Classic and Modern Wedding

This inspirational wedding photo shoot has got to be one of our favourites. The colours are out of this world beautiful and the mixing of modern and classic is divine! The table arrangements pop out at you as soon as you view the images. But that’s not all! Take a look and see.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Finding a venue that matches your taste and style is essential for your big day. The beach will be a great choice if you opt for a classic wedding. Turn an ordinary boat into an escapade you will never forget and give it an expensive yacht look by adding a touch of modern brightness and classic elegance

For a more contemporary take, the function hall of your favourite hotel will make your day extra special. Select a spacious venue that could accommodate as many guests as you want. Appreciate the beauty in simplicity through simple clean decors, heightened ceiling, and bright, white lighting.

Colour Palettes for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Using monochrome colour palettes is one of the most convenient ways of emphasising a modern wedding. However, if you want some classic touch blended, go with more neutral wedding colours like white or brown. The mix of blue and white is also a great way of exuding that sense of timelessness to your wedding.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate vivid colours like red and purple into all aspects of your most joyous day, or embrace the nostalgia of neutrality and the vibrance and happy tones of the bright hues. You may also embody the purity of the colour white, the resilience of the colour brown, the calmness of blue, and the warmth of yellow.

Food for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Flavours are essential in your quest to complete your guests’ experience of a classic and modern wedding. But the key is knowing your guests so you can wisely choose which classic flavours will satisfy them. If you’re feeling adventurous, introduce some modern food that they’ll never think they’ll taste and see at a wedding reception.

How about indulging your families and friends with delightful chocolate desserts like cupcakes and breadsticks? Perhaps, you want to showcase your lavish taste in cocktails through a variety of curated wine pairings. But no matter what wedding food and drinks you offer, never undermine the value of presentation in consistently conveying the vibe of a classic get-together and a modern-day chill-out.

Table Setting Style for a Classic and Modern Wedding

We love the clever infusion of the classic gold on the reception table. It stands out against an all-white fluffy table cloth that matches the bride’s voluminous gown. The gold vintage vases come in varying heights and work well with deep, rich-coloured wedding flowers, adding a classic touch to a modern tablescape.

The candles of different sizes and styles also add dimension, light, and texture to the reception table. Everything looks perfect and in harmony with other details, like the golden chargers with champagne napkins, gold calligraphy on the table number, adorable place cards, and matching golden chairs. Even the gold candle holder steals the spotlight.

Dresses & Accessories for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Own the day and the wedding aisle with a timeless wedding dress that will make every mouth drop and eyes pop. Choose a wedding dress with a design that’s free from the current trends. Wear your most stunning self with a minimalist mermaid wedding dress with ruching along the bottom, providing the right amount of feminity and volume perfect for every fun bride.

The wedding day is the best place and time for both the groom and the bride to showcase their personality and style. Choose wisely between wearing layers of heavily embellished fabrics or clean lines and subtle details. Whatever dress and accessories you wear, what will matter most is the level of comfort and confidence these give you.

Wedding Invitations for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Send a strong message of love and new beginnings with a minimalist yet eye-catching wedding invitation. Using bold texts on simple colour palettes will give your invitation cards that timeless, fresh look. As much as possible, avoid over-the-top designs to keep the wedding invitations centred on your celebration of romance and hope.

Traditional font styles like Copperplate and Spencerian are the best options to radiate a classic atmosphere. Try complementing the colours blue, white, and cold to add a modern touch to your wedding invites. Get the most out of your wedding budget by spending as little as possible on your wedding cards to focus on the big day instead.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Your wedding cake needs to be just as elegant as you look during your most celebrated moment. You’ll never go wrong with a multi-layered white cake adorned with vibrant florals that match your wedding flowers and fancy ribbons. Add simple designs to your cake to inflict some modern taste and touch.

You have an endless choice for your wedding cake designs, but make sure the taste is as good as its look. If you prefer a more lavish look for your cake, try going for a bronze design surrounded by gold accents. This design perfectly complements the classic and modern style you want for your wedding.

Reception Decor for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Blend your classic taste with modern style to your wedding reception with gold vintage vases and glassware that pop against your soft, layered white linen tablecloth. Then create your dream centrepieces with colourful wedding flowers, like red roses, purple dahlias, lavenders, and daffodils.

