Boudoir photography is all about capturing a subject's confidence and sensuality. Whether you are looking to work with a pro for personal or commercial reasons, you’ll find many great boudoir photographers in Philadelphia.

Boudoir photographers work to ensure you feel confident during your photo shoot, putting you at ease to create natural results. Here's a list of some of city's top talent, ready to deliver stunning, one-of-a-kind images you'll be proud to share.

Leslie Gilbert Boudoir

A Relaxed Boudoir Session Captured in Philadelphia by Leslie [Leslie Gilbert Boudoir]

Leslie has many years of experience working as a boudoir photographer in Philadelphia and specializes solely in this niche of photography now. She’ll work with you to ensure you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera, resulting in images you’ll treasure forever.

Leslie is always excited to work with local women and learn more about their personality and style. She’ll create images that showcase you in the best light and that you’ll be proud to show to your family and friends.

Renée Dee Photography

A Styled Boudoir Shoot Captured in Philadelphia by Renée [Renée Dee Photography]

Renée offers a wide range of photography services across the city but is well known for her boudoir sessions. She’ll work with you to understand your personal style and create images that you’ll be excited to show to your partner.

She has been voted the number one photographer in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, so you can be sure you are in good hands when working with Renée during your next session.

Stacy Musgrave Photography

A Black and White Boudoir Shoot Captured in Philadelphia by Stacy [Stacy Musgrave Photography]

One of the things that Stacy loves most about working as a boudoir photographer is how confident this type of photography can make a woman feel. Both during your shoot and then viewing your images after, she loves seeing how much boudoir photography can change your life.

Stacy believes that all women deserve to feel confident and beautiful. She’ll work to make you feel empowered and sexy during your shoot, and your boudoir session will be a memory you’ll treasure forever.

Elizabeth Craig Photography

A Casual Boudoir Shoot Captured in Philadelphia by Elizabeth [Elizabeth Craig Photography]

Elizabeth is a boudoir photographer who aims to empower women to live their best life. She loves connecting with the women she works with and showing them in a series of beautiful boudoir images.

Regardless of how much skin you want to show during your session, Elizabeth will work with you to make you feel confident in front of the camera. The time you spend together will be just as great as the results themselves, and you’ll enjoy every minute of your boudoir photography experience.

Susan L. Youshaw Photography

A Colorful Boudoir Shoot Captured in Philadelphia by Susan [Susan L. Youshaw Photography]

Susan opened her Philadelphia studio back in 2018 and offers boudoir, wedding, and senior photography. She has been passionate about photography since she was a child and still loves getting to create unique images for all of her clients.

After studying at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, she started to establish herself as a boudoir photographer. She loves telling stories through her camera lens and is always excited to meet new people in the local area.

Boudoir by Mariah

A Lace Dress Captured in Philadelphia by Mariah [Boudoir by Mariah]

Boudoir by Mariah welcomes all bodies to her photography studio. She aims to create a safe space for your boudoir shoot and works to keep things simple throughout your time together.

Mariah uses natural lighting and shadows to create a dramatic set of images that are flattering for your body type. She hopes to make you feel more accepting of your body and understand your worth as a human during your session.

Parallel Summit Creations

A Seductive Shoot Captured in Philadelphia by Toni [Parallel Summit Creations]

Toni has been working as a photographer since high school and began her career photographing architecture. She loves traveling around the world in order to capture women during boudoir shoots.

As well as boudoir shoots, she also works as a wedding photographer. You may want to combine these two services to capture some stunning images before your big day.

Pink Boudoir

A Close-Up Portrait Captured in Philadelphia by Alyssa [Pink Boudoir]

Pink Boudoir was the first all-female boudoir photography team in the state and offers this as a luxury service to local women. They have a home studio based in Northampton, and Alyssa and her team will be excited to welcome you to the studio.

Before your shoot, you can also enjoy working with a professional hair and make-up artist. This helps to make your day even more enjoyable and stress-free, so you can relax and enjoy yourself in front of the camera.

Swiger Photography

A Stunning Boudoir Shoot Captured in Philadelphia by Amanda [Swiger Photography]

Amanda has been working as a professional photographer since 2011 and is always excited to offer boudoir sessions in Philadelphia. Amanda also works alongside her wife Jordan, who is her assistant and second shooter for larger shoots.

During your time together, you’ll find that you have so much fun together, laughing and getting to know each other. Previous clients praise her laidback nature and her ability to make anyone look incredible in the finished results.

Raul Vargas Photography

A Seductive Shoot Captured in Philadelphia by Raul [Raul Vargas Photography]

Raul offers a wide range of boudoir photography packages. For your session, you can choose to meet in a studio, a private rental venue, or the outdoors, so you select wherever you feel most comfortable.

Whichever package you choose, you can add on edits and retouched images as you desire. Raul will work with you to make you feel confident and sexy so that you are proud to show off your photos to the world.

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