Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

Imagine a December wedding. That’s what Jami and Brad did, and it was absolutely stunning. From their adorable dogs who took part in the nuptials to the incredible setting of Chesapeake Bay, this more than lovely wedding ceremony takes top prize for inspiration.

Although this wedding did have planning in place, the event company, Enchanting Events and Design, styled this wedding around an intimate elopement theme. A cloudy sky, an enchanting setting on the wharf, and the decor inside the wedding reception venue couldn’t have matched more perfectly.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

For this particular Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding, a wedding venue will be easy to choose. In this case, we’ve gone for an elopement style wedding that is lowkey, romantic and based near the beautiful, rugged coast of Maryland.

If you’re choosing to get married in Maryland, then chances are that there’s a reason behind it. Whether that’s because of family, where you two have met, or because you want to get away from it all, it’s important to make the destination itself a feature of your wedding using the landscape.

The wedding of Jami and Brad and the beautiful oceanside photos are terrific inspiration. The ceremony on the wharf and the reception in a cozy venue with a fireplace and elegant candles are just what you’d expect seaside.

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Budget for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

With an elopement style wedding, there are some different places where you can save and also ways you can blow your Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding budget. Firstly, as a rule of thumb, the smaller the guest list, the lower the budget – many venues and caterers quote prices based on headcount, so here’s a great place to save.

However, if you’re traveling away for your wedding, there are more transport costs and costs due to licensing issues. Add to this the fact that you don’t know a lot of the venues or end up doing a lot of the prep last minute, it can add up very quickly.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

When you’re looking for your dream gorgeous, elegant wedding dress for your low key Maryland elopement-style wedding, it’s best to lead with two keywords: classic and timeless. Think about all those romantic details such as flowing silhouettes and lace elements that scream beautiful, traditional bridal outfits.

In terms of your timeless and classic bridal accessories, it’s best to keep it simple and elegant with jewelry such as single drop pendant earrings and necklaces that look dainty and light. After all, the main piece of showstopping jewellery is going to be your wedding band once the ceremony is over and the party begins.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

Now, this all depends if you’re going to have bridesmaids at your elopement style Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding, after all, elopements tend to lack anyone you know for a reason. But if you are thinking of bringing a couple of friends for the nuptials then consider traditional flowy pastel shades for your bridesmaid looks. And of course, in Jami and Brad’s case, with this elopement style giveaway, guests were present to celebrate along with them.

The key concept here is effortless simplicity, so you don’t want to go too over the top with accessories or shiny dress details. Instead keep it low key and comfortable, giving your bridesmaids the freedom to move, dance and enjoy your beautiful wedding day in Maryland.

Menswear for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

Again, it does depend if you’re doing a full elopement number or if you’re bringing a few close family or friends for your Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding, but there are some things to consider with the menswear for your big day. There’s a balance between the timeless, classic elegance of a traditional wedding suit and the more informal aspect of a small, elopement style affair.

In this case, it’s probably better to go for a grey or blue suit rather than opting for the black tuxedo look, so that the men at your wedding still look sharp but don’t seem overdressed.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

When it comes to your Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding, floral arrangements are a big part of your decor. Take advantage of the pretty Maryland landscape, and choose colors that will blend with the clouds and sea.

To keep the class and timeless vibe going, opt for larger pastel flowers such as pink roses or carnations and nestle them in a whole bunch of different sized and different shades of green foliage. This will give your arrangement depth and points of interest that will make it seem fuller and more vibrant.

Wedding Invitations for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

One of the best things about elopement style weddings? There’s no need for wedding invitations! Honestly, wedding invitations can be super expensive for what they are, but are often assumed as an integral part of most wedding preparations, especially if you need to know head counts pretty far in advance for catering and reception venues.

If you are having a couple of people coming to your wedding, then use classic handwritten script on a heavy stock white card. Make sure to give your guests plenty of advance notice, especially if they’re having to make travel arrangements to get to and from Maryland.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

For your Classic, Timeless Maryland inspired wedding cake, we suggest a cake similar to what Jami and Brad enjoyed. It’s absolutely gorgeous! With a smaller guest list, you could go for a smaller cake, but it’s your wedding and where’s the fun in that, right?

