Empowerment and confidence-boosting are just two things that come to mind when you think of boudoir photography. It’s an opportunity to embrace your sensuality, feel comfortable in your own skin AND come away with images you truly love.

In Oregon, there are several boudoir photographers to choose from, each of which brings their own style and aesthetic to the table. Read on to discover 8 of the best and get a taste of their portfolios.

La La Boudoir

Eugene-based La La Boudoir offers both individual and couple boudoir sessions to create wall art and Little Black Books. It’s an opportunity to “bring out the most exquisite and elegant woman in you” while coming away with amazing photos.

Sherrlyn (also known as Alayla Spring) is the one behind the camera and holds a master’s degree in visual communications. As well as shooting boudoir, she also offers family, wedding, engagement, and commercial photography on request.

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Heather Mills Photography

Renowned for her storytelling abilities, Heather Mills is a nationally-published fine art photographer who calls Eugene “home.” She was voted Favorite Photographer of 2018 and 2019 by the Register Guard's Readers Choice Awards and has had her work featured by “Hey Wedding Lady,” “Borrowed and Blue,” and “Oregon Bride Magazine.”

Heather holds a master’s degree from Oregon State University and is passionate about enhancing her clients’ worlds by creating artworks that are highly personal and sensual.

MJ’s Photography

Michelle Jackson is the photographer behind the lens at MJ’s Photography, an Oregon-based business that offers not only boudoir sessions but also wedding, engagement, maternity, and personal branding photography. She operates out of a beautiful indoor studio that is bathed in natural light, although she is just as adept at working with studio lighting. MJ’s Photography was launched back in 2008, with a mission of offering an affordable service to her community and those in need.

Fox Den Photography

Fox Den Photography was created by Jacque Wurster after years of hearing the women in her life speak about their bodies negatively. After having her own boudoir portraits done, she discovered a new perspective of herself and wanted to offer the same experience to others.

Through Fox Den Photography, Jacque aims to empower women during boudoir sessions that are all about not only shedding your layers of clothes but also the stress of daily life to refocus your attention on yourself.

Niki Louise Photography

Niki Louise says that she is “obsessed with the idea of preserving the current self, bookmarking this page for the future.” She wants herself and her clients to be able to look back on their boudoir portraits when they are 70 years old with much kinder eyes than they may currently have towards their bodies. For Niki, boudoir is about feeling empowered, beautiful, and bold, which is why she creates a judgment-free environment for her clients to shine.

Photography by Lynn Marie

Lynn Marie is an Oregon portrait and wedding photographer who also offers intimate boudoir sessions. While she lives in Eugene, she spends her weekends exploring central Oregon, with a love for the outdoors.

Lynn Marie says she has been obsessed with photography since she was a child, with an initial fascination with capturing nature and sunlight before starting to document her newborns and children on film.

Through her boudoir work, she aims to capture your most magical moments to be treasured for many years to come.

Peggy Iileen

After working as an actor and a model in Hollywood for 20 years, Peggy Iileen has moved behind the camera to become one of Eugene’s most popular photographers.

She photographs everything from family and maternity portraits to events and pets, as well as boudoir. Her goal is to help her clients see their genuine beauty and that it will allow them to feel more confident as they step out her studio door.

When you book a boudoir session with Peggy, she will help you with everything from wardrobe styling to makeup AND ensure you are comfortable throughout the experience.

Shimizu Photography

Oregon-based Shimizu Photography is owned by Kenji and Lisa Shimizu, who offer unique boudoir experiences with a fine art edge. Originally from Japan, Kenji moved to the United States in 2005 to attend college and now draws on artistic influences from both countries in his work.

Shimizu Photography’s boudoir portraits have the essence of old paintings, resulting in a truly unique piece of art. Lisa works as the business’s family photographer, as well as assisting during boudoir shoots.

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