Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are such a fun part of the days leading up to the wedding ceremony, aren’t they? Having your best friends celebrate your status as a bride-to-be, and of course, leaning on them for advice, are both special.When getting ready for your upcoming wedding, be sure to stop and savour the wonderful moments, a bridal shower being one of them!

Details for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

The Jessilynn Wong editorial proves that a good theme makes a difference between simply planning a pretty event or putting together an unforgettably memorable bridal shower. Often, it's a family member of the bridal party who organises the pre-wedding occasion but more brides are increasingly taking charge of the event.

It's a great way to treat your closest friends, who also often double up as your bridesmaids, to a day filled with pampering and appreciation. The occasion is also the best opportunity to formally "propose to your bridesmaids.” In this case, a boozy bohemian bridal shower is a fun and cheerful gathering with a hint of tropical vibes.

What to Look for in Venue for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

An intimate setting is ideal for a boozy bohemian bridal shower as well as most other pre-wedding events. The editorial used the Madison Greenhouse Venue in Newmarket Ontario, showing how the cheerfully vibrant occasion comes to life outdoors. A similar location is an ideal choice but a winery or botanical garden would equally suit the occasion.

The bohemian theme equally comes alive at a beach location, campground, or backyard venue. It's equally possible to host a bohemian bridal shower indoors, and in this case, you want to bring the outdoors inside. A botanical garden would be a great place to host a boho bridal shower indoors.

Dresses & Accessories for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

The eclectic, vibrant, and cosy nature of a boho bridal shower should also guide the choice of outfits and accessories. The editorial shows us how tulle is every bit elegant, airy, and a fun choice for such an occasion.

For the bride-to-be, a high-low white ensemble with a beautiful lace bodice spotting floral appliques is a befitting choice. To top it off, a lace bridal hat jazzed up the look. For the bridesmaids, pastel-coloured tulle skirts and white tops create boho-chic ensembles. All ladies paired their outfits with nude-coloured heels. The accessories are simply tasteful and the stone accents further highlight the bohemian aspect of the theme.

Decor for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

Staying true to the bohemian spirit, the bridal shower decor for a boozy occasion should set the scene for a cosy and elegant occasion. Taking a cue from the editorial, a boozy bohemian bridal shower is best highlighted with fun colours, lots of texture, and tropical accents. Monstera and palm leaves are strategically placed all around the venue.

To further bring out the boho aspect, add tapestries, blankets, and pile lots of cushions around the bridal shower venue. The blend of colours juxtaposed with metallic and wicker accents also brings out the bohemian charm. Pineapple-themed table ornaments and floral arrangements are other befitting decor pieces for a boho-chic affair.

Floral Arrangements for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

Boho and nature are like peas in a pod, and it goes without saying that you'll also want to deck out the space with lots of plants. Choosing an outdoor venue for a boozy bohemian bridal shower gets half the work done but you can always spruce it up by adding even more greenery and blooms around the venue.

Borrowing from the editorial, a floral arrangement made up of white and lavender-coloured blooms alongside plenty of lush greenery works for the tropical-inclined theme. The monstera and palm leaves are other highlights, and they've been sprinkled all around as accent pieces to enhance the tropical vibe.

Food for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

Lots of alcohol should be available at a boozy bohemian bridal shower. The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the booze cart crafted out of an old popcorn machine. Boozy-flavored popsicles are also a refreshing choice for a summer bridal shower. Selections of fruity beverages and liquors make up the rest of the drinks menu.

The beyond gorgeous and luxuriously decadent cakes are other highlights from the editorial. They are a sweet choice for the occasion alongside fruit bowls. Finger foods are also ideal for such a relaxed occasion with a menu that includes olives, nuts, cheeses, and cold-cut meats.

Invitations for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

The editorial presents a bright and tropical-themed bridal shower invitation suite. A pastel blue and pink theme has been used for the stationery with the monstera leaf motif imprinted on the borders. A fun font also communicates the theme of the occasion but as with other invitations, you should include all the important details.

Given that the boozy bohemian bridal shower is a themed event, alert guests about the dress code. Provide details about the shower date, location, and if there's a registry in place for the specific event. Overall, the bridal shower invitations should be inviting and impactful enough to have guests looking forward to attending the event.