Keep it classic and traditional with a white, three tier cake and adorned it with cascading flowers that match the rest of your floral arrangements. If you want to take the cake design up a notch you can add a touch of opulence with some gold leaf.

Reception Decor for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

With your Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding, you can have your reception in a whole bunch of different kinds of places depending on your ceremony vibe. If you’re having your wedding out on the bay with a coastal, rugged atmosphere, then it might be a good thematically pleasing idea to have your reception in some sort of boathouse or coastal restaurant.

This depends on how many people you have attending your ​​Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding, you could have a cool private dining room vibe for a small group of you, or if you are having a larger crowd, a rustic venue decorated with ocean inspired colors fits the bill perfectly. Again, we’ll refer to the pretty images from Jami and Brad’s reception!.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Classic, Timeless Maryland Wedding

As you’ve chosen such a beautiful destination for your wedding, you’re going to want to make the most of the location around you for your wedding photo shoot.

Make the most of the beautiful bayside views and look as if you’re running down the dock into the sunset for a classic, timeless romantic feel that captures the element of adventure that weddings near the sea tend to have. After all, this day is all about you two, so keep that focus.

This Couple’s Wedding was Absolutely Flawless!

From Enchanting Events and Design – “We thought about a special way our business could give back to the community, and we realized that an intimate elopement giveaway was the perfect way to say thanks.

We started by contacting some of the amazing wedding professionals in Maryland and explaining our crazy idea to bless a couple with this opportunity. Gathered together with 15+ creative businesses, we set forth to find our couple.”

Maryland wedding | 1783 Photography
Hnadlettered welcome sign with flowers | 1783 Photography
Gold ring box | 1783 Photography
Gold and white wedding cake with cascading flowers | 1783 Photography
Chimney place wedding with flowers | 1783 Photography
Classic, timeless wedding reception tablescape | 1783 Photography
Sea glass place cards | 1783 Photography
Wedding card box | 1783 Photography

“While Jami has ties to both Pennsylvania and Delaware, both she and now husband Brad, have the quintessential Baltimore relationship. Their first official date was a Baltimore Ravens game, they live and work downtown, and both have a deep love for their surroundings. Along with their two adorable pups, and a small gathering of friends and family, they wanted to become Mr & Mrs!

All of the creatives involved were excited to have a part in them tying the knot right on the Chesapeake Bay. Their wedding day started off as a typical Maryland rainy day- wet and windy, but just as the ceremony time arrived, the sun was peaking out from behind the clouds and the fog was clearing a way to see straight to the Bay Bridge”

Sea glass wedding details | 1783 Photography
Classy and timeless sweetheart table | 1783 Photography
Custom label wine for wedding | 1783 Photography
Hand-written wedding vows
Maryland wedding | 1783 Photography
Vow books | 1783 Photography
Flowers in lantern | 1783 Photography
Classic tablescape | 1783 Photography
Classic wedding cake with a gold top layer | 1783 Photography
Maryland wedding | 1783 Photography
White calligraphy on kraft wedding envelope | 1783 Photography

“Led by their dogs, Jami and her father walked down the aisle to Brad and their officiant, who was one of Jami’s best friends. Their vows were sentimental, sweet and funny, as their new adventure as husband and wife was just beginning.

At one point throughout the day, Brad walked up to me with a huge smile on his face and told me how excited he was for this opportunity and to be able to call Jami his WIFE. Moments like that make every wedding day complete. Being able to call your best friend your husband or wife takes the cake!

A delicious family style dinner was enjoyed by all, and incredibly heartfelt speeches were shared from those that had such profound parts of their lives. After the formal dances occurred and the cake was cut, the music was cranked up and not a single person was still in their seat!”

Lavender soap wedding favors | 1783 Photography
Weddings with dogs | 1783 Photography
Classic table number | 1783 Photography
Cascading flower cake topper | 1783 Photography
Diamond engagement ring | 1783 Photography
Custom wedding champagne glasses | 1783 Photography
Classic bridal bouquet | 1783 Photography
Classic wedding invitations | 1783 Photography
Depression glassware | 1783 Photography
Maryland wedding | 1783 Photography

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