Choosing a Wedding Gown

The dresses in this stunning inspirational shoot are what dreams are made of. We love the color, and we love the style of each and every one. What girl wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in one of these dresses?

Picture your wedding day and imagine yourself in one of these sensational Cortana Bridal Collection gowns designed by Rosa Esteva. Which one will you choose?

The Perfect Wedding Dress Isn’t An Illusion

A majority of girls grow up glamorizing the fairytale moment when they'll have a ring slipped on their finger. Most even have vivid ideas of how they envision the day playing out, and often it has nothing to do with things like wedding centerpieces or the table setting style. Instead, the image that lingers in mind is the wedding dress they'll don to walk down the aisle.

Romanticizing the occasion is one thing but curating the various elements needed to translate the dream into reality is an entirely different task. With the big day quickly approaching, most brides-to-be soon realize that they have to weed through a sea of white, blush, and alternative-colored dresses in order to find one that will work.

Even with an unrestricted wedding budget, finding THE DRESS soon seems like a task that's beyond the bounds. Short of breaking the bank to have a custom dreamy gown tailored for your big day; it is possible to locate the perfect dress during your bridal store appointment. We compiled some of the tips and tricks shared by former brides as well as industry experts to help you find the perfect wedding dress.

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Get an Early Bridal Appointment

An early bride is a lucky person because she'll find an energetic bridal store team who are ready to accommodate all her concerns. Think about it, we all get drained as the day goes by, and when you are relying on a team of professionals to help you track down the perfect gown you'll want to schedule an early appointment and turn up on time.

Early morning bridal appointments are also ideal because that's when the store is less crowded, and you are guaranteed to receive the deserved amount of attention from your consultant. Most importantly, you'll equally have enough time to explore the options available.

Also, go into the appointment with a "yes" mindset. Don't approach the appointment as a mere browsing session but rather, be prepared to set your eyes on the dress that you'll wear on your big day.

Bring a Guest or Two Along

Shows like "Say Yes to the Dress," are entirely dedicated to the search for a bride-to-be’s ideal gown. However, unlike what's depicted on the show, whereby an entourage is present for the selection process, you should only invite a guest of two to the bridal appointment. Your mom, best friend, and siblings are some of the people who'll give you sound ideas.

Remember that you can ask for opinions but at the end of the day, you still want to hold onto your convictions. A larger group can equally cause distractions and the barrage of opinions will likely drown your personal preferences which beat the purpose of bringing anyone along.

More than likely, you'll also carry the magazine clippings you've been collecting for a while, either physically or as a mental reference. Keep an open mind because every outfit seen on the models in bridal magazines will look different when worn by different people. Be flexible enough to change your choices if need be.

Let the Details Guide Your Decision

Before scheduling a bridal store appointment, you should have ideally done some leg work. Details matter a lot, and you want to figure out if you like ruffles, pearl buttons, a fancy hem, or a little shimmery bodice. It's the charming little aspects that truly make a gown special while also helping you easily narrow down to the best dress.

You equally want to figure out what type of wedding dress silhouette and style best suits you as well as the specific day. We are all not built the same, and while some women know the precise kind of look that flatters their frame, others need a little help in that regard. Also, pay attention to the bodice style because most of the photos taken with guests will be from the waist up.

Much like regular outfit trends, wedding styles are constantly evolving, and while you may want to rock the current trending look, it doesn't always work in this case. It's best to draw inspiration from your personal style and fuse it with trickles of trending elements in the form of fabric choices or accessories.

Other Tips and Tricks For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Besides the core tips for the wedding gown shopping process, there are other tricks that can also prove beneficial.

Leave Some Room To Breathe

Every bride wants to steal the show at her wedding and for most, that means donning figure-hugging numbers. Whether you have quite a bit of time to go before the big day or barely any time left, a lot can change before you say “I do.” Beyond comfort, you want to choose a well-fitting gown that won't literally take your breath away on your walk down the aisle. In terms of bridal sizing, your gown number will typically be a dress size or two bigger than what you normally wear.

The Season and Location Matter

The specific season and time also play a factor in the type of wedding dress you'll choose. To be specific, the fabric of the outfit determines whether you'll be comfortable in the outfit during your nuptials. The location is equally a determining factor because certain places record high humidity levels. In general, a looser fit suits summer/spring nuptials while something layered would be perfect for winter nuptials.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

You may be hard-set on what you want but be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. Try on dresses that you typically wouldn't consider, and while at it, try on a good number of gowns. Several brides have been pleasantly surprised to find the perfect dress this way or even change their minds about their initial picks.

Don't Be In a Rush To Charge Your Card

Remember that in most cases, wedding dress sales are final and this is an outfit you don't want to impulsively buy. Once you spot that dreamy gown, give it a couple of days or weeks and also explore other bridal stores before making the ultimate decision.

Cortana’s Bridal Collection

What a treat we have today from Rosa Esteva, the creator and designer behind Cortana’s stunning new bridal collection. Cortana gowns are characterized by the exquisite elegance of Esteva’s designs, the craftsmanship of her finished pieces, and the outstanding quality of the materials she uses as well as the attention to details. You’re going to love these!

Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses
Cortana Bridal Collection / wedding dresses

Rosa Esteva was born and raised in a small town on the island of Majorca, where from a young age she developed a strong bond with art and nature. It is easy to see her influences in her design work; these wedding dresses are organically beautiful! She studied fine art and fashion design in Barcelona, founded Cortana in 2001, and opened her first boutique in Palma, Majorca. Since then she has opened three more stores: two in Barcelona and one in Madrid.

Aren’t these dresses lovely? I’m officially obsessed!

Credits: Additional credits: Photography: Barbara Vidal // Hair & Makeup: Manuela Pane of Kasteel + Agent