Blush and Green Wedding

We think the wedding dress in this inspirational wedding photo shoot is divine. Not only is the style stunning but the fact that the dress is blush pink – it oozes romance! And the blush teardrop earrings could be the top pick of any bride!.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Blush and Green Wedding

Nothing says spring more than freshly-bloomed blush pink flowers and the smell of a newly-green lawn. It’s the perfect time of year to host a garden party, with guests excited to don a new wardrobe, get outside and enjoy the warm weather. If the weather is still a bit wet in your area, not to worry – you can still enjoy the spring vibes on a beautifully-decorated outdoor patio or courtyard with a paved or covered area.

With an abundance of fresh flowers, flowering trees and lush grasses, consider renting or making arch and decorating it with seasonal blooms. Blush-coloured peonies, which bloom in late spring, are fragrant, hearty and perfect for decorations. If you live in an area where cherry trees are in bloom, consider saying your vows in an orchard or near a decorative grove for a fresh, blush-pink ceremony.

Colour Palettes for a Blush and Green Wedding

While choosing two specific colours – blush and green – does narrow down the colour choices considerably, you still have a lot of range when choosing your perfect shades. Blush, or pale pink, can come in a variety of hues, from the tiniest hint of colour to a deeper, pastel mauve or coral colour. Greens work the same way – you can choose accent flowers in the palest shade of green, or go bold with rich jewel tones like emerald or spring green to set off lighter pink tones.
When choosing your wedding colours, try to make sure the colours match up in terms of temperature – keep cool tones with cool and likewise for warm tones. When going warm, choose pinks that have a touch of yellow, such as coral or peach, and do the same for greens. Cool pinks, such as rose, will have more purple undertones, while greens will have a touch of blue.

Details for a Blush and Green Wedding

When basing your wedding theme on a specific colour palette, one of the most visible details will be your choice of flowers. No matter the colour or size, flowers make a huge impact on both the ceremony and wedding reception. Choose flowers that not only show off your colour palette but also set the mood – if you’re going for a delicate, soft look, choose elegant flowers such as roses or lilies. For more of a bold look, go for larger, splashier blooms such as peonies, magnolias or dahlias.

Of course, the decor is not the only of the aspect of the celebration that deserves attention to detail. Blush and green are very Spring-like colours, so you can bring this vibrant season into your celebration. If you’re getting married inside, consider bringing the outdoors in by decorating with real, potted trees. You can also give away small potted plants, such as air plants or succulents, for favours or wedding party gifts.

Table Setting Style for a Blush and Green Wedding

Blush and green is a somewhat delicate colour palette, and your table setting may want to reflect this in terms of dinnerware and decoration. Simple floral centrepieces work well, since there are a variety of blooms in blush pink shades and even flowers with a soft green hue – be careful, though, to select flowers that aren’t overwhelmingly fragrant when serving a meal.

If you want to add a bit of sparkle, both silver and gold accents work well with these wedding colours. Consider delicate, metallic-rimmed china or glassware. If you’re planning on simply setting out a dessert table without serving a formal meal, you can decorate the table in vintage glassware service pieces – Depressing-style glassware is available in pale pink, while milky green jadeite is a great pairing.

To set off the pink and green on either type of display, consider adding in some neutral pieces, such as wooden bowls, cream-coloured straw place mats for texture, or even slate tiles for charger plates.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Blush and Green Wedding

Whether you’re choosing a simple, trendy “naked” cake or a large, multi-tiered work of art, a blush and green colour palette works beautifully. One way to incorporate the colours is to choose a very pale blush-tinged frosting or fondant for the cake itself – just a couple shades off white. This will still allow you to decorate any way you want. Our bride has chosen a tiered cake decorate with a lot of greenery and a few large pink flowers.

Following the naked cake trend, which is cake layers often filled with fruit brushed with just the tiniest hint of frosting, you could go for either a traditional white cake or even choose chocolate. Both colours are neutral and will look beautiful with the same

greenery and pale pink frosting, and it will suit those with a preference for a little less sweetness in their desserts.

For the cake topper, our bride chose a pair of deer to match the natural floral decorations, but just about anything will work.

Reception Decor for a Blush and Green Wedding

A blush and green wedding colour palette is perfect for a springtime wedding – even if you’re not getting married in the spring. Summer is the next best season, as there are still many types of flowering plants available. This theme is suited to an outdoor wedding, in which decorating for the reception is just an extension of your ceremony.