Table Setting Style for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

The dessert/booze table stands out as well as the simple table setting style. Baby blue tapered candles perched on high candle holders are perfect additions to the booze table. A colourful setup also makes the table inviting as displayed by the different-coloured drinks. The lettering and signages are also a lovely touch.

The wicker chairs with pastel pink cushions are a perfect choice for the boho-chic event. A potted floral centrepiece decks out the table with light pink-coloured tapered candles completing the setup. The table setting also takes a colourful tone with light-blue coloured plates and selections of pink, lavender, white, and purple blooms used for the centrepiece.

Favours & Gifts for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

Bridal shower favours deserve enough thought because they are tokens that remind your guests that their efforts towards making your wedding a reality are appreciated. It's a kind gesture to put together a combination of befitting items for the occasion. Succulents contained in colourful pots, handcrafted soaps, sugar body scrubs, and scented candles are wonderful options for a boozy bohemian bridal shower.

Also, consider sending your bridesmaids off with mini bottles of fruity-flavored alcohol mixers. The traditional favourites including macaroons, custom honey jars, and milk bar cookies are also great additions to the favour bags. Other worthwhile bridal shower gifts include insulated wine glasses, champagne gummy bears, and monogram compacts.

Photo Shoot Ideas for a Boozy Bohemian Bridal Shower

A bridal shower wouldn't be complete without scheduling a photo session to document the beautiful day. The editorial once again serves as inspiration with a clear depiction of how the bursts of colour and texture create interesting spots to snap Instagram-worthy photos. The letterings and signages can also double up as bridal shower photo shoot props.

The pink-coloured drinks stand and the table setting with wicker chairs are other interesting spots for photos. It's also a great idea to hand out accessories like heart-shaped sunglasses, boho-chic hats, or thematic photo booth props to get them ready for a matching picture moment.

Boozy Boho Bridal Shower

From Jessilynn Wong Photography – “This bridal shower shoot was designed for the modern girl with a bohemian soul with a nod to the whimsical Southern California aesthetic. Annie Tu of Madison and Ella styled the shoot with her recent trip to Palm Springs in mind. Using the vibrant colours found on neon signs and buildings throughout the area she designed a rich and playful Tablescape and cocktail space.”

Boozy bohemian bridal shower | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Boho bridal shower | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Fresh fruit popsicles | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Bridal shower cake with mararons | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Unique bar cart idea | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Champagne with popsicles | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Pastel tulle bridesmaids dresses | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Pink cake with macarons and dripping icing | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Boozy bohemian bridal shower | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Yard art | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Laser cut bridal shower details | Jessilynn Wong Photography

“What is a party without some booze?!

A converted old popcorn machine filled with ice as a focal point in the bar area accented with cocktails and cakes from Sucre Sweets. The wood laser cut “booze” sign was created by Doris of Love Lettering!

The telescope was kept simple to highlight the lush green surroundings and accented with the pops of bright colours. The wicker furniture adds a touch of nostalgia and quirkiness as do the metal art pieces found throughout Masden’s Greenhouse. The girls wore custom creations from Pastel Dress Party and accented with hairpieces that were the perfect combination of delicate and bohemian made by Blair Nadeau.”

Palm Springs bridal shower | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Lace sleeve bridesmaids dress | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Bohemian bridal shower invitations | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Colorful macarons | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Depression glassware | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Peacock chair | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Palm Springs inspired tablescape | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Unique high-low wedding dress | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Succulent pot | Jessilynn Wong Photography
Pink bridal shower cake | Jessilynn Wong Photography

Credits: Photographer: Jessilynn Wong Photography // Planning, Styling, & Design: Madison and Ella // Model: Angies Models // Veils and Headpieces: Blair Nadeau Millinery // Design and Decor: Confetti and Bows // Jewelry: Flux and Form // Hair Stylist: Hair by Ladylyn // Model: Katerina Valle Wille // Signage: Love Lettering // Model: Martha Chan // Floral Designer: Mum’s Garden Floral Studio // Floral Designer: Paper Peony Design // Videography: SDE Weddings // Beauty: Shirley Beauty Concept // Dresses: Pastel Dress Party // Culinary: Sucre Sweets // Culinary: The Pop Stand // Venue: Madsen’s of Newmarket in Ontario, Canada.