Citrus Wedding

What says summer more than citrus? Placecards in yellow, orange and pink remind us of lemons, oranges and grapefruit. Tart and sweet at the same time, these pretty colors and tasty flavors have inspired a cute wedding photo shoot.

The wedding cake is stunning in its simplicity. Take inspiration and run through summer fields of flowers with corresponding hues. And plan your summery citrus wedding!

Details for a Citrus Wedding

Nothing screams summer more than the zesty and tangy pigments of grapefruits, oranges, and limes. That's the backdrop of today's wedding inspiration which is so cheerfully summery and perfect for a couple who always embraces the bright side of life. To sum it up, this wedding scheme is a literal depiction of making the most out of life's lemons.

Besides borrowing their refreshing colors, citric fruits are delightful additions to the wedding lineup. They create a delicious sight to behold when fused with elements like centerpieces, floral arrangements, and wedding favors. The flavorful fruits are equally fun and stylish when their pigments are splashed on the bridesmaids' ensembles.

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Color Palettes for a Citrus Wedding

It's sunshine and rainbows with this wedding color palette. The sunny yellow hue of lemons, combined with the deliciously tasty pigment of oranges, and the dark pink shade of grapefruits paints the flavorful picture of what you'll see at a citrus wedding. Combined with neutrals like white and green foliage, the summery wedding scheme springs to life.

Acrylic display cases for the dessert table, wooden accents, and clear flower vases pair perfectly with the color scheme. Gold-toned details also work for this wedding theme. Overall, you'll want to stick with plain-colored linens, outfits, and decor pieces to keep the aesthetic vibrantly easy on the eyes.

What to Look for in Venue for a Citrus Wedding

An outdoor wedding venue is a lovely choice for a cheerful citrus-themed affair. It's the perfect location for summer nuptials but a roomy indoor venue still works for the cheerful theme. In the outdoor category, botanical gardens, countryside hayfields, and beach locations top the list.

Most outdoor wedding locations provide a free-spirited atmosphere that allows everyone to kick back and enjoy the refreshing wedding. The basics still apply, if you decide on an outdoor location make sure that there are sheltered spaces for convenience and comfort. Indoor spaces like barn houses, greenhouses, and glasshouses are other wonderful wedding venue options.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Citrus Wedding

The bridal party look is worth stealing for your citrus wedding. If mismatched outfits aren't exactly what you are looking for, then choose one color from the theme's palette for all the bridesmaids' outfits. Alternatively, go for floral-print dresses if yours is a boho-chic and all-through summer wedding.

Less is more with the accessories because you don't want the ensembles to look busy. Jewelry in neutral tones favors the aesthetic but overall, it's better to choose showstopping bridesmaids' dresses in silhouettes and styles that don't need dressing up. Patterned lace suits a beach wedding, chiffon aligns with a garden location, and tulle is ideal for black-tie affairs.

Reception Decor for a Citrus Wedding

Using real citric fruits as part of the wedding decor evokes a welcoming, warm, and cheerful atmosphere. Go citrus-crazy and creatively splash the tangy fruits all over the reception venue. Little bowls filled with citrus fruits serve as aesthetically appealing table decor and grab-and-go pieces.

Crates filled with combinations of foliage, colorful fruits, and citrus-flavored drinks are also summer-approved elements worth placing around the reception venue. Take it a notch higher by suspending clusters of citrus fruits into the hanging centerpiece arrangements. Bronze lantern lamps, wooden trays, and clear fruit bowls blend harmoniously and also enhance the citrus fruit decor.

Table Setting Style for a Citrus Wedding

Picture orange-colored table cloths with cascading foliage and colorful blooms decking the reception tables. Sliced lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are flagrantly sweet additions to the tablescape. Citrus-scented candles are sweet inclusions to the table setting. If you want to embrace the theme's whimsical side, choose printed plates with citrus fruit motifs.

A fresh fruit juice bar, with selections of chilled grab-and-go bottles, is a refreshing addition to a citrus wedding. Other great options include placing orange or lemon slices in or on the rim of glasses and using dried citrus slices as place cards. Gold-toned flatware also elevates the theme’s overall outlook.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Citrus Wedding

There are endless possibilities when it comes to putting together orange, yellow, and pink wedding flower arrangements. Include some white, peach,  and coral blooms into the floral design. Create beautiful posies and buttonholes that incorporate sprigs of eucalyptus, green parrot tulips, and orange, pink, and coral ranunculuses.

Key lime and clementines are lovely additions to citrus wedding bouquets. The same applies to creating the perfect citrus centerpieces, and lots of green foliage are the preferable addition. Wreaths made of sage greens, Italian Ruscus, fountain grass, asparagus ferns, and citrus fruits are also exquisite decor pieces. Present the floral arrangements in gold-toned flower vases.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Citrus Wedding

A white cake embellished with slices of oranges, lemons, grapefruit, olive leaves, and sprigs of herbs is an agreeable choice for the occasion. An alternative is a blue wedding cake topped with colorful blooms and green foliage or a bare cake spotting similar embellishments. Load up the dessert table with other tasty treats like orange-colored kumquat topiaries.

Macarons remain a wedding favorite and a tower made up of the colorful small round cakes is a lovely addition to the dessert table. Naturally, citrus fruits should be part of the setup, whether in the form of candied lemon chip cupcake toppers or displayed in clear fruit bowls.

Wedding Invitations for a Citrus Wedding

Save the date cards and wedding invitations not only break the news about your impending nuptials but also introduce the theme. Make them bright and sunny by choosing colorfully cheerful stationery suites with floral and lemon motifs.  With such an announcement, guests will outrightly know that they are cordially invited to a summer wedding.

Green font pops better against white or light pink stationery. Use a similar design for custom maps, wedding itineraries, menus, and place settings. You can equally go bolder by choosing orange, pink, or yellow envelopes. Yet another alternative is to go for a color-blocked stationery suite featuring the three colors.

Favors & Gifts for a Citrus Wedding

Finding befitting and meaningful wedding gifts and favors is sometimes a tall order. Fortunately, there are plenty of zealous citrus fruit-themed wedding favors. In the scented category, candles, sunscreen, body splash, soaps, and sugar scrubs are great choices. Mini bottles of citrus-flavored drinks and jars of orange citrus chutney are other delightful options. Dried fruits and fresh fruit pacts are also sweet choices.

Classics like citrus-themed fridge magnets, coasters, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, and key-chains are equally wonderful keepsakes. Guests also love curated gift boxes including jams and marmalades, mini bottles of wine, citrus-flavored candy, seed packets, and mini succulents.


This ‘pick-me-up’ color palette of lemon, orange, and grapefruit is perfect for a summer wedding! Mix these lovely hues with neutral undertones and whites to really let them shine. One detail in this inspiration board that I’m particularly loving is the mismatched bridesmaids dresses. If you’re going to go with mismatched bridesmaids adding a common element like shoes (or accessories, bouquets, hairstyles etc) really helps to pull their looks together!

Credits: photo credits: escort cards via Martha Stewart Weddings // citrus sorbets from Cannelle Vanille // cake from Grey Likes Weddings, photographed by  Jen Huang, created by Nine Cakes // bridesmaids from Southern Weddings, photographed by Eric Kelley // guava orange margarita via Une Deuxsenses // tissue poms from Decorator’s Notebook // tablescape via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Rebecca Wood Photography, styled by Cynthia Martyn Events Inc.