Boudoir used to be about having sensual portraits taken in lingerie as a gift from brides-to-be to their future husbands. But today, it’s more about the rediscovery of beauty and empowering women through an experience that is all about boosting self-esteem and confidence.

No matter your reasons for wanting a boudoir shoot, there are plenty of photographers in Phoenix who can make it happen. From glamour-style shoots to 1950s pin-up sessions and everything in between, your options are only as limited as your imagination.

Ready to start your search for boudoir photographers in Phoenix? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match to help make your sensuous gallery.

Photography by Leanna

A fun-filled boudoir session featuring a woman and her dog [Photography by Leanna]

Having worked as a full-time photographer for around 25 years, Leanna knows a thing or two about the industry. She’s worked in a variety of different genres but came to boudoir photography in the late 1980s, well before it became cool. Shooting on film, she was one of only a handful of female photographers working in the industry and has worked with numerous celebrities throughout her career.

Today, she remains passionate about photographing everyday women who want to feel beautiful, no matter their body shape, size, or scars.

Hollywood Boudoir Studios

A 1950s-style pin-up boudoir session [Hollywood Boudoir Studios]

One of the highest-rated boutique boudoir businesses in the Valley, Hollywood Boudoir Studios offers high-quality fine art photography for Phoenix-based women. In addition to classic boudoir, they also offer French-inspired shoots and “in the nude” sessions, as well as pin-up style and maternity boudoir.

Looking for something fun to do with your significant other? Hollywood Boudoir Studios has recently started offering couples date night boudoir packages, including professional makeup.

Desert Blush Photography

A reflective black and white boudoir shoot by Desert Blush [Desert Blush Photography]

Dee is the owner and photographer of Desert Blush Photography, which specializes in shooting women’s boudoir and pin-up photography sessions. She established her business in 2004 after four years of photography classes and hasn’t looked back since.

Dee believes that “sexy does not have a size” and aims to build her client's energy through her camera work. She strives to make her boudoir sessions fun for all of her subjects while they come away with inspiring images.

Crown and Mirror Boudoir Photography

A woman slips a strap off her shoulder [Crown and Mirror Boutique Photography]

Leo Williams is the owner and lead photographer at Crown and Mirror Boutique Photography. He believes that boudoir is a documentation of a woman's strength and story, and allows one to take "ownership of the body that carried you here.”

Together with his talented team of professionals, Leo is on a mission to create artwork that is not only empowering but a beautiful reflection of who you are. During every shoot, he makes clients feel like queens and hopes that this new sense of identity lingers long after the session is over.

Vanity Boudoir by Mandy

A woman looks towards the camera during her bedroom boudoir session [Vanity Boudoir by Mandy]

Working with clients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert, Vanity Boudoir by Mandy is led by the award-winning photographer and makeup artist Mandy Aliano. She says that throughout life, she has struggled to give herself the love she knows she deserves, which is why she is so passionate about boudoir photography.

As an artist, Mandy aims to capture the essence of her clients’ beauty by creating portraits that help them to see just how special they are, from the inside out.

The Bella Jade Collection

A woman lounges on a sheepskin rug [The Bella Jade Collection]

The Bella Jade Collection is a boutique portrait studio that specializes in tastefully sexy boudoir photography. Their mission? To have clients walk away feeling confident and empowered.

The team is led by Christina, who has been photographing boudoir exclusively for the last five years, as well as being a wife and a mother of three. She is passionate about helping other women to feel compassion for themselves, while celebrating all of their victories along life’s journey.

Le Boudoir Studio

An outdoor boudoir shoot by Jodi Lynn [Le Boudoir Studio]

Jodi Lynn is the woman behind the lens of Le Boudoir Studio, which she launched in 2009. Aside from being a photographer and entrepreneur, she’s also a mother and a part-time therapist who is on a mission to inspire self-love.

Boudoir portrait sessions are held at her private home studio, featuring six unique photography sets, a lingerie shop, and a private dressing room. Professional hair and makeup artists are on hand to glam you up prior to shoots. For Jodi, boudoir is all about doing something positive for yourself.

Femme Art Boudoir

A sensual bedroom session by Femme Art Boudoir [Femme Art Boudoir]

Pamela from Femme Art Boudoir specializes in luxury boudoir photography for “extraordinary women in Phoenix, Arizona and beyond.” She has more than a decade of experience in the industry, as well as being a mom to two young boys, and does not describe herself as glamorous.

In her gallery of beautiful women, she has a knack for bringing out the sensuality of all her clients, with low-lit shoots that accentuate women’s figures, no matter their size or shape.

Luv Luxe Boudoir

A natural boudoir shoot by Stephanie and Jeremy [Luv Luxe Boudoir]

Luv Luxe Boudoir is the husband-and-wife team of Stephanie and Jeremy, who established their business after recognizing that all the women in their lives gave so selflessly to others. Boudoir was an opportunity for these women to take some time out for themselves and appreciate just how amazing they are.

Stephanie and Jeremy love being part of the transformation as their clients see their strength, beauty, and confidence shine, bringing positivity built to last long after the session has ended.

Martha Felix Photography

A woman poses during a studio shoot [Martha Felix Photography]

Martha Felix is a Phoenix-based portrait photographer who studied at The Art Institute of Seattle. She specializes in Vanity Fair-inspired contemporary portraits that range from beauty to glamour and boudoir.

Throughout her 10-year career, Martha has been privileged to work with incredible women of all ages, capturing their personalities and inner beauty through her galleries. The goal: Providing a safe and compassionate space where women of all ages can celebrate their individuality.  

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