Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

Popping The Big Question To Your Bridesmaids

You've said "yes" to one of the most important questions in life; congratulations, you are engaged! The next step is to put together a heartfelt and memorable bridesmaids' proposal party. After all, you are essentially assembling your wedding dream team, and that in itself is a call for celebration.

You could easily pick up the phone and ask your closest friends as well as relatives to do you the honours but they'll appreciate the VIP status even more. The whole goal is to let every member of your bridal party know how dear they are to you and that their efforts are deeply appreciated. It's even more sentimental to share this information in person.

Bridesmaids' proposals don't need to be extravagant shindigs but there's nothing wrong with going the fancy route. It's an occasion to treat your inner circle to some much-deserved pampering and perhaps offer them a unique experience. The process starts with organising a beautiful occasion that will compel everyone to say "yes" to your bridesmaid proposal.

Will You Select Your Bridesmaids During The Occasion?

You probably already know who you want to stand by your side as the maid of honour. Perhaps the same also applies to the list of people you'd like to be your bridesmaids. While you might be excited to break the news about your impending nuptials and ask your closest circle to be part of your big day; there's a chance that not everyone will be able to take up the offer.

Extending a cordial invitation to a bridesmaid proposal party will give you a better idea about who's on board with you. Just turning up on the occasion already speaks volumes, and it's up to you to take it up from there. With that said, it makes sense to recruit bridesmaids beforehand in a one-on-one session. The proposal party should merely serve as a formality to pop the question all over again.

What Happens at a Bridesmaids Proposal Party?

Bridesmaids' parties are exciting experiences that focus on fun. You want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and also interested in sticking around for the entire event. It helps to merge the best of both worlds by pleasantly surprising them but also factoring their interests in mind.

These occasions are typically short and sweet but again, the format isn't cast in stone. There are usually food and drinks, fun games and activities, proposals, and gifts to sweeten the deal.

Bridesmaid Proposal Party Ideas

With a date set and budget in mind, you'll need a theme to tie it all together. That's what will guide decisions related to the decoration, menu, and dress code (if any). There are endless lists of fun and memorable bridesmaids' proposal ideas, and here are several themed ideas to explore.

Host an Afternoon Tea Party

Hosting an afternoon tea party provides the perfect excuse to don floral print dresses and tea party hats. Top it off by sitting down to a delectable spread. The pampering comes in from the overall experience and digging into a spread including sandwiches, petit fours, clotted cheese, and champagne.

A Wine Tasting Par

Who wouldn't love to enjoy a wine tasting session followed by being asked to become a bridesmaid? You could host the occasion at a winery or keep it simple by recreating the experience at home. Either way, there should be selections of wine on the menu and it's also a great idea to toss in a custom label or rare vintage.

Host A Boozy Brunch

Brunch is the sweet spot between breakfast and lunch. It's equally found its niche in the events industry, and brunch parties are always a hit particularly if it involves a bride-centric shindig. Lock down your favourite brunch venue for the occasion and propose to your bridesmaids over brunch drinks.

A Floral Workshop

Weddings and flowers are like bread and butter. So why not make your bridal party a bloom-filled event as well? Team up with your local florist to host a floral workshop where members of your bridal party can learn how to put together posies for various occasions. Schedule meals afterward followed by the proposals.

A Mani-Pedi Session

Nothing screams pampering more than treating your bridesmaids to a mani-pedi session. Make it a workshop so that everyone learns something during the occasion, and send your guests off with at-home pampering kits.

Movie-themed Bridesmaid Party

Gather your crew to watch a bridesmaids-themed movie with popcorn and candy on the menu. It's a great idea if you've also chosen a movie-themed for your big day or if members of your bridal party are film buffs.

A Game Night

Host a game night where everyone leaves a winner because they get to go home knowing that you value their contribution to your big day. Come up with wedding-themed trivia games, and hand out proposal kits to everyone at the end of the night with a little speech about how they are all victors on that occasion.

Host a Book Club

The avid readers will enjoy meeting up to discuss the latest book they've been reading. Except that they'll realise mid-way that the occasion is actually a proposal party. Toast each bridesmaid and make sure that there’s wine and cheese up for grabs.

Bridesmaids Party Gifts

While not mandatory, it's always a kind gesture to send your bridesmaids off with personalised and thoughtful gifts. The gift bags could also double up as a way of popping the big question to each bridesmaid. In this case,  include customised notes or baked treats bearing the sweet question. Curate meaningful and functional gift packs that include some of the following items:

  • Spa treatment vouchers
  • Champagne bath bombs or scented candles
  • Matching embroidered bathrobes or pajama sets
  • Co-ordinated jeans or leather jackets.
  • Wine tumblers, champagne flutes, or pop-culture coffee mugs
  • Personalised duffel or tote bags
  • Jewellry gift sets
  • Bottles of wine or cocktail mixers
  • Custom proposal chocolates or cookies

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

From The Ashley Kidder Photo – “Michelle from Brindle + Oak and I wanted to do something just for bridesmaids, with the help of Weddington Way, to showcase different and more avant-garde bridal party styles out there!”

Will you be my bridesmaid box | Ashley Kidder Photo
Will You Be My Bridesmaid? | Ashley Kidder Photo
Floral bridesmaids robes | Ashley Kidder Photo
Will you be my bridesmaid box | Ashley Kidder Photo
Sugar rimmed Champagne | Ashley Kidder Photo
Bridesmaids robes | Ashley Kidder Photo
Pop, Clink, Fizz | Ashley Kidder Photo
Silk bridesmaids robes | Ashley Kidder Photo

“Our hair and makeup team went with faux hawks + glitter eyes, and we chose a simple floral to be able to fully accent their fashion-forward accessories and overall looks. We were very intentional with choosing models for this shoot and wanted to show a diverse group of ladies that represent a multitude of cultural and ethnic backgrounds!”

Will You Be my Bridesmaid? | Ashley Kidder Photo
Bridesmaids dresses | Ashley Kidder Photo
Purple tulip bouquet | Ashley Kidder Photo
Bridesmaids updo | Ashley Kidder Photo
Tattoo sleeves | Ashley Kidder Photo
Bridesmaids dress | Ashley Kidder Photo
Will you be my bridesmaid box | Ashley Kidder Photo
Mismatched bridesmaids dresses | Ashley Kidder Photo

Credits: Photography: Ashley Kidder Photo // Planning: Brindle + Oak // Hair: Kim J Beauty // Makeup: Cassandra Garza // Floral + Gift Boxes: Manofatto Homemade // Paper: Little Green Chair Studio // Arm Bands, Chokers, and Bridal Belts: EYMBellish Designs // Dresses + Robes: Weddington Way // Jewelry: Denver Fashion Truck provided accessories from Union Studio Metals, Canned Goods, and Sparkle and Stone // Venue: Space Gallery in Denver, Colorado.