Cactus Wedding

Lovely shades of nectarine, orange and tangerine are the highlights of a cactus wedding and the vibrancy of these hues carries over into a fun wedding ceremony. Outdoor York wedding reception venues are ideal for showcasing a theme such as this. After all, York has been called Britain’s most beautiful city!

Imagine your nuptials in a contemporary and stylish barn with a courtyard where colours reign supreme and a desert-style reception brings relaxation and joy. An intimate wedding with accents of pale green as shown in the photo shoot is truly a dream come true!

Colour Palettes for a Cactus Wedding

A cactus wedding lends itself to many different colour palettes, the central hue of which will typically be a shade of green. Warm tones make the most sense with this theme, and dusty rose, pink, orange, yellow, cornflower blue, rusty browns, and creamy neutrals all make beautiful compliments to the green of a cactus.

You could incorporate these shades into a vibrant Southwest-inspired colour palette or opt for a playful mix of tones that recall Palm Springs. You could even choose a range of neutrals to create a bold contrast against the green.  

Before selecting any hues, consider the overall tone and feel you want your wedding to take on and work backward from there. Will it be a lively party or a more regal, elegant affair? Do you want to incorporate a bohemian feel, a rustic style, or a modern, minimalist aesthetic? Then consider which colours are best suited to accomplishing this goal.

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Wedding Invitations for a Cactus Wedding

Your wedding invitations are the perfect opportunity to hint at the theme of your event. Use your wedding colour palette and some of the design motifs you have in mind to foreshadow the event's atmosphere.

Select artistic cactus-inspired designs for your wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Cactus flowers, succulents, or cactus plants are all attractive options. Watercolour designs or hand sketches are both lovely styles to consider.

Instead of opting for a plain white envelope, use one of the colours from your selected palette. Opt for a vibrant pink or coral hue to make a bold statement. If subtle is more your style, choose a warm neutral tone.

For a little festive flair, select a cactus print envelope liner or stash cactus-shaped confetti inside your envelope to surprise your invitees! If you're aiming for a rustic vibe, you could wrap the invitation in twine.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Cactus Wedding

When choosing a wedding dress for a cactus wedding, you'll probably want a style that recalls a desert setting. Bohemian-inspired looks, as well as lightweight, warm-weather options, would work well for this.

Lace wedding dresses with flowing trains create a romantic, bohemian look. Alternatively, a strapless mini dress would complement a retro Palm Springs cactus theme. If you prefer a classic, timeless look, a sleek fitted gown is a stunning option that works with every theme. Since cactuses are found in warm climates, strapless or short-sleeved dresses work well with this theme.

As for accessories, try to incorporate the wedding colours you've selected. You could pin a vibrant cactus flower in your hair and select jewelry in tones from your colour palette. You might even work a cactus-inspired design into the shoes or garter that you wear on your big day!  

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Cactus Wedding

Your bridesmaids' dresses are the perfect place to play up the warm hues of a cactus wedding colour palette. You could create a sunset effect by having each bridesmaid dress in a different, complimentary cactus-inspired colour. Again, since cactuses are a desert plant, strapless or short-sleeved dresses will work well for the theme.

Pair the bridesmaid dresses with colourful corsages that accentuate the cactus theme. A brightly coloured cactus flower would be striking on each bridesmaid's wrist!

If your wedding aesthetic is desert-bohemian, consider having your bridesmaids wear dresses in varying styles and colours. This is an opportunity to invoke a lot of vibrant hues and create an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Cactus Wedding

When it comes to developing a cactus-inspired cake design, the sky is the limit. Sweetheart Hoya plants are succulents that grow heart-shaped leaves, and one of these would make an adorable and romantic cake topper. If you want to make a bold statement, you could place a flowering cactus on top. Or, a pair of cactuses adorned with props like a veil and tuxedo to represent the bride and groom – perfect for couples with playful sensibilities!

If you prefer that your entire wedding cake is edible, you still have plenty of options. Have your cake designer create a cactus from fondant, or opt for a painted cactus design on the side of the cake! For a less on-the-nose option, have the cake frosting coloured to adhere to your colour palette and decorate the base of the cake with florals and greenery.

