Best Boudoir Photographers in Minneapolis

A boudoir session is so much more than just capturing sexy images to gift to your significant other. It can be an empowering and healing experience, helping women to rediscover their self-confidence after years of neglect. It is an opportunity to honor your body, just the way it is, and love yourself in the face of societal expectations.

Minneapolis is no stranger to boudoir, with the Twin Cities region boasting a large number of photography professionals who are dedicated to the genre. In this article, we will introduce some of the best and their philosophy.

Blush Twin Cities

Blush Twin Cities is an all-female team that is dedicated to boudoir, with a belief that their sessions can help women to see themselves in a new light. They want to remind women that they are beautiful and deserving of being pampered, no matter their age, body type, or background. On arrival at their studio, you’ll be treated to complimentary hair and makeup from beauty professionals before launching into what are always fun shoots. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, Blush Twin Cities is one of Minneapolis’s best!

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Illuminate Boudoir

Alyssa is the photographer behind Illuminate Boudoir and began her photography journey around 10 years ago as a summer job. Today, it is her full-time career and she’s more passionate than ever about empowering women through her work.

Alyssa decided to focus on boudoir because she believes that our world “needs a change”. She wanted to shake up the narrative around women needing to be photoshopped in order to be beautiful. That being said, she welcomes clients of all genders to her studio and collaborates closely with them to understand how they want to be photographed.

Andrea Baue

Andrea Baue is on a mission to offer incredible photography experiences that are all about celebrating who you are. After coming to terms with her own body issues, she decided that she wanted to help other women do the same and “recognize their passionate, sensual, fierce selves”. She believes that every woman deserves to have a photograph of herself that she loves, as well as a day of pampering, fun, and laughter.

Render Boudoir

Britt is the owner and lead photographer at Render Boudoir and describes what she does as “makin’ lemonade”. Rather than waiting for the world to start valuing women for their brains, strength, and incredible hearts, she wants to help women grow in a way that allows them to see themselves as valuable, right at this very moment. Through gorgeous imagery, she is enabling women to love themselves more fiercely and have a constant reminder of the big-hearted and amazing people they are.

Grinkie Girls

Grinkie Girls is a boudoir and pinup studio owned by Christi Williams that serves clients throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. She has a strong desire to help women “discover their inner and outer beauty”, rather than trying to fit into what she describes as “impossible molds” by losing weight or hiding their bodily imperfections. Aside from offering individual boudoir and pinup sessions, she also hosts pinup parties where you can get creative (and a little seductive) with your best friends.

JM Photography

Jessica is the woman behind the camera at JM Photography, which specializes in wedding, newborn, portraits, and boudoir photography. She says that she became passionate about photography after college when she began honing her skills while taking shots of her two girls, Kate and Hannah. She offers three different boudoir packages at her natural light studio, with professional hair and makeup and a custom-designed photo book included in some.

Something Blue Boudoir

Something Blue Boudoir offers intimate portraiture for Minnesota brides, with the locally born and raised Jess behind the camera. She has around a decade of experience shooting weddings and receives rave reviews from her clients for her fun-filled sessions.

Jess has a knack for making her brides feel comfortable, confident, and empowered during their shoots, as well as sharing in all the excitement of their wedding planning details. Aside from being an artist, she is a wife and a mom to two cats.

Boudoir By Eve

Eve believes that boudoir is much more than just a beautiful image: “It is about unleashing and harnessing all the emotion that you have been hiding. Love. Lust. Flirtation. Joy. Fierce.”

When you book a boudoir session with her, she goes above and beyond to make it incredible, with plenty of tips on what to wear, how to pose, and hair and makeup styling. She operates out of a gorgeous studio in Golden Valley that has been designed as a welcoming space and is often described as the ultimate “she cave”.

Muddy Flowers Boudoir

Kelly Cunningham leads the team at Muddy Flowers Boudoir, which started as a way to connect with other women on their self-love journey. Whether you are after images to gift to your groom on your wedding day, looking to get your confidence back after a divorce, or just want to feel sexy again, she believes there are a diversity of reasons for having a boudoir session. Not only are her boudoir shoots empowering but many women find them to be an intimate healing process after suffering pain.

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