Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

Imagine a DIY boho wedding! From tie-die to flower arrangements that almost place themselves where they need to be, a bohemian gemstone wedding is inspirational at the very least.

Vintage furniture enhanced by colourful crystals in shades of yellow, purple, blue, and more bring Mother Nature to the forefront. This beautiful bride is a free spirit, with a carefree and energetic personality. She’s positive and loves to show it. A traveler, the bride revels in her spirituality and mystical aura.

Antique and thrift shop finds provide wedding decor. Natural foods like cheese, vibrant fruits, nuts, and cranberries are stars on the dessert table. The tablecloth under the delicious desserts and radiant wedding floral centrepieces is a hand dipped creation that ties in well with the boho look, in keeping with the DIY idea.

A bohemian gemstone wedding would suit any number of Glasgow wedding venues. We’re picturing the beautiful rolling sea fog enveloping the celebration. You’ll see in the photos, the bride has a warm and ideally boho-style jacket over her lovely gown.

What to Look for in Venue for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

When we think about a bohemian gemstone wedding, there are two separate aspects to consider - firstly the bohemian angle which lends itself to more rustic, stripped back weddings, rooted in nature with a lot of textural elements such as lace, reclaimed wood and fringe.

Secondly, you have the gemstone element which adds an element of glamour, colour and shine to your day which elevates the theme from a typical bohemian style wedding day. With this in mind, when you’re looking for a wedding venue, you’re probably going to want quite a plain, natural backdrop that you can build your theme on to.

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Color Palettes for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

On the whole, bohemian weddings have quite a lot of muted, natural tones - think hessian, light sage greens and reclaimed wooden browns. These muted, toned down hues lend themselves to an outdoor bohemian wedding, but when you add in the gemstone elements there’s a pop of colour that has to be considered and thought about carefully.

Pick one or two brighter jewel tones and use them throughout your wedding details as a sort of accenting colour. Too many different bright colours will look messy, while too many muted colors won’t fully incorporate the gemstone side of your bohemian gemstone wedding scheme.

Details for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

When we think about details for your​​ bohemian gemstone wedding, start with your gemstone shades and use these colours to guide your scheme. Take one of your jewel tones and bring it to the forefront by using it for your table runners and linens. Keep the bohemian vibe by using a natural material and dying it yourself.

Think about using actual gemstones or geodes as centerpieces or throughout your jewellery to help really tie everything together in your bohemian gemstone wedding theme and add some much needed texture – something that is hugely influential for the bohemian side of the wedding scheme.

Food for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

With a predominantly bohemian vibe to your wedding, the wedding meal and menu should be fairly relaxed and laid back. Think about either farm to table ways of cooking or family style serving to keep that bohemian, community-centric atmosphere at the forefront.

To get the gemstone aspect of your wedding theme into your wedding meal, use a lot of vibrant and bright locally grown produce that brings your guests’ plates to life. Think about bright pink pickled cabbage toppings, vibrant, fresh green sauces, and seasonally chosen ingredients that really shine like the gemstones that are informing your whole wedding theme.

Table Setting Style for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

A huge part of having a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding is a sense of laid-back community between all your guests. It’s a chilled affair where everyone can mingle and get to know each other without the formality of dozens of separate tables. With this in mind, consider getting longer, reclaimed wood banquet-style tables where everyone can sit together with the happy couple in the middle.

In terms of table setting, use vintage crockery and textured linen to lean into the bohemian side of the theme and then hint to the gemstone side through the brighter colours of the linens and crockery. Don’t be afraid to colour clash but only pick 2-3 key colours and stick with those.

Budget for Bohemian a Gemstone Wedding

As with a lot of bohemian style weddings, there is a definite shabby chic, handmade vibe that comes with this kind of theme. That being said, it’s pretty difficult to do well yourself if you’re not a crafty person or have a friend or family member that is. Like a lot of things that look effortless, it can actually be pretty expensive to do well, if you’re not careful.

This is mostly due to the number of little details that all combine to bring your overall bohemian gemstone wedding together. Go to thrift stores and flea markets to find crockery, linens, and furniture as this is fast becoming a popular wedding theme.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

For your bohemian gemstone wedding dress, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to really stay on theme. Firstly, bohemian wedding dresses tend to be A-line, floaty, and easy to move in. They often feature lace accents or some kind of textural element to tie it into the natural surroundings.

In terms of accessories, this is where you can bring in your gemstones, picking one colour and bringing that in with your jewellery and shoes. You can also opt for a flower crown that mirrors the gemstone colours while keeping that free bohemian vibe flowing throughout your beautiful bridal look.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

Much like with your bridal outfit, your bridesmaid outfits should be flowy, floaty and comfortable. After all, the bohemian way of life is about freedom and no one feels free if they can’t walk in a tight wiggle dress or are constantly pulling up a sweetheart neckline.

