Victoria and Nick’s nuptials will take place in a chapel over 250 years old. Imagine the history and the lovely stories this building holds! The blush and gray color scheme they are envisioning can come to life for you as well.

Take a look at the inspiration in the photos and in the content below. You will not be at a loss for ideas! If you are planning on a lovely wedding venue in Southampton for example, you’ll find many suitable places. From arts centers to museums to rustic inns, your blush and gray wedding will be sensational.

Details for a Blush and Gray Wedding

We ran with Victoria and Nick's vision and decided to unpack the ideas that make up a full-fledged blush and gray wedding with a touch of champagne. The color combination is soft, sophisticated, and perfect for both summer and spring nuptials. We also picture the overall event as a feminine affair that can equally be bold and full of character depending on various other choices.

The color pairing also brings out the dreamy nature of weddings. Champagne, blush, and gray are pigments that translate perfectly on several details curated for the big day; from the wedding dresses to the wedding invitations.

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Color Palettes for a Blush and Gray Wedding

Pastel gray and blush/ pink seamlessly go together while creating a sophisticatedly timeless combo. Add champagne tones, and what you have is a beautiful, soft, and elegant wedding color palette. It's also worth mentioning that the specific shade of gray you choose can either exude an overall soft or cold tone.

The wheel of colors that create the champagne pigment includes white, pink, yellow, and orange. Lustrous gold or shimmery silver accents blend well with the base colors to more or less glam up the wedding palette to work with. Other details like frills and floral motifs enhance the airy, delicate, and feminine nature of the wedding scheme.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Blush and Gray Wedding

The blush and gray wedding theme is also a fresh, crisp, and floral-filled affair. The extra-sweet palette pops better in the spring months when there's some sunshine, temperate weather, and budding flowers all around. In turn, the occasion is best celebrated at a venue that allows you and your guests to appreciate the season's beauty

Outdoor and garden wedding venues are perfect locations for spring and summer nuptials. For a more concrete visualization of where to host a blush and gray wedding; picture exchanging vows at an elegant rooftop event space or a breathtakingly beautiful lakeside venue. Industrial-chic locations, arboretums, inns, greenhouses, and conservatories are equally picture-perfect spring wedding backdrops.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Blush and Gray Wedding

Another great aspect of the blush, gray, and champagne pairing is the fact that it creates a calm look. In terms of wedding attire, it translates to comfort and sophistication which should in itself point you in the right direction. Blush is a lovely alternative wedding dress color and a bold bride can even choose to rock a gray ensemble for the occasion

The bridesmaids' dresses should ideally be a complementary shade derived from the blush and gray color scheme. Gray outfits for the bridal party work if the bride is wearing a blush gown or vice versa. Champagne is an equally lovely choice for the bridesmaids' outfits.

Reception Decor for a Blush and Gray Wedding

The magic happens at the reception because that's where you can truly showcase the color palette through the wedding decor. Gray linen (napkins, table runners, and tablecloths) paired with pink/blush-colored flatware and glassware work for the tablescape. It's best not to take it too far with the grays because too much of it creates a gloomy outlook.

Other elements like plenty of green foliage for the centerpieces, pink or gray tapered candles, and gold-toned candle holders enliven the scheme. Alternatively, run with the blush pigment for the linens and introduce gray accents through flower vases and place cardholders. Ruffles and frills as well as acrylic accents enhance the soft, delicate side of the blush and gray wedding.

Groom Style for a Blush and Gray Wedding

The blush, gray, and champagne colors also work for the groom's ensemble with different combinations to explore. For starters, a dark gray suit paired with a blush/ light pink tie complements the day's theme. A champagne-colored suit is yet another great alternative., and it also works when introduced in smaller doses through the shirt, tie, and pocket squares.

Dove gray is a wonderful choice for the groomsmen paired with blush-colored ties, pocket squares, and boutonnieres. Gray suspenders are a lovely touch when teamed up with blush/pink-colored bow ties. Once again decoding the champagne pigments helps, with beige, lighter shades of yellow, and orange worth exploring for the groom and groomsmen attire.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Blush and Gray Wedding

You are spoiled for choice in terms of the selections of wedding flowers available in the spring and summer months. For starters, you'll have access to year-round blooms like roses, dahlias, lilies, hydrangeas, and orchids. The best part is incorporating seasonal favorites like peonies, lilacs, Muscari, daffodils, hyacinths, poppies, and anemones into the mix.

