Top 7 Boudoir Photographers in Adelaide, SA, Australia

Top 7 Boudoir Photographers in Adelaide, SA, Australia

Adelaide has a reputation as an artistic city, with one of the world’s biggest fringe festivals taking place here each year. So it should come as no surprise that the city offers a unique take on boudoir photography as home to some of the country’s leading creatives, each with their own signature styles.

Ready to start your search for boudoir photographers in Adelaide? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your shoot.


Based out of a beautiful studio in Magill, Alyce and the girls at Adarling Boudoir believe every women should experience a wildly fun and empowering photo session at least once in their lifetime.

The brand promises a more elegant style of boudoir photography in a relaxed, gorgeous space, with digital retouching that offers magazine-quality results.

Thousands of women have been photographed by Alyce and her all-female team – giving them an excellent track record for exceptional service and beautiful pictures.

Be. Boudoir

Empowerment through self-acceptance is what Adelaide’s Be. Boudoir is all about. It is owned and operated by Renee Lee, who has been specializing in boudoir portraiture exclusively since 2013. Through her work, she wants to help her clients to regain their confidence and love their bodies on their own terms.

Renee heads an all-female team that is committed to offering a fun and personalized experience in a space that is 100% free of judgment.

AgiM Photography

Agi is the boudoir artist behind AgiM Photography, which works with clients in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. She established the business as she felt it was “the best way to give women the power of confidence" and to leave them with something with a lifelong positive effect.

Luxurious, intimate, and high-end is how she describes her boudoir portraiture, which is all about boosting your confidence and making you feel “more empowered and gorgeous than ever."

Velvet Thyme Boudoir

Velvet Thyme Boudoir is the brainchild of Gianna, an Adelaide-based portrait artist who describes photography as a “lifelong passion (obsession)." Over the years, she's worked in lots of different photographic areas, including commercial, family, and wedding photography.

Gianna particularly loves boudoir and art nudes because of how powerful they can be, helping individuals to connect with themselves like never before. For her, one of the perks of her job is being able to hang out with “some seriously cool and inspirational people.”

Jacqui Jakubowski Photography

Jacqui Jakubowski is an Adelaide-based boudoir photographer who offers “intimate portraiture, sexy glamour photos, tasteful and romantic imagery.” All of her sessions are about empowering her clients, and she gives you perfect opportunity to pamper yourself and boost your confidence.

Jacqui wants you to know that you don’t have to be a size 10 model to do a boudoir session. Feeling a little anxious leading up to the session is completely normal and it probably just means you are in the right place.

Black Canvas Photographers

Black Canvas Photographers is the only drive-in photography studio in Adelaide and offers everything from family photography to corporate and editorial imagery, as well as boudoir portraits. Its team has years of experience in the industry and is accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

Many of Black Canvas Photographers’ boudoir sessions have a vintage or automobile theme, thanks to its large, multipurpose studio.

Little Miss Liss Photography

Melissa is the photographer behind Little Miss Liss Photography, which offers creative lifestyle, wedding, and boudoir photography in Adelaide. She describes her style as “bold and emotive,” with vibrant imagery that "sets my soul on fire.”

In addition to boudoir, Melissa can be hired to document engagement sessions, maternity, and newborn portraits. No matter what, she's after telling real stories with a lifestyle vibe.

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