With your bridesmaids’ dresses, choose some gemstone hues to serve as the main colour. Think pinks and darker reds or emerald greens – something that really pops against the more muted, natural, bohemian tones. Keep the accessories minimal on your bridesmaids, opting to style the hair in a semi braided bohemian way instead.

Menswear for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

With your groom and their groom’s party, you can go a little bit less formal than the traditional black wedding tuxedo. As bohemian gemstone weddings tend to be a lot more chilled and laid back, this kind of look would just stick out like a sore thumb and be massively out of place.

Instead, opt for a more natural coloured suit like a navy or brown with a wool or knit texture, to bring in that bohemian feel. You can add in the gem tones that the bridesmaids are wearing through the men’s pocket squares and socks for a nice subtle bit of cohesion.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

When it comes to the wedding floral arrangements, the key is to have the level of whimsy necessary to satisfy the bohemian side of your theme while having the vibrant pop of shiny, elegant colour that the gemstone side the brief demands.

Think about cascading, lightweight base flowers like baby’s breath for the bulk of your bouquet, and then bring some life into it with some larger, jewel-tone flowers. This way you bring in both sides of your bohemian gemstone wedding without them directly competing with each other. It’ll also look more laid back and effortless as you float down the aisle too!

Wedding Invitations for a Bohemian Gemstone Wedding

Although you might not have all your stylistic details ironed out by the time you need to send out your wedding invitations, you should have a good idea of the overall vibe and overarching theme that you and your new spouse are going for.

It’s because of this, you can subtly nod to your bohemian gemstone wedding theme by using natural, heavy stock, textured cards with whimsical flower illustrations and strokes of watercolour gemstone hues to represent both sides of your gorgeous theme. Remember to bring in that chilled, laidback sensibility so your guests can gauge the formality level correctly.

Bohemian gemstone shoots with DIY elements

This bohemian gemstone wedding inspiration shoot from Paula Bartosiewciz Photography truly stands out and gives a beautiful new perspective on the DIY, boho wedding. With artistic natural elements, tie-dye, free-falling floral arrangements, and thrifted / antique furniture – the entire editorial is a breathtaking blend of various mediums!

From Paula Bartosiewicz Photography – “The inspiration for our styled shoot came from the natural elements of raw crystals, brass, and wood elements. Crystals are known for their spiritual healing abilities in connection with the Earth’s energy.

Our ideal bride is a traveler and a lover of all things Mother Nature. She is highly in tune with her spirituality and is considered a free spirit. As she often finds herself on the road, she discovered unique treasures from antique shops and outdoor markets. She is fun, loving, energetic, carefree, and has a positive outlook on life; what we felt was a true bohemian woman.”

From Paula – “The shoot took place in the woods, nestled next to a creek. The overall setting was nothing short of a magical and mystifying ambiance. The floral inspiration came from nature itself, including free-falling, effortlessly put together arrangements. It was our hope that the florals could have been grown in our bride’s garden or picked up at the local farmer’s market.

All of the table décor, except the terrarium, tablecloth, and crystals, was thrifted or antiqued: the plates, napkins, glasses, silverware, and brass flower holders. It was our thought that our ideal bride potentially possesses this type of décor in her home or discovered it during her travels. We found a diverse selection of various raw crystals and rocks, each holding its individual meaning.

The dessert table was a bit non-traditional. Instead of the typical sweets, we took the route of fresh berries, vibrant fruits and a cheese round topped with nuts, cranberries, and honey. It’s a new take on what the dessert table can have and keeps in mind that desserts can also be healthy and affordable. The dessert table itself is antique and the rest of the elements were thrifted.”

“We wanted the overall bridal attire to look effortless, yet steer away from the traditional ideal. We feel like our bride is best represented by the Free People clothing brand, so naturally we got a dress that fit the free-flowing, mystifying, bohemian look we're going for. The headpiece was handmade by myself, keeping true to our theme. We chose to use quartz for the headpiece because it holds many spiritual meanings and felt like a subtle yet beautiful touch.

We handmade numerous parts of the décor, all of which were made by Divinity Buggs and myself! We figured this would be an inspiration for future brides that it is possible to create beautiful things for their wedding day and keep it all on a budget at the same time. The tablecloth was cut and hand dip-dyed in a berry colour, the invitations were handmade as well with watercoluor and gold string, and our hanging quartz & crystal installation was the perfect DIY touch!”

Credits: Photography & Concept: Paula Bartosiewicz // Coordination & Concept: Divinity Buggs of Lovebuggs Weddings // Model: Addie Beachley // Hair: Leah Kaarolina // Makeup: Jackie Davidson // Floral Design: Wild Green Yonder // Décor: Rebecca Gallop from A Daily Something // Gemstones: Earthly Elements // Dress: Free People // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell // Coat: Vintage from Czechoslovakia // Jewelry: Free People & thrifted // Headpiece: DIY // Table Runner: DIY // Hanging Crystal Element: DIY by Lovebuggs Weddings // Invitations: DIY // Drinks: Boho Berry Bliss // Location: Thurmont, Maryland.