Something Blue Wedding

Fans of the colour blue will find plenty of inspiration here for their “something blue”! The wedding cake with blue icing is stunning and the couples’ wedding outfits are unique and something to emulate!

Details for a Something Blue Wedding

Every wedding needs a little “something borrowed, something blue,” right? However, the Something Blue wedding showcases varying shades of blue to add a splash of colour to wedding whites. Blue is symbolic of fidelity, and the tradition of having something blue as a part of a bride’s wedding ensemble dates back thousands of years. In addition to something borrowed and something old, having something blue on a bride’s wedding day was said to bring the couple good luck in the marriage.

Blue can be incorporated into the wedding ceremony in a number of ways, from an embroidered handkerchief to utilising shades of blue throughout the ceremony and reception. Bridesmaids may wear navy outfits, and even the groom and his attendants look handsome decked out in midnight blue!

Colour Palette for a Something Blue Wedding

While brides will want to incorporate many shades of blue, it’s important to make sure that there isn’t an overabundance of blue. Many times, the best way to pull off a Something Blue colour palette is to incorporate the colour in subtle ways across many aspects of the wedding decor and wedding outfits.

Brides may also wish to incorporate shades of grey into the Something Blue wedding colour palette, or they may use antique white or even silver as an accent colour to even out indigo and navy. Lighter blues, specifically sky blue or baby blue, can be used to break up darker shades of blue.

Brides who like something vibrant, however, may mix burgundy or even bright yellow with certain shades of blue.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Something Blue Wedding

One caveat of the Something Blue wedding venue is that literally any venue can fit perfectly with this theme. Indoor venues such as churches, ballrooms, hotel convention centres, even family farms or ranches work well as a Something Blue wedding venue.

Outdoor venues not only work well for a Something Blue wedding venue, but they may actually be a better choice, depending upon your decor. Finding a well-established outdoor garden that happens to have many flowers in shades of white and blue can add natural beauty to your wedding day, and it’s completely free – but matching – decor!

Always be sure to speak with the venue representative about little extras that might be included in the rental of the venue. Some establishments include items such as furniture and linens, which can really help to stretch your budget.

Budget for a Something Blue Wedding

Speaking of expenses, the Something Blue wedding budget need not be lavish nor cheap! However, the Something Blue wedding theme can be carried out in many subtle ways without having to spend a great deal of money.

Brides who wish to keep up with the “something borrowed” and “something old” part of the tradition may borrow some of the “blue” for the wedding as well! Plus, finding blue in wedding decor is easy and doesn’t usually break the bank.

There are a wide variety of blue flowers that can be found for very little expense. Brides who wish to utilise light blue as colour for table linens, however, may have to purchase or borrow these items.

Wedding Dress and Accessories for a Something Blue Wedding

Modern brides are constantly breaking tradition when it comes to wedding dresses, wedding themes, and even wedding locations. Because wedding guests young and old are learning to expect the unexpected at today’s wedding ceremonies, no one will bat an eye if you walk down the aisle in a blue wedding gown. In fact, brides in blue are absolutely stunning!

A blue wedding gown doesn’t mean the dress is navy or royal blue. The wedding gown may offer the slightest hint of blue, or a white wedding gown may offer blue accents, such as blue ribbon woven into the gown. A white gown that is covered in light blue lace may also encompass the Something Blue wedding theme without diverging too far from tradition.

Menswear for a Something Blue Wedding

The guys in your wedding party will love the ability to show up decked out in blue. Yes, there are blue tuxes available for the big day, but, should the groom and his attendants wish for something a bit more casual, blue does not disappoint.

Today, suits both casual and more formal, are available in a variety of shades of blue. Sunday suits with a matching vest are perfect for a more formal Something Blue wedding menswear choice. Grooms and their attendants may pair the suit with a tie that matches but adds a pop of colour to the suit (blue with white stripes or a white tie with blue patterns in the tie, for example). Navy slacks and a button-down shirt are perfect for a more casual Something Blue wedding day.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Something Blue Wedding

When choosing a Something Blue wedding theme, brides understand they can have lots of fun with the Something Blue wedding cake! Of course, you’ll likely not want to present a royal blue wedding cake, but, you can definitely dress up a plain, traditional white cake with blue accents of colour.