As for the floral design, white and pink/blush blooms will do the trick combined with green/gray foliage to introduce more natural beauty. If you are hard set on the color scheme, blooms like white sage, silver shadow roses, and silver Brunia balls have a grayish tone that makes them perfect inclusions in wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

Food for a Blush and Gray Wedding

Coming up with a menu for blush and gray weddings is yet another fun part of the planning process. The dessert table should undoubtedly feature a gray, pink, and champagne macaron tower. For the cake, gray icing looks deliciously stunning combined with blush-colored sugar flowers embellishing the baked treat.

Alternatively, a cake with white or blush-colored icing adorned with champagne-colored sugar blooms works for the occasion. It’s a lovely touch to have a mobile drinks station or bar. Deck it out with an overgrowth of seasonal blooms and foliage, Cherry blossoms, roses, forsythia, and jasmine in the theme's palette to create an eye-catching spread.

Wedding Invitations for a Blush and Gray Wedding

Unlike books that we shouldn't judge solely based on their covers, wedding invitations create an impression at face value. Blush and gray wedding invitations look gorgeous off the bat but you'll still want to go for a suite that exudes a touch of elegance. Gatefold invitations are perfect for the occasion with a floral cut-out motif and a ribbon closure.

Traditional wedding suites are equally perfect for the season and theme with a gray envelope and blush-colored belly band to boot. The cards are also best kept simple with a gray border and elegant font used to convey the wedding information.

Favors & Gifts for a Blush and Gray Wedding

More couples are embracing the concept of diving deeper into personalization where the wedding favors are concerned. It's a viable option for smaller, intimate affairs but even for large-scale weddings, there are still plenty of ways to customize the wedding gifts and favors. The simplest options include selecting individualized gifts for each guest or settling for custom labeling.

It's also a thoughtful gesture to choose heartwarming gifts that reflect the blush and gray theme. Glass tealight holders, slate coasters, mini succulent plants, candy tins, and watercolor notepads are all great wedding favors. The usual favorites like jars of honey and jam, bottles of bubbly, and scented candles are equally suitable for the occasion.

Blush and Gray (reader request)

This blush and gray wedding inspiration board was created for Victoria and Nick who are getting married next August at the gorgeously rustic and chic Roodeznd in South Africa. Victoria wrote and said that she was drawn to the colors gray and blush, especially since Nick will be wearing a gray suit (to bring out his blue eyes!). She was worried though that that color combination would appear a little cold and so she was thinking about adding in red as well. Cold?! Not so!

blush and gray wedding ideas

A blush and gray wedding is actually perfect for the winter turning into spring season in South Africa. If you decide to add some red you’ll run the risk of having it look like a Valentine’s Day wedding. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but a red and pink wedding is better suited for February. Instead add touches of a golden champagne to warm things up.

blush gray and champagne wedding colors

From Victoria: The inside of the venue is black and white and the inside of the chapel is white and brown and has raw exposed brick. It is a very old chapel… over 250 years old and it is also quite rustic.

The venue is absolutely gorgeous and so totally on trend right now. You can play up the rustic vibe by adding a few DIY touches like the yarn wrapped flatware in this inspiration board and amp up the romance with some billowy fabrics and a gray ribbon on your bouquet. One detail that I’m particularly in love with is the custom wedding vows art print. It would be an absolutely stunning and stylish way to commemorate your wedding day!

I’d like to say congratulations to Victoria and Nick on your engagement. No matter what, your wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful! How can it not be at a gorgeous venue like that? I sincerely hope that this inspiration board helps with some of your color decisions. Brides-to-be: don’t forget that you can request your own inspiration board here!

Credits: photo credits: custom wedding vows print via Jennasue Design Co. on Etsy // bouquet via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Beaux Arts Photographie, designed by Camilla Flowers // ring via Studio 1040 on Etsy // shoes from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Rylee Hitchner // drapery and bride from Ruche’s 2013 Wedding Lookbook, photographed by Elizabeth Messina // pink depression glass from Burnett’s Boards, photographed by Byron Loves Fawn // thread wrapped silverwear via A Fabulous Fete

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