Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

Peach is a featured colour in this bright, spring mountain wedding – right from the peach diamond engagement ring to the peach satin ribbon the gorgeous wedding gown. We know you’ll be inspired by what you see here! And it’s easy to incorporate these ideas in your wedding, no matter where it takes place.

Details for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

Although all brides want a beautiful venue for their big day, there is no better backdrop than the mountains in the spring. In spring, the wildflowers are blooming, the grass is beginning to grow, and the wildlife is waking up from hibernation. All these factors add to the everlasting beauty of the mountains.

A spring wedding in the mountains may mean a bit of unpredictable weather. Consider a sleeved dress, and a cabin reserved on the property just in case a cold snap drives the nuptials indoors. This bright, spring mountain wedding will depend on the natural beauty of the venue for decor; you won’t need to add much in the way of wedding decorations or props!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

The best venue for a bright, spring mountain wedding is one that is outdoors, where you and your guests can appreciate the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature! Every mountain range across the United States offers a variation of mountain-inspired beauty.

The Rockies are likely to offer snow-capped mountains in the spring for a unique backdrop. The Blue Ridge Mountains are lush and green in the spring, but one can’t rule out the occasional snowfall. The Great Smoky Mountains will offer a background of old-timey buildings (one may find a wealth of centuries-old churches or homes around the park), but you may also find that elk and black bears creep into the background as well.

It’s always important to remember to book a venue that offers an interior ceremonial hall for the nuptials in case of a surprise snowfall or rain. Perhaps you can book one of the historical buildings on the property.

Colour Palettes for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

Spring colours work well for a bright, spring mountain Styled Shoot wedding. These colours include most pastels – baby blue, eggshell yellow, antique white, peach, and blush pink. You can also choose one of these pastels and use darker accent colours for a pop of brightness.

For brides that choose peach or blush pink, there are some nice shades of burgundy or wine that fit accordingly. These will also go beautifully with the natural wildflowers on the mountain range. Be sure to add antique white to the colour palette for a splash of something different.

Brides who wish to go with a pastel blue may want to accent it with navy blue or royal blue. Add ivory white to the colour palette, and consider silver as an accent colour. Many flowers in the mountains will be blue, particularly the wildflowers, so this addition will fit in well!

Food for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

The food will vary, depending on where you are in the mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains are in the mid-South, so Southern food would be best served here. Some couples may want to offer steak and sides, while others offer roasted chicken and sides.

In the Rocky Mountains, lamb and duck are popular meats. Prime rib is also a favourite. Some will opt for trout or other fish native to the Colorado Rockies. Of course, a baked potato bar is a treat that will please people no matter your geographical location. In lieu of that, you can offer a pancake dinner as a unique food offering.

Budget for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

A bright, spring mountain wedding need not break the bank where your budget is concerned! In fact, if you opt to wed outdoors, you can allow Mother Nature to take care of the decorations, which can save a great deal of money.

Some brides will choose a bright, spring mountain wedding as an opportunity for a destination wedding. With these venues, the price of decor is usually already factored into venue rental. This can save on expenses, and you have the opportunity to roll the wedding and honeymoon all into one!

Costs will increase if couples do decide to rent a venue with an indoor location. However, many wedding venues in mountainous areas offer wedding packages that include venue rental, decor, and even pictures!

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

The wedding dress for a bride anticipating a bright, spring mountain wedding can be as formal or as casual as you want. Go with your dreamed-of dress!.

In fact, a more casual dress could highlight the bright, spring mountain wedding theme. Think about a vintage dress that has long, lacy sleeves and a lace overlay. Also fun is a knee-length dress or a tea-length dress no matter the fabric or colour.

Menswear for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

The groom and members of his party may decide to dress as formally or as casually as the bride. Why not tell the groom to opt for comfort rather than style for this laid-back wedding occasion!

Some grooms will want a suit for the big day, while others will wear suit pants and a vest in a light tan or charcoal grey colour. It's fine to opt for Sunday dress options, wearing nice pants and a new button-down shirt. Of course, your groom may choose to wear a tuxedo, depending upon the formality of your outfit.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

Choosing the flowers for the bouquets and boutonnieres should prompt brides to look at the local wildflowers in the mountain region where the ceremony is taking place. Bouquets featuring arrangements of these wildflowers would be not only fitting but beautiful for the nuptials.

Boutonnieres are trending more toward a rustic style when it comes to outdoor weddings or ceremonies in casual venues. Some groomsmen are wearing a button-hole boutonniere, while others are wearing dried flowers in a dusty blue colour. An Orchid or Lily of the Valley is also appropriate for a boutonniere flower at a bright, spring mountain wedding.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Bright, Spring Mountain Wedding

Depending upon the number of guests you’re planning to host, you may opt for a smaller, simple cake fitting for you, the groom, and the few guests at the nuptials.

However, towering wedding cakes are also popular for a bright, spring mountain wedding. These cakes might be covered in fondant and offer the simplest of jewelled decor, or they may be covered in rich, buttercream icing.

One thing you should plan on is the preservation of the top tier. Tradition holds that couples freeze this portion of the wedding cake and eat it on the one-year anniversary. And why not?

Reception Decor for a Bright, Spring Wedding

The exact location of the reception should influence exactly how you plan for the reception and its decor.

Outdoors, add just a few accents to Mother Nature’s beauty. You may want to host the reception under a tent, add a few twinkling lights, and the tables, chairs and linens. Otherwise, allow nature’s beauty to do your decorating.

Indoor locales will need a little extra, however. Bring in floral arrangements that exemplify the mountain range and its local wildflowers. Add some rustic items, such as wine barrels for tables and centrepieces made with candles, succulents, and wood.

Bright and Elegant Spring Mountain Shoot

From Emily – “Inspired by the pops of colour found during spring, this bridal inspiration will make you giddy! There is still a little snow in the Colorado mountains, but you would never know it! Kristin Coffin showcases a GORGEOUS 2.5 CT peach diamond engagement ring that will make any girly girl swoon!

Lea-Ann Belter features a stunning gown (that you will see two ways) with a beautiful over-skirt that is so soft and feminine, then again with a simple satin ribbon. Something Styled Co. Did not miss a beat with creating overflowing bright florals that echo the warmth found on sunny days. There are SO many detailed shots that you will not want to miss – gorgeous calligraphy that is sealed with a kiss, bubbly champagne and a one of a kind cake created by Wild Flower Cakes.”

Bright and elegant spring styled shoot | Emily Sacco Photography
Brightly coloured bouquet | Emily Sacco Photography
Bouquet with trailing ribbon | Emily Sacco Photography
Bright coloured spring bouquet | Emily Sacco Photography
Bold bridal bouquet | Emily Sacco Photography
Bride with single rose | Emily Sacco Photography
Bright and elegant spring mountain shoot | Emily Sacco Photography
Calligraphy and engagement ring | Emily Sacco Photography
Calligraphy on mirror | Emily Sacco Photography
Pink glasses and champagne | Emily Sacco Photography
Curved calligraphy | Emily Sacco Photography
Ruffled cake | Emily Sacco Photography

Credits: Photography: Emily Sacco Photography // Florals: Something Styled // Cake: Wildflower Cakes // Dress Designer: Lea-Ann Belter // Dress Shop: Felice Bridal // Jewelry: Kristin Coffin // Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie // Rentals: Plank and Pearl and A Vintage Affair Event Rentals // Location: Chautauqua Park, Colarado.