Some brides may opt for a tiered wedding cake that features blue ribbon wrapped around the bottom of each tier, while others may choose to have one tier in a basket weave featuring light blue and white colours woven together.

Some brides will use the multiple tiers of a wedding cake to depict the Something Blue wedding theme. One bride chose a four-tiered cake; the bottom and second-from-top layers were covered in navy fondant, while the top and third layer of the cake were traditionally white. Light blue flowers served as the topper.

Ceremony Decor for a Something Blue Wedding

Perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to add blue to the wedding ceremony decor is to use blue flowers in a variety of shades. Earlier, we mentioned the outdoor garden venue; these flowers can add to the Something Blue wedding theme without any extra cost to the bride!

However, brides may incorporate blue into decor in a number of ways using flowers and ribbon or other light fabric.

One bride used an oversized wooden easel for the ceremonial backdrop. Cascading down the legs of the structure were fully bloomed hydrangeas in blue and white (NOTE: Hydrangeas can come in a variety of blues, in addition to a beautiful bluish-purple.) This decor idea can work on any type of ceremonial arch or arbor as well.

Reception Decor for a Something Blue Wedding

The reception area is a great place to hang signs – signs painted in blue with white calligraphy. One bride used two signs to say “This way to . . “ and “Dancing” in a dusty blue shade. Signs may also feature the couple’s names, or they may decorate the seating area.

Speaking of the seating area, we love the idea of blue table linens. Ditch the traditional white table cloth for a dark or light blue one instead. Choose napkins in the lightest blue shade rather than white, and used chair covers in a preferred shade of azure. Blue hydrangeas in tall glass vases make the perfect centrepieces.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Something Blue Wedding

The Something Blue wedding is perfect for an outdoor venue! In fact, it works well whether that venue is located on a beach, beside a lake or pond, or in the backyard of a historic home.

On a beach or lakeside setting, use the ceremonial structure to advance the Something Blue theme. Brides may wrap fairy lights around the structure, then drape gossamer over the arch or arbor for a classy and romantic touch of Something Blue.

In a backyard setting, use blue covers or a white chair cover tied with a blue ribbon for some decor. Use a royal blue carpet to decorate the aisle for your entrance into the ceremony.

Something blue


I have to admit something – I first created this board back when I made three wedding inspiration boards for bachelorette Emily Maynard’s wedding, and this blue and white one was supposed to be for Jef. But, (and if you’re a huge fan of the show or a Jef Holmes stalker then you’ll know what I’m taking about here), it just didn’t feel like him (I think I should have included a skinny tie somewhere and a Little more edge! ), so I didn’t include it in the post. And it’s all a moot point now that they are broken up. By the way, was anyone else as completely and utterly dismayed at their breakup as I was? Oh lord I was SO SAD! (And heck yes, I am clinging to these rumours that there may be a reconciliation on the way!).

Ok, all that aside, you have to admit that even if it isn’t quite on par with Jef’s bad- boy style this blue and white inspiration board is pretty sweet. One of my favourite details it is the picture of the bride holding up the hem of her wedding dress with her wedding date embroidered on it. In honour of that brilliant idea I’ve rounded up some of the sweetest ‘something blue’ details out there to help inspire you to include your own baby blues on your wedding day:

wear blue shoes…


add a blue cardigan for autumn and winter weddings…


rock some blue nail polish…


This bride sewed part of her dad’s shirt to her dress (since he had passed away before wedding)…


‘get away’ in a blue car…


commemorate your love on your groom’s tie…


have your bridal party write a sweet note of love and good wishes on your shoes before you walk down the aisle…


accessorize with blue earrings…


find blue soled shoes… (Christian Louboutin had at one time bridal line with Tiffany blue soles, they are no longer available, but many shoe dying and repair stores can dye the soles of your shoes!)


wear a blue garter…


add a blue ruffled petticoat…


and be sure to live happily ever after…


What is your favorite something blue?

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