There is something alluring about boudoir: the term itself conjures up images of soft, silken sheets, lace, candles, and everything else in between. While it has yet to become ubiquitous, boudoir has become a lot more popular these days—and it’s not just limited to bridal boudoir.

More and more persons have come to embrace boudoir as a means of self-love, intimacy, and empowerment. Many have used it to reclaim and celebrate their bodies. Boudoir is more than just the lace and silk: it is a discovery, and maybe even a reinvention of the self.

For something so personal and intimate, you want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible with your photographer, and that they have had experience with professional boudoir. Excited to start your own empowering journey? Check out this list of the best boudoir photographers in Savannah, GA today.

Savannah Glamour

A woman in a black lace and red satin bodysuit wears a pair of red feathered wings, posing against a window which highlights her features [Savannah Glamour]

Megan Jones is the founder and head photographer of Savannah Glamour. A multi-awarded and highly praised boudoir photography studio, Savannah Glamour has become the top choice for boudoir photography sessions in Georgia, and it’s easy to see why.

Savannah Glamour is a full luxury boudoir photography experience. Megan’s studio has set-ups as elaborate as needed, a decadent glamour closet, accessories, and more. But, to Megan, while the glitz is part of the experience, the most important thing in any boudoir portrait session is the self-love she wants to help you cultivate through a unique and fun photoshoot.

Southern Secrets Boudoir

A woman with chin-length choppy brunette hair wears an intricately-designed black corset, knee-high boots, as she sits on a blue velvet settee, admiring her reflection in a nearby mirror [Southern Secrets Boudoir]

Michael and Melanie are the team behind Southern Secrets Boudoir. Their love story is intertwined with how the studio came to be: through Michael’s love for photography, and Melanie’s art as a belly dancer, Southern Secrets Boudoir was born.

With Michael as the photographer and Melanie as creative director, they have created a studio where boudoir is synonymous with confidence, upliftment, and empowerment. Their work shows many poses and styles that all feel different and tailored to the client to truly show off her personality and inner femme fatale.

Renee Buckles Photography

A woman dressed in a black lacey corset sits seductively in a chair, her face tilted away from the camera, and her body illuminated by natural light from a nearby window [Renee Buckles Photography]

Renee Buckles is the founder and photographer of this venerable studio. Renee juggles her vocation as a school teacher with her love for photography through her boudoir photography studio. In fact, she was inspired to start her company after having her own incredible boudoir experience a few years ago.

For Renee, boudoir is all about you: your pleasure at being intimate and vulnerable with yourself, your self-love, and your ferocity as an empowered woman. She will be there to guide you 100% of the way – whether that’s through coaching you with poses, creating the perfect set-up for you, or simply loudly encouraging you throughout the session.

Velvet Light Boudoir

A black-and-white photo of a man with his back to the camera, kissing the neck of his partner; she has her eyes gently closed, and her chin tilted slightly up as she caresses her partner’s head [Velvet Light Boudoir]

Justin Taylor is the owner and head photographer of Velvet Light Boudoir. Justin first started photography in 2002, and has been in love with the art ever since. First shooting landscapes and travel scenery, he then decided to move on to human portrait photography, where he realized his true passion.

Justin’s approach to boudoir photography prizes natural intimacy in each photo. With careful direction, well-planned sets and lighting, Justin elevates boudoir photography into stunning works of art. Boudoir sessions can be done solo for both men and women, or you can have your significant other join in and make the experience even more memorable.

Ivona Dixon Photography

A woman in a lacey black babydoll has her body turned to the side, her head tilted towards the camera, with a sultry, inviting smile on her red lips [Ivona Dixon Photography]

Ivona Dixon is the European-born-but-Jersey-native founder and photographer of Ivona Dixon Photography. Ivona has always believed in the philosophy of creating your own momentum, always evolving to serve the situation you are in in life.

This optimism, this gentle self-surrender to the world, shows through her style of boudoir photography. Ivona’s portraits are intimate but inviting; the sensuality of her subjects don’t feel forced, but rather, amplified. She encourages you to let go of all your many roles as a woman, even just for the photoshoot, and focus solely on the instinctive feminine beauty each person has in their core.

Denise Yarber Boudoir

A woman with short-cropped hair, peppered with natural grey streaks, leans back as she shoots a sultry gaze at the camera; she wears a red mesh turtleneck bodysuit that complements her fiery red lipstick [Denise Yarber Boudoir]

Denise Yarber believes boudoir is a loaded, incredible tool that is useful for everyone’s journey: self-empowerment, self-love, reconnecting with your soul, cultivating intimacy, and so much more.

Denise welcomes and encourages women of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, and journeys into her studio. Her luxury boudoir experience is truly a treat-yourself affair, and forces you to really focus on the reason why you are doing boudoir in the first place: for yourself.

Samantha Byrd Photography

A woman in a sheer cream dress lays against rocks in a shallow, sandy pool of water; her eyes are gently closed, and her curly hair flows over one shoulder as gentle morning light illuminates her [Samantha Byrd Photography]

Samantha Byrd specializes in portrait photography, from couples, to families, and of course, boudoir portrait photography. More than a photographer, Samantha prides herself on being your “hype girl” and biggest supporter during every boudoir shoot with her clients.

Samantha gives you the option of taking boudoir out of the bedroom and transplanting the sultry feel into stunning on-location sites that bring out your inner Aphrodite. But if lingerie out in the open is too daring, too soon, for you, know that you can always book for a session in a more private location, where you can feel at ease and truly enjoy the magic of boudoir with Samantha.

Marissa Ruth Studios

A black-and-white photo of an expectant mother wearing an intricately embroidered lace-and-mesh dress; she cradles her belly with both hands [Marissa Ruth Studios]

Marissa Ruth has always loved photography, but ever since discovering boudoir, she has become all the more passionate about making this art form accessible to every woman, no matter where they might be in their life journey.

Marissa celebrates your body as it is today—not as it was ten years ago, or pre-baby, or before the surgery—and hopes that by showing you your true beauty and power, you will come to appreciate your body in a new light. Marissa will be there every step of the way to help you feel comfortable and exude that sexy confidence that glows within.

Savannah Boudoir Photography & Glamour

A redheaded woman with red pouty lips and sultry kohl-rimmed eyes, dressed in a black mesh bodysuit with embroidered flowers, soaks in a luxurious milk bath, surrounded by fresh flowers and lit candles [Savannah Boudoir Photography & Glamour]

Tammy Scott is the founder and head photographer of Savannah Boudoir Photography & Glamour. Tammy celebrates everything it means to be a woman, because it holds true in her own life: mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, goddess, hard worker, and so many more.

Through boudoir photography, Tammy hopes to show women that the dichotomy that exists in them. Women are tender yet tough, quiet yet bright, nurturing but sexy—and these are all attributes worth showing. Tammy’s boudoir photography features superb sets with her clients dressed in lush, luxurious clothing, to help them get into the zone and embrace the sultry, seductive side of their womanhood.

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