Chic Rooftop Wedding

A beautiful lighted canopy with city sky lights behind – what an exceptional backdrop for a chic rooftop wedding. The bride’s sparkle dress sets her apart for the occasion, and her handsome groom is comfortable in the spotlight too!

Colour Palettes for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

One of the benefits of a rooftop wedding, aside from the view, is being able to incorporate any colour palette you choose. The wash of colour from a city skyline serves as a soft neutral, allowing you to personalise your wedding colours any way you like. Neutral, ultra-modern colour scheme? Sure! Over-the-top Hollywood glamour? Go for it!

Because of the neutral background, Jordan’s choice of springy, succulent green and sparkly rose gold with white and cream looks perfectly put together, even in an urban environment. Vintage tableware and books in coordinating colours lend an air of romance to the intimate set-up, while Jordan’s non-traditional, stunning rose gold wedding dress echoes the city lights in the distance.

What to Look For in a Venue for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

When you think of a rooftop wedding, the images that come to mind often include panoramic views and a feeling of exclusivity – your own private overlook for the mountains, the beach, even a bustling city. When choosing a rooftop wedding venue, there are a few things you’ll want to look for, such as plenty of space, a pleasant view and a comfortable temperature and disposition in the late afternoon and early evening hours.

The rooftop chosen by Jordan and Chris offers stunning views of downtown Jacksonville while being far enough away that it’s not affected by the noise, traffic or potentially smoggy air. The plain concrete facade gives it a modern feel and is the perfect backdrop for displays of books, candles, unique furniture and other accessories that offer a glimpse of the couple’s personality and contemporary tastes.

Portrait Props for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

Because most rooftops are relatively bare in terms of decorations, they offer ample opportunities to bring or construct your own portrait props that coordinate with your theme, colour palette and more. You can, of course, use the view as a beautiful backdrop while bringing in fun and interesting pieces such as vintage furniture, props that mean something special to the couple, arches, lightboards – anything you can imagine.

Jordan and Chris chose to use a DIY canopy, draped with sheer fabric and strung with party lights, to bring a bit of softness and intimacy to a plain canvas. The couple chose to fill the space with coordinating items that fit their aesthetic, such as books, succulent plants, and twinkling tea lights in matching rose gold candle holders to set the mood.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

Rooftop weddings have a modern, urban feel, so it makes sense that the wedding dress should reflect this sleek, cosmopolitan aesthetic. Brides have the option of either going traditional – perhaps with a modern silhouette, patterned fabric or colourful accents – or selecting something completely out of the box. Jordan’s dress has a classic Old Hollywood Silver Screen appeal, but it’s updated with sparkling rose gold sequins for a more modern look.

Although she chose to forgo a veil or other hair accessories, a jewelled hair clip or fresh flower would complement her sideswept look nicely. Because the dress is such a standout, other accessories such as shoes and jewellry are kept understated or minimal to avoid competing with Jordan’s eyecatching gown.

Menswear for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

When it comes to a modern, sophisticated style, men have it fairly easy – pair a classic suit or tuxedo with a couple of personalised accessories and you’re good to go. While formal weddings may still call for a tuxedo, an outdoor rooftop wedding allows both the groom and the wedding party to tone down the formality in favour of a well-fitted suit or coordinating separates, especially during warmer seasons.

Chris has chosen a simple shirt and slacks combination – forgoing the jacket altogether – in a soft warm grey. The neutral colour and simple style complement Jordan’s stunning sequined gown without competing or making the look feel heavy. For grooms or groomsmen who want to add a bit of fun to a simple outfit, consider a few personal touches, such as patterned or colourful socks, unique cufflinks or fun tie clips.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

For an urban wedding, flowers don’t have to play a large role. One of the places they will come into play, however, is the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets, and perhaps boutonnieres. Because the rooftop style is sleek, simple and fairly minimal, smaller bouquets in a monochrome colour palette add femininity and softness without being overbearing.

Jordan chose to keep her bouquet simple with a cluster of succulents and a few flowers in cream and white to complement her light, bright colour scheme. The bouquets and décor also incorporate succulent cacti, one of the inspirations for Jordan’s wedding colours. The minimalist bouquet also allows her gown to take centre stage by being an accent rather than competing for attention.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

The clean lines and unfussy décor of a chic rooftop wedding can be echoed in one of the centrepieces of the reception – the wedding cake. Because of the non-traditional venue and modern aesthetic, brides can feel free to explore interesting options, including geometric shapes, rich colours, less traditional flavors and other out of the box design choices.

