A successful boudoir photography session is not about having the perfect body or meeting the unrealistic beauty standards that are put on women today. It is about feeling empowered and sexy in your own skin, just the way you are.

Home to boudoir studios that have been around for decades and some that played an influential role in the genre’s recent rise in popularity, San Diego is the place to head for your next shoot. In this article, we’ll introduce 10 boudoir photography businesses to keep your eye on in the city.

J’adore Boudoir Photography

A sexy boudoir shoot by Shannon [J’adore Boudoir Photography]

Shannon is the lead photographer at J’adore Boudoir Photography, which strives to give each of its clients a personalized experience. She established her photography business after a liberating experience during her own boudoir shoot and wanted to offer the same for other women. She believes that a boudoir session is an opportunity to honor your body and rediscover yourself while coming away with photos that you can gift to your loved one or keep just for yourself.

The Boudoir Divas

A black and white portrait of a woman by Marissa [The Boudoir Divas]

Marissa leads the team at The Boudoir Divas, which is based in Solana Beach, San Diego. It was established more than 15 years ago and played an influential role in bringing boudoir photography back. Over the last eight years, Marissa, Ashley, and Lindsey have helped around 4,000 women to shake off society’s ideals while finding “strength and grace in their own body”. As a result, The Boudoir Divas has become one of the most sought-after boudoir studios in the United States.

Boudoir Ego San Diego

A woman shows off her angel wings [Boudoir Ego San Diego]

Not only is Anna the owner and lead photographer at Boudoir Ego San Diego but she’s a mother of three and a former pediatric nurse. She left her career in the health industry to become a full-time photographer while following her passion for boudoir and is assisted by the amazing hair and makeup team of Penny, Rachel, and Chelsea. Boudoir Ego San Diego prides itself on creating a safe space for women of all body shapes, sizes, and ages while building their self-love.

Bombshell Boudoir Intimate Photography

Light and shade during a boudoir shoot [Bombshell Boudoir Intimate Photography]

Cami Warner is the creative behind the lens of Bombshell Boudoir Intimate Photography (and has a certificate to prove her photographic skills), with her business blossoming after her own beachside boudoir session. She’s had her work published in numerous magazines and online resources and is joined in her business pursuits by social media manager, Bailey. Together, they ensure each and every one of their clients feels comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, which is what boudoir photography is all about.

Angelika’s Photography

A creative boudoir portrait by Angelika Feldt [Angelika’s Photography]

Serving clients in San Diego and Orange counties, Angelika Feldt is one of the top boudoir photographers in Southern California and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She operates out of two state-of-the-art studios in San Diego and Santa Ana where her team has created a sensual yet tasteful ambiance for boudoir shoots. Whether you’re after a pin-up aesthetic, vintage glamour, or Hollywood noir, Angelika and her team can make it happen.

Brooke Ziegler Photography

A bedroom boudoir shoot by Brooke Ziegler [Brooke Ziegler]

Based in San Diego, Brooke Ziegler is a wedding, maternity, and boudoir photographer who says that every time she gets behind the lens, she has the opportunity to create a piece of art. She majored in art in college but it was when she replaced her paintbrush with a camera that everything “clicked”. Over the years, she has discovered that capturing love and the unique beauty of people is what brings her the most joy while creating images that make her clients feel something special.

JoliFaces Boudoir Photography

A studio boudoir shoot by JoAnna Ibatuemoli [JoliFaces Boudoir Photography]

JoAnna Ibatuemoli is the lead photographer and owner of JoliFaces Boudoir Photography, a San Diego-based studio that’s all about revealing the supermodel in every woman. She draws on her 16 years of experience in the modeling industry and nine years as a published photographer, as well as her background as an artist of the female form. JoAnna understands what she describes as the “painfully unrealistic” beauty standards that women encounter and how they are responsible for decreased self-esteem in countless women, something that she strives to counter through her work.

Intimate Maternity Photography

An expectant mom poses during a black and white maternity shoot [Intimate Maternity Photography]

Intimate Maternity Photography is all about capturing beautiful images of expectant mothers and documenting those precious moments for a lifetime. The business’s all-female team creates a welcoming environment for women to show off their ever-growing bellies while capturing images that reflect the “warmth and tenderness of this special time”. Whether you opt for one of their “mama dresses” or sexy lingerie, they will ensure you are comfortable and illuminated by the most flattering light.

Valentine Studios

A sensual shoot by Meg Pasetta [Valentine Studios]

Owned and operated by Meg Pasetta, Valentine Studios is a San Diego-based boudoir photography company that also offers pregnancy, model, and fashion shoots. Meg describes boudoir photography as requiring a unique level of trust between the photographer and subject and, as a woman, she can understand the concerns faced by her clients. Drawing on her degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography, she now has more than 10 years of professional experience in the industry and operates out of a beautiful studio.

Intimate Boudoir Photography

A boudoir session by Barbara Steinberg [Intimate Boudoir Photography]

With more than 20 years of experience under her belt, Barbara Steinberg knows a thing or two about photography. Initially, she specialized in advertising and public relations before making the shift to boudoir photography 18 years ago. Originally from Virginia, she now calls San Diego “home” and has had her work featured in the “Los Angeles Times”, the “San Diego Union Tribune” and several women’s magazines. Alongside her all-female team, Barbara goes above and beyond to ensure her clients feel comfortable and empowered.

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