Portrait Props for a Cactus Wedding

The options for portrait props at cactus-themed weddings are endless, so don't be afraid to get creative! Sign props with cactus-inspired references are a fun way to incorporate the theme into your photos. Create cactus-shaped signs with playful phrases like "looking sharp" or "can't touch this" for your guests to hold up.

Lean into the desert theme a little more by providing flower crowns complementing your colour palette. For the background, create a cactus-inspired garland or papier-mache decorations to create a desert-inspired backdrop for the portraits. If you want to throw some goofy items in, a cactus hat makes an excellent addition to your tickle trunk.

Ceremony Decor for a Cactus Wedding

A cactus-themed wedding is sure to incorporate many desert influences. From flowers and desert hues to cactus plants themselves, there are all kinds of ways to bring your ceremony venue to life with your cactus theme.

An altar constructed from rustic wood would be a beautiful addition to a bohemian cactus wedding. Decorate the base of the altar with a mixture of potted cacti and desert flower arrangements. You can use twine to fasten flowers to the posts of the altar, creating a beautiful, nature-inspired bohemian backdrop for your vows.

Potted columnar cacti can be used to line the aisle, creating a subtle definition of the space and providing an elegant design feature.  

Reception Decor for a Cactus Wedding

A desert cactus theme lends itself to beautiful, romantic decorations, perfect for a wedding reception! Use natural fibers, warm desert hues, and greenery to perpetuate the cactus theme throughout your wedding reception venue.

Distribute potted cacti throughout the venue and complement them with colourful floral arrangements. Terracotta pots would help accentuate a rustic, Southwestern-inspired aesthetic. If you prefer something more modern, opt for white or coloured ceramic pots.

Succulents make fantastic centerpieces as they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours. With its heart-shaped leaves, the Sweetheart Hoya is the perfect nod to the romantic occasion, but don't be afraid to mix in other options like agave, aloe, or golden barrel cactus for variation.

Incorporate desert hues like dusty rose, terracotta, and creamy tan through flowers, table linens, and decor to create a warm, comfortable setting.

Favours and Gifts for a Cactus Wedding

Small potted cactuses and succulents make fantastic favours for a cactus wedding. These charming mementos will help your guests remember your event long after it's over! If you don't trust your guests to care for greenery, have a cactus-shaped leather or wooden coaster created with the date of your wedding engraved on it!

Consider a thematic jewellry piece such as a cactus-shaped pendant necklace or charm bracelet for the bridal party. Alternatively, cactus-print pajamas would be a luxurious keepsake. For the groomsmen, cactus cufflinks would be a fun reminder of the event! Cactus print socks, pocket squares, or neckties would also make great souvenirs.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Cactus Wedding

The cactus theme works exceptionally well for outdoor weddings. This theme is all about incorporating natural textures, fibers, and colours into your wedding decor. What better way to do that than by hosting an outdoor wedding?

Ideally, your outdoor cactus wedding can be held in a setting where you can set up desert props and plants. Use pictures from real desert settings like Arizona and Nevada in the US to inspire your wedding venue decor. Incorporate natural rock landscapes, cacti of varying shapes and sizes, and plenty of florals to create a warm and inviting atmosphere!

Cactus Flower

Tangerine Tango, while a bit more red than the orange hues in this wedding inspiration board, was last year’s Pantone colour of the year and it spurned a whole slew of orange weddings. In all honesty though – I still can’t get enough of tangerine, nectarine, and orange-coloured weddings. It’s such a vibrant, fun, and young colour! Orange weddings work best outside in a setting surrounded by either rich greens or natural and neutral tones like in this inspiration board. Mix in blushes and corals to help amp up the warmth of your wedding palette. Natural sunlight is going to really help these colours come to life so don’t be afraid to have an outdoor wedding!

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Credits: photo credits: succulent escort cards via Ruffled, photographed by Abi Q, design by Joy Events Co. // orange flower detail via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Troy Grover Photographers, designed by Inviting Occasion // groom with orange tie via Belle the Magazine  photographed by Gideon Photography, boutonniere design by Blossom Sweet // guava sangria with sage via Santa Barbara Chic, photographed by Jess Wilcox, mixology by Mellisa Taraub // bouquet, cactus, & cake photographed by Jose Villa // kraft paper invitation with white calligraphy via Fellow Fellow