For anyone looking to take part in a boudoir session this year, it’s important to find a photographer that you feel comfortable working with. There are so many reasons you might decide to book this type of shoot. You might just want to empower yourself with a stunning gallery of images or gift a beautiful portrait to your partner.

An experienced boudoir photographer will know how to make their subject feel relaxed during the session, which will result in images you’ll enjoy displaying and looking back on for years to come.

Here's a list of the top boudoir photographers in San Francisco, CA. They all specialize in this type of photography, so you know you’ll be in good hands and guided properly throughout your boudoir shoot.

A Girl and A Camera Photography

A Black and White Boudoir Shoot Captured in San Francisco by Jennifer [A Girl and A Camera Photography]

Jennifer launched her photography business back in 2008 and has been offering boudoir photography in the San Francisco area ever since. She is passionate about empowering other women to look and feel their best during their time together.

With each photo she takes, Jennifer works to capture your personality and tell a story. She’ll make you feel relaxed during the session, and you’ll be laughing together and creating images that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Memoire Studio Photography

Pretty in Pink Captured in San Francisco by Tammy and Mark [Memoire Studio Photography]

Tammy and Mark are the couple behind Memoire Studio Photography. Their work has been featured in Vogue, Maxim, and Playboy in the past, so you’ll be in good hands when booking a boudoir shoot with them.

They are known for their patience and expertise when working with new clients and will guide you to create the perfect boudoir images. You can bring a selection of outfits to your session, and they’ll work with you to capture different looks throughout your time together.

Studio Six Photography

A Styled Boudoir Shoot Captured in San Francisco by Kristy [Studio Six Photography]

Kristy has been working as a photographer full time since 2009 and during that time has worked on hundreds of boudoir shoots. While she also offers family and couples photography, her true passion lies within this niche.

Kristy works to showcase her clients in a new light, which helps to increase their self-esteem and confidence. She knows how priceless this feeling is and can’t wait to meet the women who trust her with their boudoir shoot.


A Posed Boudoir Shoot Captured in San Francisco by Sergio [Camerawerkz]

Sergio is the owner and chief photographer at Camerawerkz. He loves to meet new people and is passionate about showcasing women in their best light during boudoir photography sessions.

He enjoys experimenting with different lighting techniques and is passionate about the technical side of photography. Thanks to all of the studying he’s done over the years, during the shoot, he’ll be able to focus on the creativity of the session and creating images you’ll love sharing with your partner and friends.

Azeylia Boudoir

A Modern Boudoir Shoot Captured in San Francisco by Natalia [Azeylia Boudoir]

Natalia is the owner of Azeylia Boudoir and works to capture modern and stylish boudoir images that are unlike anything you will have seen before. If you are looking to create more edgy results, you’ll love her attention to detail and stylish way of shooting.

Natalia is passionate about making everyone feel gorgeous, and she believes every woman deserves to feel that way. As well as receiving images you'll look back on for many years, you’ll also remember your time working together fondly long after your session.

Boudoir By Olin

A Contemporary Lingerie Boudoir Shoot Captured in San Francisco by Caroline [Boudoir by Olin]

Caroline is the photographer behind Boudoir by Olin. She is passionate about being a woman and working with other women to make them feel their best.

She’ll work with women of all ages and sizes to make them feel sexy and confident during their boudoir shoot. Caroline offers studio sessions or can visit you in the comfort of your own home if you prefer.

Alice Che Photography

A Pre-Wedding Shoot Captured in San Francisco by Alice [Alice Che Photography]

While Alice is known for her wedding photography services, she also loves shooting women in boudoir shoots in San Francisco. She creates timeless images that you’ll love putting up on display or gifting to your partner for a special occasion.

Alice understands that women sometimes struggle to be proud of their bodies. She’ll work to make you feel comfortable throughout the session and go home feeling grateful for your natural beauty.

Grier Cooper Photography

A Relaxed Boudoir Shoot Captured in San Francisco by Grier [Grier Cooper Photography]

Grier started her career in the arts as a ballet dancer and loves the feeling of getting glammed up for a photoshoot. From her past career, she knows how challenging it can be to love and appreciate your body.

During each shoot, she works to make her subject feel grateful for everything their body does for them. She knows boudoir photography can help you to feel more beautiful and become more self-accepting of your body following your session.

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