If you’re in need of an empowering experience to get you over a hump in life, boudoir might be the answer. This intimate style of photography is all about celebrating bodies, no matter their size or shape, and rediscovering your sensuality and worth.

Beverly Hills is home to some of the top boudoir photographers that Southern California has to offer, several of whom also offer couple boudoir sessions. Read on to discover a few of our favorites and what it is that gives them an edge.

Boudoir Photography Los Angeles

A close-up black and white boudoir portrait [Boudoir Photography Los Angeles]

Boudoir Photography Los Angeles specializes in intimate photo shoots that are all about celebrating your body in a fun and exciting way. Its team is quick to point out that boudoir photography is for everyone and that you definitely don’t have to be a model (or conform to society’s beauty standards) to thrive during a boudoir shoot.

Throughout their sessions, they aim to make each of their clients look and feel like a professional model, whether you have opted for a maternity boudoir session, a couple’s shoot, or a plus-size boudoir session.

Pretty Camera

A pin-up style boudoir portrait by Cherie Roberts [Pretty Camera]

Cherie Roberts is the owner and lead photographer at Pretty Camera and says that she fell in love with photography after receiving her first Polaroid camera at the age of nine. In 2004, she moved onto a DSLR and began capturing portraits of herself and her friends. This hobby soon became a full-time career when Cherie landed a job as a staff photographer for SuicideGirls where she captured modern boudoir and pin-up portraits.

In 2012, she established her own glamour photography website, which eventually evolved into Pretty Camera Boudoir. It allows her to create perfect moments in time when women feel and look stunning during shoots that are intimate, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Harmony Boudoir

An on-location boudoir shoot by Harmony Boudoir [Harmony Boudoir]

Los Angeles-based Harmony Boudoir has garnered a reputation for its magazine-style underwater editorials and on-location boudoir photography sessions. The company describes its style as “high-end fashion creative boudoir fantasy”, with underwater boudoir portraits being their niche.

While some boudoir photography companies are all about the glamour aesthetic, Harmony Boudoir strives for a classic pin-up look that is both sexy and playful. Its photographers can also be hired for intimate couple boudoir sessions that are all about expressing your love and devotion to one another.

Lifestyle Boudoir

An intimate portrait of a woman on a sofa [Lifestyle Boudoir]

Lifestyle Boudoir is on a mission to empower all women to remove any self-doubt they might have and replace it with a feeling of desirability. The team is led by Michael Spatola, who has a knack for bringing out the inner seductress in all of his subjects. He wants them to exclaim “damn, I look good!” every time they open their boudoir album to admire the photos captured during Lifestyle Boudoir’s sessions. Through gently guided posing and professional photographic techniques, they will help you to look and feel sexier than you may have in a very long time.

Rise Boudoir

A woman wearing magenta lingerie on a chaise [Rise Boudoir]

Originally from the Midwest, Jasmine of Rise Boudoir now calls Southern California “home” where she makes a living by creating “personal connections with women and lifting them up…while breaking out of the societal norms of beauty.”

Through her sessions, she wants each of her clients to feel like the “badass femme fatale you are” and discover their “inner supermodel mentality.” Jasmine doesn’t want her clients to try and hide their “imperfections” but celebrate every stretch mark, skin fold, and freckle that makes you the masterpiece that you are.

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