One of the largest cities in Florida, Tampa is a vibrant place full of interesting people and attractions. From high-flying Busch Gardens to a nightlife of clubs and casinos, to art and science museums, Tampa has no shortage of things to do.

But what if you wanted to create something special just for you? Boudoir photography requires a specialist ready to capture your beauty. Tampa has a number of inspired creatives to choose from.

If you are ready to start your research for boudoir photographers in Tampa, read on to find the best match for your shoot in this list of the city’s top professionals. They each strive to help the people of Tampa feel more confident in their true beauty.

Sweet Plum Boudoir

Nude woman covered with a transparent veil by Sweet Plum Boudoir

If you are looking for a luxury experience in your boudoir session, then Sweet Plum Boudoir is just the place for you. Self-proclaimed as Tampa’s “#1 premier boudoir studio” experience, their service encompasses expert styling, make-up and hair done by professionals, as well as luxurious products, albums, and prints.

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know how to pose, as they will make sure your photos turn out perfect. Patricia Cannon, the lead photographer, wants to show you all the beauty you may not see in yourself. She promises to do her best to make sure every client leaves the session happy and loving themselves.

Room 3307

A smiling woman over crumpled sheets by Room 3307

Room 3307 has been in business for over a decade and has served hundreds of satisfied customers. Carolina, the founder and principal photographer of the studio, will be the person behind the lens during your session. She describes her ability to highlight a woman’s femininity, however they choose to convey it, as her superpower.

You can expect intimate, tasteful and modern portraits with a glamorous twist. Whether you decide to give these away as a gift or keep them just for yourself, you are sure to end up feeling empowered and more confident after you leave Room 3307.

Offbeat Boudoir

Couple in bed by Offbeat Boudoir

Your photographer at Offbeat Boudoir will be Regina, who has experience styling behind and in front of the lens. You can rest assured that she knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to the art of boudoir. Regina describes her style moody, unique, dark and sexy.

There are several different sessions to choose from – classic sessions are for one, but you can also go with a friend, or choose the one-year subscription. Available add-ons include a massage, shooting in a custom outdoor location, or an end to your session with pictures taken in a luxurious clawfoot tub.

Boudoir Betty

Woman in red lingerie photographed from behind by Boudoir Betty

Boudoir Betty believes in a simple creed: You are beautiful as you are and deserve to be celebrated. Your session will be customized to your needs and desires. Hair and make-up are included, and you do not have a limit on the number of outfits you change into, or the amount of camera time available for your shoot.

A number of different prints and products are available from Boudoir Betty for you to purchase and display. A flexible provider, you can have the session shot in a studio, or if you are more comfortable in your home or a boutique hotel, the session can also take place there.

Tickle my Fancy Boudoir

Dressed in white lace by Tickle my Fancy Boudoir

Dakota, the founder of Tickle My Fancy, is on a mission to show every woman how beautiful they truly are. She does this to make women comfortable in their own skin, restoring a healthier self-image one client at a time.

During your session with Dakota, you will have your hair and make-up professionally done, maybe drink a little wine, dine on some hors-d’oeuvres, and then proceed to have a three-hour session of photography where you’ll feel like a goddess. To amplify that feeling, there’s no limit to the number of outfits you can change into, even including a pair of angel wings!

Boudoir Tampa

Woman covered with glitter by Boudoir Tampa

A boudoir photography session can be an experience that awakens you to love yourself through the art of photography. Christina and the team at Boudoir Tampa are here to help you achieve just that. She aims to defy society’s expectations for women and proudly declares her studio as “all body inclusive.”

Your session with Boudoir Tampa will take place in a private studio. Here, you will have your hair and make-up done, with a vast wardrobe of over two hundred pieces to choose from and a variety of different sets for you to pose in.

Lunar Body Boudoir

Red-haired woman in a tub of flowers by Lunar Body Boudoir

Whether it’s a gift, a celebration, or sourced from a desire to reconnect with yourself, a boudoir shoot with Lunar Body Boudoir could end up being exactly what you need.

Behind Lunar Body Boudoir are Jill and Cat, a team of photographers set on promoting self-care, body-positivity, and providing a luxury experience to their customers. They provide a “Client Closet” of prepared outfits of lingerie for you to borrow and shine in. In all, they wish for their boutique studio to give their clientele a feeling of celebration throughout every session.

Worthy of Love

Woman posing on a chair by Worthy of Love

A photographer passionate about empowering and uplifting women, as well as boudoir sessions filled with fun, laughter, and good music are what makes a shoot with Worthy of Love a memorable experience.

When it comes to their boudoir photography, there are three different package deals you can choose from. Each package includes hair and make-up. Your photographer will guide you through the posing, and will be there to help you when you’re choosing what to wear for your session. Amanda makes sure to fill her boudoir sessions with “laughter, good music, and pure goddess vibes.”

Jolise Photography

A sensual shot of a woman on a bed [Jolise Photography]

Jolise Photography is a full-service boudoir photography studio with an all-female staff who will work with you to make you look and feel your absolute best. Sara Jolise Burton is the head photographer and strives to connect deeply with each and every one of her clients.

All sessions with Jolise include professional hair and make-up, a closet full of lingerie, accessories and shoes, and a two-hour in-studio session. In post-production, they will provide professional retouching and hand editing of around sixty of your best images. Besides the regular one person shoot, you can also book a couple’s boudoir session for you and your partner.

Tami Keehn

Boudoir shoot at a beach by Tami Keehn

A boudoir session with Tami Keehn is more of a purposeful experience than a simple clicking of the camera while you’re posing. It is an investment in yourself and according to Tami, an integral part of stepping into the greatness of your highest self.

You can choose an a la carte collection that will guarantee a unique and personal experience, or go for one of Tami’s all-inclusive collections. She has over thirteen years of experience in shooting boudoir, so you are in good hands for documenting such special moments. Tami also provides free monthly updates and resources through her newsletter, “Sister Squad.”

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