Top 10 Boudoir Photographers in Las Vegas

Boudoir Photography is always an intimate experience designed to make you feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin. With such revealing and intimate posing, it’s important to pick a trusted photographer for a professional session and confidentiality.

Here are some of the best boudoir photographers in Las Vegas that shoot beautiful, intimate pictures.

The Boudoir Café

The photography team at Boudoir Café is nationally recognized for their talent in the industry. Based in Las Vegas, it’s one of the best places to book your next boudoir photo session.

The Boudoir Cade is a respected studio featured in Huffington Post and sponsored by Nikon. The studio includes everything you need for a professional photoshoot – props for a unique set design and makeup.

The photographers act as creative directors to assist with how to pose to achieve intimate shots. It specializes in everything from risqué to nude photoshoots.

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Grace in Lace

There’s something about working with Terri Zachea from Grace in Lace that makes all of her clients feel comfortable during the photo shoot. It’s one of the essential elements for pictures that showcase your inner beauty.

Early in her career, Zachea experimented with several niches before finding a passion for boudoir. Now, she’s a sought-after boudoir photographer in Las Vegas and works published in magazines.

Zachea makes every client look like a model while highlighting their natural beauty. It’s part of the secret to creating such elegant and classy photos.

Shamelessly Sexy

Shamelessly Sexy encourages you to own your sensuality with a stunning boudoir photoshoot. Whether you’re looking for a personal shoot for self-love or gifting photos to a loved one, this photo studio can help you with the project.

You’ll be amazed at how good you look in the final images. The focus is to capture images that empower and showcase beauty.

Shamelessly Sexy works with women or couples photoshoots. It’s common to feel nervous for your first shoot, but you’ll instantly feel relaxed upon interacting with the photographer. There is also a stylist and set props available for all sessions.

Mia Portrait Studio

With over two decades of photography experience, Natalie of Mia Portrait Studio is one of the best boudoir photographers in Las Vegas to work with. From the first consultation to selecting your images, you’ll love every step of the process for your photoshoot.

Natalie is a published photographer specializing in Boudoir and Beauty. She has a special touch to utilize natural lighting in photos for a natural image. She does shoots in-studio or outdoors and provides hair and makeup with each session.

Mia Portrait Studio works with an all-female team to make the experience comfortable for clients.

Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir

Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir is a go-to photos studio located near the Las Vegas Strip. Bryan Kurz is a professional photographer when working with women to help them feel confident and love themselves.

Kurz shoots each client with a purpose to see themselves from a new perspective. Clients always react to how beautiful they look in the final images.

With over 10 years of experience, Kurz has built a solid reputation when working with women. Many clients book a photoshoot for bridal and anniversary gifts. Be sure to check out his unique milk bath and bridal boudoir session.

Intimates by Karina

Treat yourself to a boudoir photoshoot to give yourself the love that you need. Karina understands the pressures of playing women’s roles in society, so her photoshoots are a way to celebrate you.

Karina runs the Las Vegas-based Intimates by Karina. She’s a passionate photographer who loves making women look and feel beautiful. The photoshoots are all about you, so you can be as revealing as you like or find your favorite outfit from your closet to shoot in.

Every session with Karina is a fun experience where clients get pampered and treated like queens.

Light Images

Susan Gomez has more than 25 years of experience shooting boudoir photos in Las Vegas. She’s one of the pioneers for the industry who has worked worldwide and even photographed celebrities.

Gomez founded Light Images and works with all clients – women, men, and couples. She will work with you on arranging the perfect boudoir photoshoot in her local studio. Her experience gives her an excellent eye for capturing beautiful, tasteful images. Her long list of clients is always impressed with the final pictures that showcase the body as a work of art.

J Renee Studios

J Renee Studios creates a luxury VIP experience for all of its clients. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with photographer Jennifer on your boudoir photoshoot.

Jennifer uses her camera to empower women during their most vulnerable and revealing moments. There’s magic that happens behind the camera that makes all clients beautiful as they are.

Photoshoots at J Renee Studios are a complete package experience. Clients have access to wardrobe, hair, makeup, and posing direction during the shoot. It uses an all-female team and respects your privacy throughout the entire interaction.

Las Vegas Studios

Ask around Las Vegas for the best boudoir photographers, and most will point you to Las Vegas Studios. It’s a client-recommended studio that creates gorgeous, intimate images for clients.

Las Vegas Studios is managed by a husband-and-wife team, the Copelands. The Copelands are former photographers for Playboy Magazine and Penthouse. They bring their professional experience to their own photo studio to deliver the same world-class skill to your session.

Working with Las Vegas Studios is a professional experience from pre-session glam to shooting. The expert lighting will create the perfect intimate style that you desire.

Optionz Photography

Privacy is the priority when booking a session with Optionz Photography. From the initial call to the in-studio shoot, the photo studio treats it as a delicate process to make you feel comfortable.

Optionz Photography is a well-known boudoir photo studio even featured on a TV series. It’s one of the best in Las Vegas for boudoir photoshoots.

You’ll interact with an all-women team. All sessions only include the model, photographer, and makeup artist. Sessions last a couple of hours, which includes picking out an outfit and props from the Fantasy Closet and glam before the shoot.

All photos are retouched for a professional, finished look.

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