Polka Dot and Yellow Wedding

This wedding inspiration is fun from start to finish. Fans of board games, in this case Yahtzee, will love to integrate the fun of games night into a wedding celebration. Let’s get started!

Details for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

A yellow and polka dot wedding can be a lot of fun to plan and decorate because there’s no specific theme to adhere to – you can mix and match to your heart’s content with just a couple of general guidelines. Both yellow and polka dots are playful and are perfect for a sunny outdoor event or a less-formal afternoon wedding.

Use the yellow judiciously as Anna did when she created her décor – many of the details such as lanterns, the invitations, tableware and other decorations are simple plain or patterned black and white with bright pops of yellow to keep it fresh. Lemons and small yellow flowers are perfect table décor, while the bright yellow shoes make Anna’s wedding attire stand out.

Color Palettes for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

Sometimes, the best wedding colors are a simple combination of elegant black and white with the addition of one or two tonal colors. In this case, black and white paired with a bright, saturated yellow and a softer lemon yellow make a mature yet fun color scheme for any venue. The color scheme works best for spring and summer, but it could be used any time of year.

While tonal colors work best with the polka dots – you don’t want too much going on, after all – you could also add one more complementary color, such as a summery green. The color, used sparingly, can break up large swaths of yellow – think greenery in bouquets or limes adorning the tables alongside the lemons.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

There are many options for bridesmaid dresses for a yellow and polka dot wedding. If you choose to go with a single color in different styles, pale yellow looks flattering on many skin tones, and allows your bridesmaids to choose a style of dress they feel comfortable in. You could also consider two-tone dresses or separates to incorporate a small amount of polka dots into the dresses themselves.

If the wedding ceremony is more formal than the reception, simple black dresses with polka dotted or yellow accessories, such as shoes, flowers for the hair or belts, can look both formal at the ceremony and fun during the after party.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

Having a simple theme, such as yellow and polka dots, there are virtually endless options for your wedding cake. Whether you choose fondant or buttercream, there are many ways to decorate and embellish a simple cake to make it look amazing.

Anna chose a less traditional wedding cake – lemon instead of vanilla or almond – and had it embellished with tiny black poppy seeds, a winning flavor combination. Decorated simply with tiny flags and set among sunny lemons, the cake makes a fun statement.

For a more traditional looking cake, consider a lemon cake frosted with white frosting and decorated with yellow roses or daisies. There will be a nice surprise when the cake is cut! To really play up the polka dot aspect, cover a lemon cake with white fondant adorned with black polka dots.

Food for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

Whether you’d like to serve a full meal to your guests or you simply want to offer a few afternoon appetizers, there are a lot of options for every taste. Lemony pasta dishes, white fish and chicken not only taste great, they fit right in with the yellow part of your color palette. Salads with a bright, lemon-infused vinaigrette are the perfect options for vegans and vegetarians.

Hors d’oeuvres and finger foods are great for light snacks before guests depart for a main meal elsewhere. Items like popcorn, candies and made-to-order treats like mini cupcakes coordinate well with the color scheme. You can also offer other tasty finger foods such as pita and hummus or a light mango pineapple salsa that both colorful and refreshing.

Ceremony Decor for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

A polka dot and yellow wedding is the perfect opportunity to have exactly the kind of ceremony you want – it can be chic and elegant or fun and flirty as you wish. Little touches can be a big deal – think pale yellow rose petals in the aisle, a simple arch or trellis decked out with yellow and white blooms or polka dots ribbons adorning the seats.
You can also incorporate more polka dots throughout the wedding ceremony by using dotted swiss fabric on the tables or draped on the altar, placing cushions on the seats and wrapping flower arrangements with punchy polka dot ribbons.

Wedding Reception Décor for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

No matter how you choose to host the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception is where you can really cut loose, show your personality, lean into your polka dot and yellow theme and ave a lot of fun. There are a lot of places to incorporate your colors, including table linens and décor, flowers and even the cake.

Anna and Philip chose fun black and white polka dot lanterns that would look equally stunning under a tent outdoors or hanging from a church hall. Fun accents such as the black and white polka dot flags on the lemon wedding cake, yellow flowers affixed to napkin holders or glassware or a balloon archway made of solid color and patterned balloons are all fun and festive ways to celebrate.

Invitations for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

The wedding invitations are usually the first impression your guests will have of your special day, so it’s important to set the tone right from the beginning. Anna and Phillip chose to incorporate all aspects of their wedding in the invitation – a simple black and white printed invitation decorated with polka dots enclosed in a bright yellow envelope.

There are many options for coordinating stationery, such as menus, thank you cards and RSVP cards. A full seven-piece set of stationery could include a variety of different envelopes, sizes of polka dots and shades of yellow. No fancy calligraphy is needed – a basic font or event your own handwriting is perfect.

Favors and Gifts for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

Leaving your guests and your wedding party with a special gift at the end of the evening to thank them for celebrating with you is a great way to show love and gratitude. Because your wedding colors are common and fairly neutral, there are many options available to you for both men and women.

An embroidered handkerchief – with or without polka dots – in pale yellow is perfect for teary-eyed bridesmaids and mothers. The same thing in white for the groomsmen and ushers is appropriate, or you could opt for a more technical gift in shiny black, such as wireless earbuds.

Edible gifts, of course, are great for everyone, including your guests. Bags of candies such as m & m’s jelly beans and other treats in customizable colors are great to offer in a printed bag to pick up as guests are leaving.

Budget for a Yellow and Polka Dot Wedding

One of the best aspects of choosing a simple theme, such as black and white polka dots with a colorful accent, is that your budget can be as large or as small as you want – the colors will still make a huge impact! If you’re sparing no expense, you can order nearly everything in custom colors, from tableware to miniature cakes to rare, exotic flowers.

If you’re looking to save money and choose cost-effective options, you’re in luck. By choosing a fairly common color such as yellow and pairing it with black and white, you can make inexpensive plates, linens, flowers and centerpieces look amazing with a little creativity.

Board game wedding: yahtzee

The second installment of the board game wedding series happens today with a polka dot and yellow wedding inspiration board inspired by the game Yahtzee!

yellow and polka dot wedding / Board Game Inspired Series

Yahtzee was first marketed in the United States in the 1950s and the original box cover had this bright yellow color on it so I wanted to include yellow in this inspiration board. Of course since it is a dice game I ran with a polka dot theme and the entire look is fabulously graphic with a white backdrop.

The bride’s veil, wedding invitation, and paper lanterns all have polka dots and the cake – there’s nothing better for a yellow and polka dot Yahtzee inspired wedding than a lemon poppy seed cake!

Details to adore:

polka dot paper lanterns
Lemon poppyseed cake

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Credits: photo credits: bride via Grey Likes Weddings, photographed by The Brothers Wright // yellow shoes from Southern Weddings, photographed by Stephanie Fay // lemon poppy seed cake from Apartment 34 // polka dot lanterns – unknown // flowers from Flower Wild, photographed by Jose Villa // invitations via Puddleduck Paper Co on Etsy.