While Jordan and Chris’ wedding cake is a traditional white tiered confection, the décor echoes the couple’s theme and colour palette by incorporating succulents and vine-like decorations. If you’d like to keep the traditional white cake but want to add a twist, consider going with a colourful, flavorful cake such as mango, orange, strawberry or even chocolate to add a wow factor upon cutting.

Table Setting Style for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

Rooftop dining al fresco is an experience all its own, but a wedding dinner overlooking twinkling city lights or a fiery beach sunset is a whole different kind of magical. The dining tables are blank canvases waiting for you to fill them with centrepieces and tableware that bring out your personality while carrying your wedding theme throughout the reception.

Jordan chose to go with vintage-styled plates and glassware, accentuating her 1920s glamour while also softening the hard lines of the venue and the table itself. The gold-rimmed plates and glassware add a touch of elegance and sparkle while not overwhelming the small table for two. Instead of an elaborate centrepiece, the couple chose to go with coordinating cream and white flowers in a simple arrangement.

Food for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

A less formal rooftop wedding is the perfect occasion to serve a variety of hors d’oeuvres, desserts or other small plates while your guests mingle and sip custom cocktails. A trendy charcuterie board or even a selection of dim sum is perfect for an optimal happy hour event, and it gives guests time to make dinner plans if they’re visiting town for the first time.

If you’d like to serve a full meal for a crowd, consider a buffet-style offering, since the kitchen is likely far removed from the roof. A late afternoon gathering with a light dinner is perfect for guests who are attending with children and plan to make an early night of it. If your wedding is child-free, a light meal followed by a dessert spread with cocktails and dancing is an amazing way to send off the evening.

Budget for a Chic Rooftop Wedding

The budget for a rooftop wedding can vary greatly depending on the venue chosen and its location. You’ll likely end up paying for the view if you choose a prime location in, say, downtown Los Angeles or Manhattan. You may be able to save money by choosing a building farther from downtown that doesn’t bill itself as an event venue, allowing you to dedicate more funds to other essentials such as food, beverage service or entertainment.

Jordan and Chris chose the roof of the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville. The venue space is less expensive and gives a beautiful view of downtown. This is perfect for couples on a tighter budget who still want the experience, or those who want to keep the location and décor simple while splurging on other items such as top-notch catering, photography or even an amazing honeymoon.

Chic Rooftop Wedding Inspiration

This super chic rooftop wedding inspiration shoot from Jennifer Blair Photography is everything and then some. The sparkle dress, the twinkling lights, cityscape background… its perfection. The soft, romantic feeling from the white flowers, gold accents, and tulle canopy is a lovely contrast for an urban wedding!

sparkle wedding dress and kraft paper calligraphy menu / Jennifer Blair Photography
yellow diamond ring / Jennifer Blair Photography
chic rooftop wedding shoot / Jennifer Blair Photography
gold rimmed wine glass / Jennifer Blair Photography
white flower wedding centerpiece / Jennifer Blair Photography
Chic rooftop wedding inspiration / Jennifer Blair Photography
calligraphy bride place card / Jennifer Blair Photography
rooftop wedding decor / Jennifer Blair Photography
succulent bouquet / Jennifer Blair Photography
rooftop wedding shoot / Jennifer Blair Photography
wedding place setting /Jennifer Blair Photography
succulent wedding cake / Jennifer Blair Photography
rooftop wedding tablescape / Jennifer Blair Photography
chic rooftop wedding / Jennifer Blair Photography
vintage book wedding decor / Jennifer Blair Photography
lighting for a rooftop wedding / Jennifer Blair Photography
skyline wedding invitation / Jennifer Blair Photography
green and white wedding / Jennifer Blair Photography
chic rooftop wedding / Jennifer Blair Photography
succulent wedding bouquet / Jennifer Blair Photography
bronze votive candle / Jennifer Blair Photography
rooftop wedding / Jennifer Blair Photography
sequin dress / Jennifer Blair Photography

This shoot is so inspirational! I could also see it working for an elopement, vow renewal, anniversary dinner, or just a romantic night out for two. DIY savvy brides take note: Jennifer constructed that canopy herself!

Credits: Photography: Jennifer Blair Photography // Venue: Museum of Natural Science and History Jacksonville, Florida // Floral Design: Flowers by Shirley Page // Event Design: Taylor Laura // Event Planning: Jennifer Blair // Cake: Christie Andreae // Paper Goods: Create Like Crazy Design Studio // Dress: Badgley Mischka // Hair: Kim from Salon 210 // Models: Jordan & Chris Brantley