If you’ve ever felt like you aren’t good enough or your body doesn’t meet current beauty standards, boudoir is here to tell you that you are perfect just the way you are. An intimate portrait session is all about rediscovering your self-confidence and feeling empowered to love the skin you're in.

Baltimore-based women can take their pick from the following talented boudoir photographers who all receive rave reviews from their clients.

Boudoir by Veronica

A black and white boudoir portrait by Veronica Campbell [Boudoir by Veronica]

Veronica Campbell is the owner and lead photographer at Boudoir by Veronica and describes herself as an “advocate for constant improvement and staying connected with self.” She’s a mom to three boys and understands how easy it is to put yourself on the back burner to attend to the needs of others. As a result, she is passionate about helping women to celebrate themselves and reconnect with who they are during unforgettable boudoir sessions.

Kiata Plooks

One of Kiata Plooks angel-inspired shoots [Kiata Plooks]

Kiata Plooks runs one of Baltimore’s premier boudoir studios and says that as a father of two daughters, he believes strongly in promoting body positivity and learning to love the skin that you are in. Through his work, he encourages empowerment and confidence in his clients, with the firm belief that “everybody has a boudoir body.” He is a master in his use of lighting and is skilled at naturally positioning the body to capture the most stunning shots.

Shayna Hardy

A striking maternity boudoir portrait by Shayna Hardy [Shayna Hardy]

Shayna Hardy is a strong believer that boudoir is for every woman and the numbers associated with our weights, ages, and sizes do not define us. She is here to tell you that you are beautiful exactly as you are right now and there is no need to make any excuses. Shayna is interested in discovering your unique beauty and telling an authentic story that reflects your personality and style. One look through her portfolio and we have to say that she achieves this with flying colors.

Lisa Robin

A woman poses on a red velvet couch [Lisa Robin]

Lisa Robin is not only one of Baltimore’s leading boudoir photographers but she also shoots weddings and families. Genuine, authentic moments are what she strives to capture through gorgeous imagery that her clients rave about. She describes her boudoir sessions as a “killer awesome opportunity to take some ‘me time’.” She holds a master's degree in School Counseling from Loyola University and has a knack for making her clients feel comfortable, no matter what they are going through.

Smitten by Jane Mack Photography

A relaxed boudoir session by Jane Mack [Smitten by Jane Mack Photography]

Smitten is the new boudoir experience by Jane Mack, a talented Baltimore-based photographer who also shoots family and senior portraits, as well as offering sessions for kids with autism. In her studio, boudoir is all about celebrating “every last inch of yourself” and remembering that you are perfect, just the way you are. Over the years, Jane has photographed women of all ages and sizes, with each of her clients leaving the studio feeling empowered and “sexy as hell.”

Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography

A woman poses on a cow skin hide [Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography]

Karen Rainier is the woman behind the lens at Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography and found herself in the industry after a personal, life-changing experience with boudoir. She is a nationally published wedding and portrait photographer who has been working throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the D.C. area for the last six years. Karen understands that each and every one of her clients are trusting her with their body image, which is a responsibility she doesn’t take lightly.

Mommi Society

Some of Candice Michelle’s artistic boudoir portraits [Mommi Society]

Baltimore-based boudoir studio, the Mommi Society, is owned and operated by Candice Michelle, who has a strong background in photography, dance, and sexology. In 2014, she established her boudoir portrait business and began fusing elements of clinical sexology into her work. In addition to her highly artistic boudoir portraits, she offers bodywork through pole dancing and sensual movement classes, as well as sex coaching with a focus on intimacy and sensuality.

Laced Honey Boudoir

A woman poses in black lingerie during her boudoir session [Laced Honey Boudoir]

As a model herself, Sarah Gray from Laced Honey Boudoir knows how nerve-wracking it can be to be in front of the camera. She is here to tell you that no matter how shy or unsure of yourself you are, that is 100% okay because you will find your confidence along the way. Her boudoir sessions are an opportunity to push yourself to be fearless while coming away with gorgeous photos you will treasure for a lifetime.

The Confidence Sessions

A tattooed woman looks into the camera [The Confidence Sessions]

Owned and operated by Ruthie Skillman, The Confidence Sessions is a leading name in Baltimore’s boudoir scene. Ruthie started out in newborn photography, with a love for capturing all of the tiny outfits and details of babies. But she later transitioned into boudoir and hasn’t looked back since, with the genre giving her an opportunity to share her confidence rediscovery journey with others. Ruthie’s work has been featured in the “Baltimore Magazine” and “Wedding 411.”

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