With so much societal pressure to look “perfect”, it’s easy to understand why so many women have low self-esteem when it comes to their body image. Boudoir photography is on a mission to change that, helping to empower its subjects while making them feel comfortable in their own skin.

Raleigh’s boudoir photographers are among North Carolina’s best, with so much incredible work to inspire you.

ShaRelle Studio Photography

A boudoir-inspired maternity shoot [ShaRelle Studio Photography]

ShaRelle Gutierrez says that she has loved taking portraits since receiving her first camera as a 12-year-old and originally opened her boudoir photography business in Louisiana. Since 2010, she has photographed more than 500 women, making her one of the most experienced boudoir photographers on our list.

In 2020, ShaRelle relocated to North Carolina and now serves clients throughout Raleigh, Fayetteville, and the Triangle region. Over the years, she has come to the understanding that every woman wants to feel good in their own skin and boudoir is one of the most powerful ways of achieving this.

Alpha Whiskey Photography

A woman wearing lingerie poses in a brick studio [Alpha Whiskey Photography]

Ahbree Wetzel is the artist behind Alpha Whiskey Photography, which specializes in wedding and boudoir photography for clients in Raleigh and beyond. After spending seven years in the Air Force, working in South Korea, Italy, and Afghanistan, she made a major career shift into the world of photography. It has taken her several years of shooting in various genres to discover her main passions - weddings, elopements, boudoir, and maternity. We love the color palettes and contrasts seen throughout her portfolio, which is 100% on-trend.

Nine19 Photography

A black and white boudoir portrait by Kimberly [Nine19 Photography]

Nine19 Photography is the brainchild of Kimberly Angel W., an incredibly talented boudoir photographer who was raised in Burlington, North Carolina. She brings that small-town charm to her photography and finds that her clients feel surprisingly comfortable during her boudoir sessions, even when almost completely naked. Now based in Raleigh, Kimberly wants her photography to be a vessel to show the world that “being different is awesome and loving yourself is the only way to live.”

Triangle Boudoir

A creative composition by Elyssa Kivus [Triangle Boudoir]

Triangle Boudoir is owned and operated by Elyssa Kivus, who is on a mission to make boudoir sessions fun. She understands that most people feel awkward and vulnerable in front of the camera, particularly when they are wearing next to nothing. But she wants to remind women that there is no “boudoir type” and if you’re up for sipping mimosas and having a goofy time with her, then you’re going to love a Triangle Boudoir session.

Katelyn Scott

A tattooed woman covers herself with a sheet [Katelyn Scott]

Raleigh-based boudoir photographer Katelyn Scott wants her studio to be a place for all people: “humans of every age, shape, size, gender, color, and creed”. She never turns anyone away and believes strongly that all bodies are perfectly made, with her photography a means of changing the narrative around imperfection. When you book a boudoir session with Katelyn Scott, you can expect to be celebrated, loved, and cherished, exactly the way you are.

Barlow Boudoir

A woman wearing white lingerie on the phone [Barlow Boudoir]

Barlow Boudoir was established by Richard Barlow after he realized that women were embracing boudoir for themselves, rather than as a gift for their significant other. He believes that a boudoir session should be a celebration of yourself and he loves seeing his clients leave sessions feeling “10 feet tall every. single. time.” Richard’s style fuses classic boudoir with modern lifestyle photography, plus a touch of fashion thrown in. The resulting images are what you would expect to see in a glossy magazine.

Caitlyn Nicole

One of Caitlyn Nicole’s creative boudoir portraits [Caitlyn Nicole]

Caitlyn Nicole is a Raleigh-based boudoir photographer who is all about empowering her clients to embrace their vulnerability and see themselves in a new light. Whether she’s working with couples or individuals, Caitlyn creates experiences that tell your story “authentically and passionately” while capturing the “spark inside you that lights up your entire personality.” During a boudoir session with Caitlyn, you can expect plenty of music, drinks, good conversation, and lots of laughter.

Simply Boudoir

A glamorous boudoir shoot by Stacey [Simply Boudoir]

Stacey, the owner and photographer at Simply Boudoir, describes her studio as for the “everyday woman.” Her journey with boudoir began in 2009 and she has since worked with hundreds of women from all walks of life. Stacey believes in the beauty and power of intimate portraiture and strives to give her clients so much more than just a photo shoot. She wants to create images that they will cherish for a lifetime while making them feel sexy and empowered.

Jaimi Bailey Photography

A bedroom boudoir session with Jaimi Bailey [Jaimi Bailey Photography]

Jaimi Bailey describes herself as an introvert and says that she much prefers being at home to being out in crowds. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, she moved to Raleigh around five years ago and has been exclusively a boudoir photographer since 2019. Jaimi says that she loves what she does - celebrating women and helping them on their journey of self-love. Her light-filled studio is absolutely gorgeous, with a luxe bed where you’ll feel right at home.

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