Beautiful, stunning locations don't have to be expensive. Definitely not on Giggster. We've tons of film location available to rent in Los Angeles, and many of them come under the $100 an hour mark, most even under $50. That's the thought that inspired this shortlist. So without any delay, let's show you our picks for our 7 favourite, low budget locations that you can rent for film and photo in Los Angeles. We hope you enjoy these camera ready locations as much as we did.

1) Quaint Three-Bedroom Home in El Sereno

Quaint Three-Bedroom Home in El Sereno Los Angeles Rental

A simple, quaint three-bedroom house in El Sereno, this contemporary modern home is all you need for a low-budget film shoot. Fully furnished to reflect a middle-class home, there is tons of natural light beaming in through the many windows all around the home. There's even a charming walkway leading up to the home giving it a very elegant appeal. Also, the master bedroom is painted red, giving it a spectacular look on camera.

2) Backyard Beach House in Santa Clarita

Backyard Beach House in Santa Clarita Los Angeles Rental

A beach house with a great backyard that features a small pool, a hot tub, a bar and plenty of seating areas, this listing offers all sorts of looks and angles that'll look great on camera. With mature landscaping in the backyard, this gorgeous rental looks great at all points of the day, and at night. Not to mention, the interiors of the home look superbly spectacular as well.

3) Budget-Friendly Bohemian Venice Beach House

Budget Friendly Bohemian Venice Beach House Los Angeles Rental

This is the affordable, no-frills Venice Beach house (okay, some frills) that you've been searching for. Budget-friendly, endlessly accommodating, and with rich Bohemian vibes, this low-traffic Venice venue has all sorts of vibrant colors, different wall colors, and plush carpets, all of which look gorgeous on camera. The home is also close to Venice Beach and the Venice Beach Boardwalk, so if you're trying to get a whole different aura within your film project, then this listing is truly the one you've been searching for.

4) Mad Men Mid-Century Modern Home

Mad Men Mid-Century Modern Home Los Angeles Rental

This is a 1950s mid-century house, with furniture and landscaping matching the time period. It's open, airy, bright and comfortable. The owner has spent a lot of money on the art and furniture to really sell the 1950s era – and that effort really helps sell the authenticity and look of the venue. There's even an open garage at the listing, and a beautiful outdoor gazebo seating area in the backyard.

5) Naturally Lit Multi-Purpose Studio in DTLA

Naturally Lit Multi-Purpose Studio in DTLA Los Angeles Rental

This is a bright, sunny, multi-purpose studio located in DTLA, there's tons of natural light that sweeps into this 1,900 sq. ft. space. The venue has clean white walls, high ceilings, pillars, and concrete floors, along with tons of features such as black-out capabilities, chairs, mirrors, wardrobe racks, steamers, and loads of on camera character. What's more, the setup accommodates for varied film shoots and styles, allowing them to naturally fit in at this listing.

6) Conference Room and Loft Workspace near Abbot Kinney

Conference Room and Loft Workspace near Abbot Kinney Los Angeles Rental

A charming location that's got a lot happening, this venue has incredible outdoor and indoor spaces perfect for filming. The property has a huge grassy yard with a basketball court, while the indoors feature a conference room on the mezzanine floor, and a loft workspace both of which have loads of on-camera presence and appeal. All the while, you're saving tons on your location rental!

7) Spanish Style Retro Hollywood Home in Hollywood

Spanish Style Retro Hollywood Home in Hollywood Los Angeles Rental

Sit under tall cypress trees in the 1930's original mosaic pool and make some stunning film and photos under the serene feel of this sunny, secluded paradise. With 25-foot ceilings, grand white fireplace, a ballroom, and all sorts of incredible looks and angels to choose from, this picture perfect listing is located beneath the Hollywood Sign and offers itself at rates impossible to find in Hollywood. Be sure to check out more pictures of this Spanish Style Retro Hollywood Home by following the link provided, and experience for yourself the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 21st century.

That brings us to the end of this shortlist. From beach houses to retro Hollywood homes, we've tried to cover a plethora of styles, looks, and aesthetics in this short list. There maybe a chance that some of these locations are really not what've in mind for your film project, and if that's the case, please follow this link to view our catalogue of budget film location rentals available in Los Angeles.

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