Top Boudoir Photographers in Brooklyn, NY

Top Boudoir Photographers in Brooklyn, NY

Boudoir photography is an excellent way to increase your confidence and fall in love with yourself. Boudoir photography can also be a wonderful intimate gift for your partner on a special occasion. If you’re considering a boudoir photography session, you may feel nervous or hesitant due to the vulnerability it requires.

Fortunately, there are an abundance of talented boudoir photographers who will take beautiful photos in an encouraging and non judgemental environment. Ready to start your search for boudoir photographers in Brooklyn? Check out this list of the city’s top talent below.

Couture Boudoir

Couture Boudoir is owned by Critsey, a boudoir photographer who values the unique beauty of everyone. She sees her job as a means to help each woman recognize their own beauty and accomplishes this with a sensual photography style.

Critsey recognizes how intimidating a boudoir photography session will be. Many women fear that they won’t look beautiful on camera or that they won’t know how to pose. Critsey is an expert on finding the perfect angles and poses that will accentuate the beauty of each client. Her experience as a boudoir photographer has led her to write a published book on boudoir photography.

Kass Studio

Kass Studio is owned by a professional photographer who has been practicing photography since the age of 12. As he grew older, it became his primary passion and life purpose. Kass has great appreciation for the combination of technical and artistic skills that are involved in photography.

Kass places great emphasis on lighting and loves shooting in natural light settings. When shooting in a studio, he carefully structures the lighting in order to flatter each subject beautifully. He has over 10 years of experience working as a professional photographer and shoots a variety of projects ranging from weddings to commercial. His team partakes in many creative projects including bridal boudoir sessions.

Roskina Photography Studios

Roskina Photography Studios is a boudoir photography studio that strives to help each client remember how beautiful they are. They welcome all shapes, sizes, ages, races, and personalities to embrace their beauty in the studio. The boudoir sessions at this studio are made to be a relaxing, luxury experience.

The studio is owned by Olga Roskina, a photographer whose mission is to encourage women to celebrate and love themselves. Olga understands the social pressure of beauty standards and how difficult it can be to accept your body. She was able to cultivate self love through boudoir self portraits and strives to help clients do the same.

Celimages Provocateur

Celimages Provocateur is known as one of the best boudoir photography companies in New York City. Their team has years of experience photographing hundreds of diverse women. Boudoir photography is made to be a fun and relaxing experience that will build confidence and result in breathtaking images.

The studio also offers fine art nude photography that can help women celebrate their bodies even further. Overall, Celimages Provocateur is dedicated to photographing women in a safe and empowering environment, whether it be a classic portrait session or boudoir photography.

Intimate Impressions Boudoir Photography

Intimate Impressions Boudoir Photography is owned by two photographers, Michael Mansfield and Kimberly Disspain. Both photographers have years of experience as photographers and are genuinely passionate about their craft.

The two photographers see boudoir as a true art form and a way for people to embrace their true selves. Together, they create an environment where clients can relax and be themselves. Michael and Kimberly's expertise allows them to create beautiful images that clients are able to feel proud of.

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