Explore the idea of having an outdoor tent wedding for a classic atmosphere for you and your guests. Surround your reception venue with white curtains to complement your clear top structure. This classic and romantic setting for your much-awaited day will be forever embedded in your and your guests' memory. If you prefer an indoor setting, talk to your organiser about turning your venue into a fairytale land.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Classic and Modern Wedding

You must look and feel your best to capture yourself at your best during your wedding day. To highlight the stunning classic and modern theme, take shots of every element of your wedding, from table setting and invitations to food and decor. Embrace the undisputed beauty of nature for your backdrop. Hire photographers who can capture both the external beauty of the festivity, the mood, and the event's atmosphere.

Try obtaining inspiration from the people around you to make your and your groom’s story vibrate to everyone. Bridal photos on the patio overlooking the beach or lake are the perfect way to exude elegance and class. A mansion, an old building, or a sprawling garden is another excellent choice for photoshoots that reflect modernity in a classic setting.

Favours & Gifts for a Classic and Modern Wedding

Wedding gifts and favouurs should serve as your token of gratitude towards your families and friends. For a classic and modern wedding, prepare favours and gifts to remind them of you and your special day. Consider adding a personal touch to classic wedding souvenirs like country-style floral magnets, shiny compasses, and wine bottles.

If you’re going for a rustic style, share wedding favours that your guests could keep as home decors like Alderwood coasters and coffee mugs. For a more modern approach, hand out starry night coasters, DIY smores, and pocket-size hand sanitisers. Other favours and gifts that ooze with a classic and modern touch are pearl soaps, wood ornaments, and bottle openers.

Classic and Modern Hampton Roads Wedding

Today’s gorgeous wedding inspiration shoot from Amanda Hedgepeth Photography combines a classic wedding style with modern touches.

This shoot is brimming with amazing details to be on the lookout for: the feathered bodice of the bridal gown, gold flakes on the chocolate, colour-blocked treats, golden acorns on the table, and the beautiful bronze vases and candlesticks used in the centrepiece designs!

Feather bodice wedding dress | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Fall wedding inspiration | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Gorgeous wedding dress | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Autumn wedding centerpiece | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Modern and classic wedding inspiration | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Gold and purple wedding invitations | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Purple, red, and pink centerpiece | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Gold dot place card | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Chocolate with gold flakes | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Hampton Roads wedding | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Fall wedding floral centerpiece | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Bride and macarons | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Gold table number | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Bronze vases | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |
Wedding dress with a feather bodice | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |

From Amanda Hedgepeth Photography – “Our vision for this shoot could not have had a more beautiful, brighter, and colourful result! In Hampton Roads there are thousands of gorgeous weddings each year with an extensive variety of themes, colours, and environments.One of my absolute favourites to be a part of are modern, colourful, and playful weddings that still have a classic and timeless feel to them! We were able to beautifully reproduce that in our fall inspired styling shoot at The Lesner Inn.

The open air, breeze-filled venue was the ideal setting for our contemporary decor and fun bride. The Tablescape included a petal linen shimmering off-white. We love textured linens for a modern bride! A palette of Petals brought the warm, beautiful pop of colour to the table. It still says ‘fall’ without going over the darker autumnal tones.

Champagne coloured elements are always a favourite for fall and we used different shades of it throughout the shoot. Golden chargers with champagne napkins, chic place cards, and gold calligraphy on the table number and dessert descriptions were a complimentary touch to the warm floral colours.

The gown on our model was from a Hampton Roads favourite – Maya Couture. The racing along the bottom of the dress provided the perfect amount of volume and femininity while the feathered sweetheart neckline worked with the playful concept of our shoot!”

Credits: Photography: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography // Planning: Hannah Hildebrandt Events // Floral Design: Palette of Petals // Paper Goods: Paperdolls Design // Bakery: Sweet Temptations Dessert Cafe // Venue: The Lesner Inn // Hair Stylist: Blushing Brides VA // Wedding Dress: Maya Couture // Equipment Rentals: Waterford Event Rentals // Submitted via Two Bright Lights.