Chic Neutral Wedding

Beautiful fascinators are one thing guests see at wedding reception venues in York, and for that matter, anywhere in the UK. What’s a wedding without fascinators to enjoy?

You’ll see in this inspirational wedding photo shoot that the bride has a stunning headpiece that will turn heads for sure!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Chic Neutral Wedding

When you’re looking for a wedding venue for your Chic Neutral Wedding, the key thing is to find somewhere that has a lot of natural materials. Think about stripped back wooden floorboards, and neutral wall colorings without a lot of architectural detail or decor that you’re going to have to remove.

The thing is with a Chic Neutral Wedding theme, you want as close to a blank canvas as you can get. With that being said you also don’t want a modern, minimalist white box – barns or older houses are a great starting point when trying to find this kind of wedding venue.

Color Palettes for a Chic Neutral Wedding

Of course, the clue is in the name when it comes to a Chic Neutral Wedding color palette. You’re going to be looking for creams, beiges, tans, browns – anything in that kind of color sphere. Neutral doesn’t mean plain and it also doesn’t mean white. In fact, having pure white in this scheme might look jarring as it lacks the necessary warmth to make this Chic Neutral Wedding color palette come to life.

If you do want some pops of color, make sure they’re muted shades that you’re likely to find occurring in nature. This way when it’s combined with the beiges, browns and wooden elements of your venue, they won’t look out of place.

Details for a Chic Neutral Wedding

With such a stripped back wedding theme, the devil is most certainly in the detail. A Chic Neutral Wedding can very easily look like a blank canvas that just hasn’t been decorated, therefore foregoing the ‘chic’ aspect of the theme.

To overcome this hurdle, add little details like natural woodland flowers around your ceremony and reception venue to breathe some life into your neutral theme. You can also make use of repurposed tree trunks for tables, especially for things like the guest book or the wedding cake. This gives a warm, natural vibe to your Chic Neutral Wedding that brings the outdoors into your wedding.

Food for a Chic Neutral Wedding

The good news is that there are plenty of delicious foods that fall into a neutral color palette category, and they can be healthy too! Ancient grains like quinoa and couscous provide a healthy, filling but light base for your wedding dishes and you can layer color and flavors on top depending on your food preferences.

For dessert, the best thing is that chocolate falls smack bang into the Chic Neutral Wedding color scheme, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth then you can have a great time with some chocolate fondue or as a base for your Chic Neutral Wedding cake.

Table Setting Style for a Chic Neutral Wedding

When it comes to designing your table setting for your Chic Neutral Wedding there are a few things that you can consider. Firstly, rather than leading with colors, think about different, natural textures and use that as your jumping off point.

Consider using a longer, reclaimed wood style table and then you can layer hessian runners and cream lace detailing on top. All of these things will naturally align with your neutral color palette, but by leading with texture, it means that your table setting style will be a lot more interesting and have a lot more depth to it.

Budget for a Chic Neutral Wedding

As with many different kinds of weddings, there are ways to blow the budget and ways to save money along the way. With this particular Chic Neutral Wedding, it’s quite an informal, pared back kind of scheme which means on the surface it looks quite affordable. And it definitely can be.

That being said, pulling off fairly minimalist wedding schemes to a high level is pricier than it first appears. After all, you need to make sure that you have enough details and elements to make the theme work cohesively together, otherwise, it’ll just look like there hasn’t been any effort put into the event.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Chic Neutral Wedding

When it comes to finding your dream wedding dress for your Chic Neutral Wedding, the world is pretty much your oyster here. As long as you go with a more ivory or cream tone – any kind of warmer version of white – your look is going to be on theme.

In terms of getting a wedding dress that fulfills the chic part of your Chic Neutral Wedding theme. You’re going to want to think classic and couture. Go for something a bit different with your detailing or a silhouette that makes it different without going super blingy and shiny or frilly.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Chic Neutral Wedding

With a chic neutral wedding scheme, the temptation can be to opt for beige or cream bridesmaid dresses that fade into the surrounding tone. Just because your color palette is neutral doesn’t mean that it’s plain or boring.  

Instead, go for muted shades, like the ones you’d use in your floral arrangements or little details. Think about mauves, sage green, and dusty pinks. Choose ust little hints of color to bring some light and depth to your overall chic neutral wedding theme. Also, go with a flowy silhouette to keep that chic and clean look that you’re trying to create with the whole scheme.

Menswear for a Chic Neutral Wedding

One of the most interesting things about this kind of chic neutral wedding theme is that the menswear can be completely different from a traditional male wedding look. Basically, the stark contrast of a traditional black tuxedo is going to look super jarring for this particular theme.

Instead, you’re going to want to choose neutral and natural tones like creams, browns and tans for the base of your wedding suit. To keep it looking chic, opt for a natural material like a linen or a wool blend, rather than just going for a white suit that looks like you’re wearing a fancy outfit at a prom.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Chic Neutral Wedding

The thing is there are plenty of beautiful, varied flowers that fall into the cream, ivory, kind of neutral spectrum. However, if you just use varying shades of cream, your bouquets and floral arrangements are going to lack interest and depth.

To avoid this, add in some blush pink elements to bring some points of difference to your floral arrangements and lighten up the color palette as a whole. Also opt for some smaller, sage green foliage to tie your chic neutral wedding theme back to nature. After all that’s the main influence for your entire gorgeous wedding color palette.

Chic Neutral Wedding

Neutral wedding inspiration

This chic, neutral wedding inspiration board is definitely a new favourite of mine! The bits of blush and light yellow add the loveliest hints of colour and to pull off this look be sure to mix urban vintage. The embellished wedding dress and oversized flower fascinator take this bride right to centre stage when placed against the simplicity of the cake, exposed wood, and neutral colour palette. And center the stage is right where you want to be on your wedding day!

Credits: photo credits: window frame menu via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Sarah Kate // macaroons from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Rebekah Westover Photography // fondue au chocolat from Mignon Kitchen Co. // bouquet via Style Me Pretty, designed by Kat Flower, photographed by KT Merry // snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar buttercream via Always with Butter // bride with oversized flower photographed by Chris Nicholls Photography // Valentino shoes via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Adam Nyholt.