Black and White Striped Wedding

We love these inspirational posts taken straight from game boards! From Candyland to the Monopoly inspiration here, it’s all in great fun!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Black and White Striped Wedding

So, you have a theme all set for your big day and now you need to find a wedding venue. With such a strong monochromatic theme as a Black and White Striped Wedding, you don’t necessarily want a wedding venue with a lot of design detailing that might cause your scheme to become messy.

It’s a good idea to stick with a minimalist venue like a modern art gallery, villa or hotel space where you can add decor details and striking patterns. If you’re having a Black and White Striped Wedding theme, you don’t want a super colourful function room or hotel that’s going to clash.

Colour Palettes for a Black and White Striped Wedding

Well, it’s pretty obvious what your colour palette is going to be for this particular wedding: black and white!  Although this is the main component of your wedding theme, you can choose to highlight these colours with lighter, more natural tones just as pinks, greens and purples to bring depth to your big day.

As with any dual colour palette, you’re going to want to pick one to be the base colour and one to be the accent. So that your big day isn’t super dark, it’s best to go with white as the base and use black ribbons, accessories and decor notes to offer light and shade.

Food for a Black and White Striped Wedding

You can have some really cool food with a theme like Black and White Striped Wedding. From beautiful Asian fan favourites like blackened cod to fresher vibes with blackberries, there’s a wide variety of flavours that you can draw on for your Black and White Striped Wedding theme.

It might be a good idea to create a signature cocktail for your big day. You can draw inspiration from the classic bramble cocktail which uses blackberry flavours and cassis liqueurs to offer a dark purple, almost black cocktail that’s refreshing and on-theme. Just remember to have an alco-free alternative on offer for your designated drivers, non-drinkers and young guests.

Table Setting Style for a Black and White Striped Wedding

When it comes to creating a table setting style for your Black and White Striped Wedding, it’s all about creating striking lines without it looking so stark and plain. By all means, use black and white striped linens as your base, but use different accents to offer depth and points of difference for your wedding guests.

Think about using your more colourful floral arrangements as show-stopping centrepieces. Especially with larger-faced flowers in shades like pink and purple, it'll make your table setting style seem lighter and brighter as well as soften the harsher lines of your statement striped pattern.

Budget for a Black and White Striped Wedding

As with any kind of wedding theme, there are definitely ways to scrimp and save, and there are ways to go crazy and blow the budget. Despite there only being two colours in your scheme, and both of them being quite popular colours, getting minimalist wedding themes right can be more expensive than it looks. Think about high quality finishes that can cost a lot more!

Of course, as both black and white are popular event colours, you might find that you can pick up decor, crockery, linens and bridesmaid dresses second-hand, saving you some much needed budget for other areas of the wedding, or for a lovely honeymoon!

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Black and White Striped Wedding

Now, unless you’re having a Beetlejuice themed wedding, chances are your wedding dress isn’t going to be black and white striped like the rest of your theme. As with the majority of your ceremony and reception venue, you’ll be predominantly leading with white and accenting your look with black detailing.

So, you can have a gorgeous white dress in a style that you love, then add a black ribbon around the waist as a belt, find some beautiful black heels, or go for some dramatic black onyx jewellery to really tie the whole look and theme together in a cohesive way.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Black and White Striped Wedding

Essentially if you’re going with a two-colour wedding theme, then whichever order you dress the bride, you’ll want to flip it for the bridesmaids. Now black is obviously a strong colour to have on what is supposedly a joyous day. So, you’re going to want to accent it with white and lighten it up as much as possible.

Whether that’s having the bodice white and the skirt black, using a tea-length, lighter chiffon fabric to give a floaty 1960’s vintage vibe, or using beadwork to tie the colours together, there are a lot of different avenues that you can go down with your bridesmaid looks.

Wedding Invitations for a Black and White Striped Wedding

It’s a funny thing with the wedding invitations being the first thing that any of your guests are going to see regarding your big day. Most of the time, you don’t even have your theme fully formed or all of your vendors booked before they go out, so it can be difficult to encapsulate your Black and White Striped Wedding theme in invitation form.

You can hint at your theme by using a black and white striped border on your invite cards. You can also add lighter and softer elements by pulling colour swatches from your floral arrangements to offer some contrast and bring some brightness to the wedding invite.

Favours & Gifts for a Black and White Striped Wedding

Now, wedding favours are something that some brides love and some don’t see the point in, so it’s completely up to you. It’s just a little something to take away to remind you of the wedding – like a grown-up party bag.

For your Black and White Striped Wedding, you obviously want to stick within the limits of the theme. So, you can give your guests humbug sweets or a stick of stripy rock. Maybe you give them a little hangover kit for the next day in a cute black and white striped bag or box. It’s something small that leaves a lasting impression.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Black and White Striped Wedding

Although it may be easier to have a largely white, minimalist venue in an indoor setting, you could also have your Black and White Striped Wedding outdoors. The brightness and natural elements of an outdoor wedding help to balance the darker elements which means you can add more black decor and detailing into your scheme.

You can also use a white marquee as a base if you think your outdoor setting is too colourful or natural. Alternatively, you could use the patio of a stately home that has a paler facade that you can incorporate into your Black and White Striped Wedding design.

Board Game Wedding: Monopoly

The board game wedding series continues today with a black and white striped inspiration board based on Monopoly!

Black and white striped wedding

The inspiration behind this Monopoly theme is the jail square on the classic board. For whatever reason, I always found myself in jail while playing this game with my family and having to roll the dice all those times to get out was pretty infuriating.

Needless to say, the little man behind bars became a familiar face so the black and white stripes in this inspiration board are representative of that as well as the ‘ankle cuffs’ on those fabulous shoes!

With black and white striped weddings, it’s important not to go overboard or it will actually start to look like a jail. A ribbon on your bouquet, striped table runners, and thoughtful touches of black and white here and there will be enough.

Details to adore:

striped wedding detail
floral invitations for a black and white striped wedding

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Credits: photo credits: black shoes via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Lane Dittoe// cocktail via Wedding Chicks // wedding invitations from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Carl Ten Eyck Photography, designed by Catherine Ray // striped curtain bow from Southern Weddings, photographed by Landon Jacob // grey chandelier mobile – unknown // floral centerpiece from Swooned Magazine, photographed by White Loft Studio, deigned by Foret