Christmas Bridal Shower

Are you getting married in December? All the more reason to have a Christmas bridal shower! The holiday season is such a pretty one, after all, with garland and sparkling lights that would go well in a wedding reception venue.

And where will the nuptials take place? A wedding in Manchester for example, is the ideal location for a winter wedding. Imagine your wedding ceremony in a cosy art gallery decorated with tiny fir trees laden with ribbon. A manor house, complete with a crackling fire is also a warm and inviting wedding ceremony venue. But let’s take care of the bridal shower first, shall we?

Why Host a Christmas-Themed Bridal Shower?

A bride-to-be who loves all things Christmas would be delighted to have a holiday-themed bridal shower. In fact, if you are having a winter wedding that falls right around the festive season, then you should consider hosting an elegant Christmas-inspired send-off party.

For starters, a Christmas-themed bridal shower is a warm and cosy affair that evokes the spirit of love and happiness that is associated with the festive season. To sum it up, it's a theme that makes the most out of the "wonderful time of the year." Your house is typically decked out with Christmas decorations at the time, and that in itself puts everyone in a cheerful mood and the right frame of mind to create wonderful memories.

It doesn't mean that you can only host such an occasion when it's cold and snowing outside, but rather, you can recreate it at any time of the year. The Anastasiya Belik and PEONY Art editorial presents plenty of inspirations to warm you up to the idea of hosting a Christmas bridal shower.

Christmas Bridal Shower Decoration

From the fully decorated Christmas tree with gifts lined beneath it to the pine cones and mistletoes; the editorial proves that the festive season also creates a glammed-up bridal shower environment. The soft and sophisticated touch is brought about by the floral gift wrapping paper as well as the elegant ribbons and wreaths adorning the back of the chairs.

The wall lined up with picture frames as well as a snow-dusted Christmas garland is also a lovely touch. Selections of bottles and cups covered with knitted cozies, twinkling lights, and sparkling crystal ornaments are also reflective of the cosy nature of the Christmas season. The bronze candelabra and other metallic accents add even more warmth to the aesthetic.

As for the colour palette, shades of brown from the scale of nude to rich darker tones favour the glam aesthetic. Green, white, and pastel shades of orange and blue complete the look. Textural elements are highlighted by the soft lace and hessian fabrics, pine cones, and knitted accents.

Christmas Bridal Shower Outfits

If you are planning a holiday-themed bridal shower it only makes sense to also go with a theme-specific dress code. Having a dress code translates beautifully on the photos and it also takes the guesswork out of it. Guests know exactly how to dress up for the occasion, and it's important to include the dress code information on the bridal shower invitations.

Most brides wear white on the occasion and as seen in the editorial, the colour also works for members of the bridal party. The white lace numbers are also elegant and classic choices for a winter bridal shower. To top it off, the nude-coloured shoes also tie to the theme and they are wonderful pairings for the ensembles.

It's equally lovely how the editorial maintained a simple styling for the look. Not much would be needed to spruce up the outfits, and given that most women have a little white dress in their closet, guests don't have to go out of their way to shop for outfits specifically for the occasion.

Christmas Bridal Shower Menu

A Christmas bridal shower wouldn't be complete without serving a menu that includes holiday delights. A hot chocolate bar is a great addition to this theme and the beverage station should also exude a cosy feeling. Load the station with everything needed to fix a hot cup of chocolate, pinecones, assortments of syrups, and mugs covered with knitted cosies.

Snowflake cookies, frosted cupcakes, and a croquembouche are sweet treats that you should serve during the occasion. If your Christmas-themed bridal shower is scheduled during the cold season, offer guests some warmth by serving soup shots. Grilled cheese sandwiches are also comforting selections for the bridal shower menu.

A champagne cart is equally a refreshing choice for the occasion because the bubbly beverage is yet another holiday favourite. Alternatively, you could serve signature cocktails garnished with sprigs of rosemary for the wintry touch. Top the glasses with Christmas-themed stirrers and sugared cranberries.

Christmas Bridal Shower Entertainment

A bridal shower and games go hand in hand, and for a Christmas-themed occasion, there are plenty of entertainment ideas. The basics are that you should keep the games to a minimum because bridal showers are activity-laden events. Choose one or two entertainment-centric activities that everyone can participate in throughout the event.

Some Christmas-themed bridal shower entertainment ideas include:

Play Christmas Carols Karaoke

Foster the festive by hosting a Christmas carols karaoke session. Print lyrics to some of the classic Christmas carols so that guests don't feel intimidated about belting out some holiday favourites that they may be too familiar with.

Christmas-themed Musical Chairs

Get guests warmed up for the activities of the day by playing musical chairs with Christmas carols playing in the background.

Christmas Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

Host a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt and make it even more competitive by hiding high-value items that guests get to keep.

Word Scramble

Hand guests Christmas bridal shower word scramble cards as they arrive for the event. Make it competitive by awarding the first guest to complete the puzzle.

Cocktail Making Competition

Have guests compete in making wedding cocktails with a festive twist. The upside is getting to sample diverse selections of delicious drinks.

Christmas Trivia

Christmas charades is another bridal shower game that guests will enjoy playing. Alternatively, play a round of Christmas-themed trivia to see which guest knows the most about the festive season.

Christmas Bridal Shower Gifts & Favours

As whimsical as it may sound, consider having a Santa drop by to hand the guests bridal shower favours or present the guest of honor with gifts. Collectible ornaments, a Christmas tree skirt, miniature Christmas trees, and holiday dishes are wonderful bridal shower gifts.

Curate bridal shower favours including lip balms, holiday mugs, packets of cocoa, and Christmas ornaments. Other favourable options include snowflake soaps, mini bottles of champagne, and snowmen/ snowflake-themed macarons.

Christmas Bridal Shower

When Anastasiya Belik Photography and PEONY Art Decoration Studio combine forces, true magic happens. PEONY created a perfectly elegant Christmas atmosphere for this shoot and if you’re thinking of having a winter bridal shower, today’s feature provides inspiration for it in spades!

Christmas candles | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas decoration | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
White Christmas tree | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas bridal shower ideas | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas centerpiece | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas wreath chair decoration | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Bird Christmas ornament | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Candle knit containers | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas bridal shower ideas | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas present wrapping | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas tree ornaments | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas bridal shower ideas | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas bridal shower ideas | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas bridal shower ideas | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas wreath | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
White holiday dress | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas bridal shower inspiration | Anastasiya Belik Photography |
Christmas bridal shower | Anastasiya Belik Photography |

The cable knit details and candlelight create a sense of seasonal warmth in this inspiration shoot and the colour palette is a beautiful, bridal take on Christmas – I can’t get enough of it!
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Credits: Both Anastasiya Belik Photography and PEONY Art Decoration Studio are Burnett’s Boards vendors. All styling and design details were created by PEONY at their studio in St. Petersburg, Russia.