Having a boudoir experience that is comfortable, empowering, and uplifting is all about finding a photographer who can make you feel just that. It’s about establishing a connection and feeling safe enough to be who you are in your skin at that very moment.

Memphis boasts plenty of boudoir photographers who have mastered the art of offering incredible client experiences while creating stunning works of art. In this list, we’ll introduce 8 of the city’s best and what it is they have to offer.

Greenhouse Beauty Lounge

A stunning boudoir images by the Greenhouse Beauty Lounge [Greenhouse Beauty Lounge]

The Greenhouse Beauty Lounge is a hair, makeup, and photo studio in Memphis that’s all about making women feel amazing. It combines the talents of Camille, Rachelle, and Kimberly who offer a diverse range of hair and beauty treatments, as well as glamorous portrait sessions. One look through their portfolio and you can see shining women looking their best and radiating confidence. Aside from their professional services, they aim to promote self-love and growth during every appointment.

Ignite Imagery

A woman smiles during her boudoir session with Elisa Kennedy [Ignite Imagery]

Elisa Kennedy is the photographer behind Ignite Imagery, a Memphis-based boudoir business for “the bold, the authentic, the dream chasers”. She describes herself as a coffee-loving individual who is passionate about being creative and interacting with her clients. She plans each of her shoots around the dreams of the women she works with and what excites them. A typical session with Elisa might see you laughing, playing, and dancing to bring out the real you!

Ramblin’ Rose Photography

A naturally-lit boudoir session by Kim Miller [Ramblin’ Rose Photography]

Ramblin’ Rose Photography was established by Kim Miller in 2002 and she hasn’t looked back since. While she has no formal art training and never had a calling to be a photographer, it’s something that she says just “happened to fall in my lap”. She began her career working as a second shooter for a friend in Minneapolis and absolutely loved the work - connecting with people and finding beauty in everyday life. Unlike many boudoir portfolios that include a lot of lingerie in their shoots, Kim’s subjects wear whatever it is they feel most comfortable in.

Ashley Benham Photography

An image from Ashley Benham’s boudoir portfolio [Ashley Benham Photography]

Ashley Benham is a talented Memphis wedding photographer who also turns her hand to boudoir. She has a knack for making her clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and transforming them into gorgeous works of art.

While she was born and raised in Memphis, Ashley received a Bachelor’s Degree in photography from Columbia College in Chicago before establishing her business. Today, she creates a safe space for women so they can embrace the skin they are in.

Boudoir By Marie

An outdoor boudoir session by Marie [Boudoir By Marie]

Serving clients in both Memphis, Tennessee, and Charleston, South Carolina is Boudoir By Marie. Unlike other photographers on this list, Marie doesn’t work in a variety of photographic genres but dedicates herself exclusively to boudoir. She has spent years honing her camera technique and ability to pose the female form in the most beautiful light possible. She strongly believes that boudoir photography is for every woman and is a means of celebrating who you are.

Smash Studios Photography

A bedroom-based boudoir session by Ashley [Smash Studios Photography]

Ashley is the owner and lead photographer at Smash Studios Photography, which offers wedding, engagement, and boudoir photography for clients throughout Memphis and beyond. She has more than a decade of experience under her belt, during which time she’s developed her intimate, photojournalistic style. We love the glowing aesthetic of her boudoir sessions and her minimalist use of props, which allows the natural beauty of her subjects to really shine through.

Ayanna Hill

A woman drinks champagne during her boudoir session [Ayanna Hill]

Proudly raised in Memphis (and alumni of the University of Memphis), Ayanna Hill is a shoe-obsessed photographer who also owns her own clothing brand, thealabeled. She works out of a boldly colored studio that adds a unique element of artistry to her work and has garnered a reputation for her magazine-worthy portraits. One look through her portfolio and you can see the influence from fashion photography in her images, which are all about making women feel like the goddesses they truly are.

Camille Leigh Photography

A gorgeous boudoir session by Camille Leigh [Camille Leigh]

Camille Leigh says that she has been “making awkward beautiful since 2012” and believes that a boudoir session should be anything but complicated, stressful, or hard. She strives to create a space where her clients can be exactly who they are while producing beautiful images that will last a lifetime. Many of her clients book a session to capture images for their significant other but she reminds them that the experience is for them and a moment to uplift their body with no limitations.

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