Best Boudoir Photographers in New York

Women are the most beautiful and powerful beings in the world, and sometimes, a lot of them do not get to feel that way because of insecurities related to their looks and bodies. For some of them, it’s the drastic changes that come with pregnancy and childbirth; for others, it is society’s standards on what body type is beautiful and sexy.

In a bid to help women connect to their inner strength and reclaim their lost sexuality, confidence, and sense of self, boudoir photographers worldwide help them create intimate, sensual, empowering, and spirit-lifting boudoir photographs that help them feel much better about themselves.

New York City has more women than men, and many of these women face the same challenges as their counterparts all over the world. To step in and offer solutions, many talented boudoir photographers in NYC have come up with studios used to create art. These highlighted creatives are incredible at what they do, and their works are highly commendable.

Boudoir by Nomi

When it comes to boudoir photography, Nomi Ellenson is a pro. The New York City boudoir photographer started her career as a fashion photographer because she believes fashion photographs are not enough to show beauty. Because of this, she delved into her current photography path – thanks to her family’s long history in the lingerie business.

Over the course of her boudoir photography career, Nomi has empowered over 650 women who have left her studio more confident about their bodies after experiencing the power of boudoir. Her photography style includes taking shots that celebrate every curve, line, scar, and dimple of her subjects. Today, her studio has become a comfortable space for numerous NYC women who love to remind themselves that they are beautiful regardless of their body sizes or scars. And she does an excellent job in making each one of them feel sexy in their skin.

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Andreea B. Ballen Photography

Owned by photographer and modern-day gypsy Andreea Burciu-Ballen, the Andreea B. Ballen Photography brand is a New York boudoir photography company specializing in boudoir and beauty photography for all women.

Andreea believes boudoir is a channel to self-empowerment and discovery, so she strives to make the most of every photography session by creating a powerful, gorgeous, and luxurious experience for her clients. She also focuses on using light to create intimate shadows that sensually highlight her subjects’ curves, and she makes each image appear deep and welcoming.

Laura Boyd Photography

Laura Boyd Photography is owned by photographer and female empowerment coach Laura Boyd. The award-winning NY-based boudoir and beauty photography company is all about transforming women’s sense of self-love, confidence, and extraordinary power. And she has done this for over a decade, photographing thousands of women.

Laura believes if women feel powerful with their bodies, they will live a life filled with purpose, pleasure, and aliveness. And her photography style involves taking transformational boudoir photos, using breathwork, rituals, and embodiment practices.

Boudoir By FJ

Boudoir By FJ is a premier New York boudoir photography brand owned by a husband and wife team that believes that a boudoir is a form of art that helps people access their best selves. The business is run by photographer Firas Jannan and his wife, Veronica, the artistic director.

Apart from making their clients feel at home with a bottle of champagne and makeup services before their shoot, the team is also LGBTQ-friendly. They are always ready to photograph anybody without any form of discrimination.

Evgenia Ribinik Studios

Evgenia Ribinik is another highly-rated boudoir photographer servicing New York City. Evgenia believes boudoir photography should never be a tad boring, instead, it should be sexy, sensual, raw, and edgy – and she practices what she teaches with her photography.

The photographer and boudoir mentor infuses a unique style and essence in her productions, and her images are alluring, just like the streets of New York. In her typical black and white photos, a session with Evgenia promises to be a dream come true.


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Bad Babes Boudoir

Run by the talented boudoir photographer Angela Culp, Bad Babes Boudoir is one of the finest boudoir photography service providers in New York City. Angela uses her photography to help women summon their inner goddess and connect with it.

She has a unique style of deviating from the ubiquitous pose-and-shoot photos by making her sessions more fun using food, lingerie, and props to showcase the qualities that make her subjects ‘ bad babes’.

Shameless Photography

Founder Sophie Spinelle and her team at Shameless Photography are a combination of skills and expertise needed to create breathtaking boudoir photos. Aimed at helping women feel more empowered and embodied while seeing their femininity as a space of play and possibility rather than shame, Shameless Photography does a great job.

They offer bright, fun, colorful, and quirky boudoir photoshoots that travel back to a time where beauty meant strict ideals, and they break down such ideology ultimately to prove how wrong it was during that period.

Brooklyn Boudoir

If you are looking to get the best boudoir images that will elevate you from within and lift your spirits in New York City, Brooklyn Boudoir is another top-rated boudoir photography brand to consider. The studio is run by native New Yorker Stephanie Bordas, a seasoned photography who has learned the ropes under some of America’s best boudoir photographers.

Stephanie’s worldwide perspective is evident in her works. She is a non-conformist that puts her subjects in poses that exemplify deep thoughts while making the most of every second spent with her.  

Lola Melani Photography

When it comes to experience, Lola Melani is one of the veteran photographers that have carved a niche for themselves in the United States photography space. The New York celebrity photographer celebrates pregnancy with her boudoir portraits because she believes in empowering pregnant women and mothers, even when their bodies have been transformed from what they used to be.

She has a body of fabulous portraits that celebrate women at all stages of their pregnancy – from the beginning to the final stages. Some of her fantastic boudoir works have been featured by popular US publications.

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