A silver and gold wedding will give you so much room for creativity and resourcefulness. With this beautiful blend of metallic colours, every spot in your reception is a focal point.

Make silver and gold shimmer all over your wedding bouquet, wedding flowers, and wedding dresses for a motif that’ll be etched forever in your memory. Adding classic white to your gold decor is also excellent for rustic-style locations. Meanwhile, blending silver with ice blue and metallic gray palettes will make your winter wedding dreams come true.

Details for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

You’d want your dreamy day to evoke timelessness, so silver and gold are your best choice. Silver and gold are classic wedding colours that are vivid but don’t come off as corrosive. These colours shine and sparkle with light, giving this combination a regal effect. If you’re going with a grand hotel venue, the majesty of a silver and gold wedding will be even more magnified.

The combination of silver and gold is one of the easiest in terms of achieving consistency. These colours work together in almost every décor and unique detail in weddings. You could easily achieve elegance through these magnificent colours, from your centrepieces to wedding favours to champagne cocktails.

Table Setting Style for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Embrace a fairytale atmosphere on your dreamy day with a shimmering silver tablecloth and clear acrylic chairs for a sleek, minimalist effect. The chairs boost a classic yet modern aesthetic. They work equally well in contemporary and traditional indoor venues and match the classic silver and gold table setting.

Opt for silver and golden candle holders of various heights and styles to add pops of gold to your reception table. You may also want to invest in quality silverware that blends well with the silver table. A floral centrepiece with lush greenery will set the tone for a romantic celebration, and add a few taper candles to add dimension and a more classic cosy vibe.

Dresses & Accessories for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Show your metallic enthusiasm and dazzle from head to toe with a silver wedding dress and a pair of silver dress sandals. The gown features intricate beading and a deep V neckline, offering a sophisticated, clean, and timeless appeal. We also love the gown’s satin sheen, giving off a stunning luster to our classic bride.

Smooth, chic, and absolutely flattering, this bridal gown is a gorgeous choice for various embellishments, like crystals and lace. Then, complete the look with a pair of silver earrings and your favourite hair accessories, like a hair comb, for a vintage-inspired celebration without looking outdated.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Try the magnificence of a shining, shimmering silver and gold bouquet. Make class and elegance echo through a bunch of carnations, chrysanthemums, and English daisies. A silver and gold wedding bouquet will set your mood for an unforgettable celebration of love and your dreams. You may add a few neutral colours to counteract the vibrance of your chosen metallic and floral colours.

For the charming groom and groomsmen, make each boutonniere come to life with silver and gold palettes with a touch of ice blue. Match your metallic bouquet with boutonnieres glazed with silver and gold thistles, and use out of the blue accents like bunny tails grass to add some element of surprise.

Wedding Invitations for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Treat your guests to a VIP experience even before your big day by sending out wedding invitations in classic gold or silver motif. Test your creativity with handmade invitations using silver and gold vellum papers. This choice will allow you to add some layer of personality to your wedding invitations. Your friends and family could even have an inside look at your modern romance with this intelligent choice for wedding invitations.

Try some artsy motifs for your invitation cards like rose gold or silver foil for a more sophisticated appeal. Get moody with texts in silver or gold, whichever could best complement your wedding photos.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Your classic silver and gold wedding celebration won’t be complete without the delightful multi-layered cake. Give your reception dessert a metallic touch with a mix of gold and silver décor. Speckle the surfaces with some flower designs and complete the natural look with some greeneries

Exhibit the beauty in simplicity with your cake by going for yellow two-tiered cakes. This will give your guests the impression of a classic old-school but still engaging kind of wedding. Your yellow wedding cake will look elegant with your silver and gold backdrops. Choose pink and white petals for your toppings and surround them with tiny green leaves.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Every couple will have a wide array of choices for their photoshoot styles with a classic silver and gold theme. You can have a set of stunning captures at the front door of a classic establishment like a century-old hotel. With a red carpet accented with florals of blue, red, and green, you can achieve that classic vibe with your silver dress.

A silver and gold motif is also great for an at-home photo shoot. The magnetic vibrance of these colours works well with different spots inside your abode, like the fireplace, attic, and garden. With this option, you can save tons of money from your wedding budget.

Portrait Props for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Portrait props add variety and a personal touch in telling the story of your most celebrated day. With a classic silver and gold concept, the possibilities for extravagant portraits are endless. You can choose everyday items like an umbrella to spice up your photo booths.

Other interesting concepts for portrait props are silver and gold confetti through a blackout curtain and a party city rainbow. Gold and silver party headbands are excellent for your younger guests. Gold and silver disco balls are perfect for your groovy family members and friends. A party to the moon setting and large wooden letters as backdrops will appeal to all your guests.

Ceremony Décor for a Classic Silver and Gold Wedding

Surround yourself with décor that breathes elegance amidst calmness at your most solemn moments. Match your metallic shoes and jewellry with rose gold circles suspended at the ceiling or trees. You’ll never go wrong with choosing twinkling fairy lights, too. Create a rich champagne tower beneath these lights for a majestic effect. Wrap favours in gold and put them with silver décor.

Stay consistently glamourous in metallics with gold chairs, silver linens, and a blend of both for your escort cards. Erect a lush silver, gold, and pink entrance and set up a rose gold tablescape. Finally, set the dancefloor on fire with metallic monograms.

Classic Estate Wedding in Silver and Gold

Styled and designed by Sarah Hannam in a huge, private estate in the UK, today’s wedding inspiration shoot, titled Whispers of Spring is nothing short of perfection. And just wait until you see the telescope. Silver sequins against candlelight have never looked so divine!

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From Sarah Hannam – “ ‘I shot Whispers of Spring’ at Boconnoc, a huge private estate in Cornwall, Southern England owned by the Fortescue family. It’s a fantastic wedding venue and the estate has a really amazing history – it was bought with a diamond smuggled out of India and after the Second World War the house fell into total dereliction, which took 12 years to fully restore. The result is a stunning, warm traditional English country house.

The shoot is inspired by the in between stage of winter and spring when Christmas is past and the trees are still bare, but the sunshine feels a little warmer and there are little whispers that springtime is just around the corner!”

Credits: Photography & Styling: Sarah Hannam // Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham // Bridalwear: The Mews of Clifton // Shoes: Rachel Simpson Shoes // Florist: Charles Fox // Table Linen: The Sweet Hostess // Chairs & Cake Stand: Inspire Hire // Calligraphy: Judy Broad // Candlesticks: Nordic House // Hair & Makeup: Amanda Jane // Model: Impact Models // Venue: Boconnoc in Cornwall.