Think lots of blooms, flowering trees boughs, and party lights or lanterns strung across a patio or outdoor dining area. Accent with blush pink ribbons or table linens to tie the look together.

If you’re getting married inside, not to worry – there are numerous ways to bring the outdoors in for a springy, park-like feel. Fresh flowers and live, decorative trees are great for bringing nature into the space, and you can even decorate the trees with twinkling lights for a festive look – try not to cross the line into Christmas, however. Natural decor and table accents, such as tree branches, wood furniture and (clean) pebbles and rocks add texture and atmosphere.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Blush and Green Wedding

A blush and green colour palette is a perfect opportunity to have a beautiful, romantic wedding dress that’s a little bit outside the box. This bride has chosen a full-skirted, ballgown style wedding dress, but instead of traditional white, she opted for a very pale blush pink dress. The feeling of a luxurious wedding dress is still there, but with a slight twist. This also works for any style of dress, including a sleek, modern silhouette or a fun, asymmetrical gown.

For accessories, there are as many options as there are brides, and they don’t have to be shiny to be beautiful. This bride has chosen matte-finish rose quartz – a natural pale pink stone that looks stunning and not overwhelming, even with large pieces. Other options include creamy white, pink or off-white pearls, or even a pale green stone such as peridot. This bride has chosen not to wear a veil, but a flower tucked behind the ear of a loose, romantic updo is perfect for a soft look.

Groom Style for a Blush and Pink Wedding

Because the blush and green colour palette is on the delicate side, the groom doesn’t necessarily need to be decked out in a formal tuxedo to compliment the bride and look stylish at the same time. A well-fitted suit in a light colour, such as gray, tan or cream, perfectly matches the weight and style of the event, and if it happens to be warm, the groom won’t be uncomfortable. If you want to go with a formal tuxedo, consider a white one, as a black one will likely look harsh.

As far as accessories, you won’t need many – a stylish belt, a coordinating tie and maybe some cuff links or a tie clip is all you’ll need for a simple-but-chic look. If you’re not afraid of going for more colour, consider a blush pink dress shirt beneath for suit jacket – not only will you coordinate with the rest of the wedding party, you’ll still look put-together if you need or choose to remove your suit jacket before the ceremony.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Blush and Green Wedding

Since flowers will play such a big role in the overall theme and style of your big day, the bouquets and boutonnieres are a great way to add style. The bride can go the more traditional route, with blush-coloured roses or even white calla lilies accented with some light greenery. For more of a punch, and more bang for your buck, large flowers such as peonies and dahlias also come in pale pink shades and require less blooms to fill out a big, beautiful bouquet.

For the rest of the wedding party, bouquets or larger flowers in a round, more modern style require only a few blooms and look stunning – tie in some more green by adding a green silk or satin ribbon around the stems. For boutonnieres, which need to be small, keep it simple – a single blush pink carnation or rose with a sprig of greenery should do the trick.

Wedding Favours for a Blush and Pink Wedding

When it comes to wedding favours, finding something appropriate for everyone can be challenging, but also a lot of fun with some creativity. For a blush and green wedding, there are a few options that not only make great gifts but a colourful table as well. For blush pink, consider a small bottle of blush wine or truffles wrapped in a pale pink box tied with a soft green ribbon.

The keepsake itself doesn’t need to have a particular colour – you could choose a signature photo frame, keychain or other engrave item – as long as the presentation matches the rest of your colour palette.

If your celebration has an already natural atmosphere, a small succulent in a pretty little pot is a great gift and is easy to care for.

Blush and green wedding

Blush pink is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and feminine colours that you can pick for your wedding palette and pairing it with a fresh green makes for a lovely outdoor appropriate colour combination!

Blush and green wedding ideas

One of my favourite details in this blush and green wedding inspiration board is that amazing bridal gown. Blush pink wedding dresses have been popular for quite some time now and it’s easy to see why! Pair that dress with those sparkling rose quartz earrings in this inspiration board and I can’t image anything more beautiful.

Details to adore:

rose quartz earrings
blush pink wedding dress

Credits: photo credits: cake via Oh My Deer Handmades, photographed by She and Him Weddings // rose quartz drop earrings from BlueFly // lemonade via Ruffled, photographed by Marta Locklear // chairs from Entouriste, photographed by Jen Huang // flowers photographed by Jen Huang // blush pink Carol Hannah wedding dress photographed by Jose Villa // escort cards via Once Wed, photographed by Rylee Hitchner, calligraphy by Brown Linen Design.