Blue Farm Wedding

The color blue and a comfortable and welcoming farm situated under a gorgeous blue sky sing “incredible spring wedding.” Trevor and Kate are the inspiration for this editorial and their ideas for wedding wear, wedding venue and the wedding cake are fun, comfortable and inviting to all.

Considering a wedding on a farm? A bride in ivory lace, a groom in casual wear that complements his bride, and the bridesmaids in a hue as stunning as the sky above – this is a wedding to look forward to!

Color Palettes for a Blue Farm Wedding

Funnily enough with a blue farm wedding, one of the key colors for your wedding color palette is right there in the name. Of course, blue plays a key role in highlighting and accenting your wedding details. However, the other key color in this palette is the brown that comes from the wood and farm elements of the theme.

This creates a sort of shabby chic, barnyard elegance kind of vibe that isn’t completely hipster and crafty, but it also isn’t the blue and white nautical kind of affair that usually springs to mind with these wedding colors being used in tandem.

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Details for a Blue Farm Wedding

When you’re using a couple of colors as a base theme for your wedding, the devil is going to be in the detail so it doesn’t look too over the top. With a blue farm wedding, you want to make sure you can still recognize the wood from the barn or the upcycled milk churns, or the aspects that represent the “farm” element of the blue farm wedding theme.

The blue comes in with the little details. Consider having blue stripes on your linen or mixed and matched in with white vintage crockery. Take inspiration from the rhyme: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – marrying together the rustic, upcycled farmyard vibe with newer, blue elements.

Menswear for a Blue Farm Wedding

With barnyard or farm based weddings, there is definitely a more casual aspect when it comes to wedding outfits. Chances are if you’re getting married in a barn you’re not wearing a huge princess dress, so aesthetically why should the groom and his party be wearing James Bond style tuxedos?

Take influence from the natural wood and textures around you and consider a navy or brown woven suit for a more laid back look. Pair it back with a hat or ditch the tie and bring it all together into the theme with blue socks, a pocket square or suspenders.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Blue Farm Wedding

Again, when it comes to finding a wedding venue for a blue farm wedding, the clue is in the name – you want a farm or a barn or something that looks like one of them. You want that rustic, light and airy barn feel that you can really put your stamp on with the blue and white decoration and flowers.

When you’re finding your ideal wedding venue make sure to look around the outside of the barn for picturesque wedding photo locations and places for your guests to spill out into. Also, think about the distances from the car parking area to the venue if you’ve got guests in stilettos or with mobility issues.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Blue Farm Wedding

With such a relaxed theme of the wedding, the wedding reception music and entertainment can be pretty stripped back, folksy and acoustic. Think about hipster cover bands that can bring the party but also get those romantic vibes going when you need it.

In terms of entertainment, there are a lot of avenues that you can go down for a blue farm wedding. Think about “make your own” bars for tacos, donuts, or a pour your own craft beer bar. All these kinds of things are fun and bring your guests from both sides of the aisle together in a holistic, entertaining way.

Favors & Gifts for a Blue Farm Wedding

When it comes to favors and gifts for your guests and bridal party, this is where you can show your appreciation and let them leave with the essence of your big day. For a blue farm wedding theme you can go down a shabby chic mason jar gift route with a blue candle inside it for something that brings both elements of your wedding theme into play.

For the bridal party gifts, you can go more personal and create rustic looking baskets and pamper packages for your bridesmaids and flower girls. This way you can add different elements for different women and keep that blue color theme running all the way through.

Food for a Blue Farm Wedding

Blue might not be the first thing you think of when someone mentions food, let alone a wedding meal. Instead of trying to go all out with a blue themed banquet, instead, lean into the farm element of the blue farm wedding theme with some classic farm to table style of cuisine.

If you do want to get blue into your meals you can go for light blue elements in your wedding cake icing, or opt for colorful donuts or macarons. For the more savory fans, you could go with blue corn tortillas for tacos or blue cheese on your wedding cheese boards. There are plenty of options!

Budget for a Blue Farm Wedding

With a blue farm wedding theme being quite a relaxed and rustic theme, it can look like an immediately cheaper option for a lot of people but with so many little details and decor aspects to get right, the budget can soon creep up.

It all depends on how much of the decor and details you’re prepared and able to do yourself or with your close friends and family. The shabby chic vibe might look like it’s easy and takes no time at all but really, if you want it to look good, it takes a huge amount of time to get right.

Table Setting Style for a Blue Farm Wedding

We’ve spoken a little bit about the details for a blue farm wedding and this extends pretty seamlessly into the table setting style too. You’re going to want longer, heavy, reclaimed wood style community tables that bring all your guests together.

To soften this rough and rustic wood look, layer it with natural off white fabric with a sort of linen feel for texture which you can either stamp a blue pattern onto or decorate with blue floral and mason jar related centerpieces. Finish the look with a mix and match blue and white vintage crockery and wooden sharing salad bowls.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Blue Farm Wedding

This kind of blue farm wedding really lends itself well to a hybrid of indoor and outdoor weddings. You can have the ceremony al fresco in the open air of a luscious green field, have drinks and barbecue outside and then journey into a barn to eat and dance the night away. Bonus if there are huge barn doors that you can keep open for an indoor-outdoor feel.

If you want your wedding entirely outside this is obviously super doable and you can move the long tables outside and get string lights and fire pits going for an evening reception vibe.

Blue & brown farm wedding (reader request)

This blue and brown farm wedding inspiration board was created for Kate and Trevor who are getting married next April on Kate’s family farm in Iowa! Kate wrote and said: “We are having a spring wedding at the farm’s A-frame where both the ceremony and the reception will be held. Brown, blue, and ivory are our colors. I want to have the guys in brown slacks, boots, suspenders, and an ivory/cream shirt. My girls are going to be wearing windsor blue dresses and I will be in an ivory colored lace gown. We want to have a backyard kind of feeling at the wedding. BBQ style food, lots of home-brewed beers and wines… basically just a good ol’ time down on the farm!”

This wedding sounds like so much fun! For a BBQ wedding, one thing your guests will really appreciate are wet wipes, huge napkins, and possibly even disposable bibs (no, seriously). A fun idea for a farm wedding is to also include natural produce for your decor and details like the blueberry chair garland in this inspiration board. Be sure to coat the blueberries in wax or a clear glue/lacquer to prevent them from popping on your wedding dress. Rustic, easy-going details like mason jars and a homemade cake with a DIY cake topper will also fit the vibe you are going for perfectly. Brown paper bag menus are easy and cute, plus they can double as take away bags for any leftovers you might want to send home with your guests!

Congratulations to Kate and Trevor on your engagement! Brides-to-be: check out what others are requesting for this wedding season and request your own here!

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Credits: photo credits: ribbon cake topper via Cake Events, cake from Cakewalk Baking // blueberry chair decor from Wedding Chicks, photographed by Love Life Studios // mason jar centerpieces from Bravo Bride // paper bag menu via Sunday Suppers, photographed by Karen Mordechai // beet chip favor bags from Sunday Suppers, designed by Eva Juliet // bride via Once Wed, photographed by Eric Kelley // stitched bunting invitation from Paper Couture // mason jar ceremony flowers photographed by Lindsey Gomes // beer and wine sign from Brides, photographed by JL Photography.