Berry Themed Spring Wedding

Berries bring a sense of the coming of spring. Plump berries appearing on the trees along with buds bursting and birds singing make for nuptials with spring in the air!

Pictured here, the bride’s soft blue dress goes amazingly well with the dark hues of luscious blackberries and blueberries. The bouquet consists of ivory, pink, and purple flowers, tied with a soft purple ribbon, and a stunning cake, simple yet glorious, is placed on a rustic table dressed in blue velvet.

If you are planning on getting married in Birmingham, you’ve chosen the ideal city to pair with this theme. Beautiful wedding venues await, from charming locales on Birmingham's canals to art galleries full of history. The inspiration for this lovely occasion is detailed below!

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Table Setting Style for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

For this multi-shade berry themed spring wedding, there are many different avenues that you can explore to bring this theme to life using your table setting style. You can use a natural, darker wood table as a base and build your colour scheme on top of that – the wood colouring will tie in nicely to the natural vibe that comes with berries and springtime.

You can layer on top of this with different blues, pinks and purples using textured linens. On the more display style tables, such as the wedding cake table and guest list tables, you can use a luxurious, dark hued velvet drapery for an essence of opulence and richness that represents the bounty of the season.

Budget for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

As with any kind of wedding, there are more affordable ways of pulling off the berry themed spring wedding angle and there are definitely ways that you can completely blow the budget. Within this scheme, there are a lot of details to pay attention to which can slowly add up in price if you’re not careful.

This being said, the berry themed spring wedding style does lend itself perfectly towards smaller, more intimate weddings with fewer wedding guests and a more affordable, snug venue. Here, you can obviously save money on the price per head, as well as the overall catering costs.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

When it comes to your beautiful berry themed spring wedding dress, this is where things can get a bit interesting and non-traditional. A big part of springtime is the feeling of things coming alive and flourishing. With this in mind, you’re going to want to go with a floaty dress that looks like you could be walking in a field of wildflowers.

You don’t have to go with traditional white for this particular wedding dress, instead, you can go for a blush dress or a pastel tone that matches the pinks, purples or blues in your overall berry themed spring wedding.

Groom Style for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

Realistically, these kinds of berry themed spring weddings are fairly low-key and chilled. With this in mind, your groom style isn’t exactly going to be a full tuxedo kind of look. It’s probably going to look a little bit more casual – think crisp shirts, natural colours for the trousers like a navy, brown or deep burgundy to tie into the nature-driven colour palette.

For a more stylish look, roll up the shirt sleeves and get your groom to wear suspenders without a tie or jacket. This will not only make him more comfortable, but it’ll also allow him to look more comfortable for the photos that can often look a little bit stilted.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

Contrary to popular belief, the floral elements of a berry themed spring wedding aren’t necessarily going to be an explosion of reds and pinks. In fact, for this springtime vibe, you’re actually going to want to go for more purples and blues. Overall, this scheme is a lot softer and more sympathetic than regular berry themed summer weddings.

Make sure to mix up light and dark shaded flowers in your bouquet to give depth and texture to your floral look. You can root these floral arrangements by nestling them in a larger patch of green foliage, tying them into your natural, springtime wedding theme.

Wedding Invitations for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

For a lot of your guests, the wedding invitations are the first glimpse that they’ll have of your beautiful berry themed spring wedding vision. To convey this to your wedding guests, draw inspiration from the ornate twists and turns of the berry brambles, softening this thorny look by using watercolour strokes in purples, pinks and blues.

Add some romanticism into your wedding invitations by tying the various cards and return envelopes in berry coloured ribbons and materials. It gives a nice element of whimsy and shows the intimate, handmade aspect of your wedding that you’re trying to share with your wedding guests.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

As with a lot of aspects of this wedding, a stripped back, relaxed approach is needed for the wedding cake. Naturally, if you’re going to add a flavouring to your cake or have jam running through it, you should probably opt for a blackberry or blueberry flavour to match your overarching theme.

In terms of aesthetics, perhaps opt for a watercolour approach – similar to your wedding invitations – where you take the lighter, more neutral background icing and wash the base of your cake in that mix of blue and purple tones, as if the berry juices are seeping through, like they often do when we eat them straight from the bush.

Reception Decor for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

For your reception decor, there is probably an intimate, almost barn style feel to your wedding venue to tie into those natural wood elements. From this, you can add your details including plenty of flowers, ribbons and natural looking elements that look like they belong in a beautiful springtime hedgerow, without looking overly messy and unorganised.

Despite these details, there should be an underlying minimalist, easy going feel to your wedding reception decor. Think about plain backgrounds and lighter, stripped back wood floors so that you have that brightness that resembles the wonderful feeling of springtime, and you can juxtapose this against your darker berry tones.

Colour Palettes for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

As we’ve discussed throughout this article, there are some key colours to use in your palette such as blues and purple tones that you need to weave throughout your berry themed spring wedding to encompass that beautiful blackberry and blueberry magic that you’re looking for.

To balance this out, bring in lighter, sage coloured foliage and details to root your scheme in nature – pun intended! This, together with a plainer background with cream and ivory elements gives a nicer, brighter aspect to your wedding that stops it feeling dark and moody – definitely not the vibe we’re looking for with a berry themed spring wedding!

Details for a Berry Themed Spring Wedding

Although this is quite a minimalist wedding on the whole, the details are where this berry themed spring wedding really comes alive. Think about the softer light that comes from the candles all around you – bonus if you can get ones that smell like brambles in springtime – and marry that softer light with textural elements like ribbons and velvet draped table coverings.

Of course, berries in of themselves are perishable so it might not be the best decoration, but consider having some of them in bowls on your tables or feature it in your floral centerpieces to really tie your berry themed spring wedding scheme together.

Blackberry, Blueberry, and Violet Wedding

Combining both dark and light as spring is worn-out to do, today’s gorgeous wedding inspiration shoot from Anastasia Bruykhanova draws its palette from blueberries and blackberries and adds in a dash of gold, violet, and of course heaps of romance!

From Anastasia Bruykhanova – “The inspiration for this editorial was nature and the anticipation of summer. We wanted to focus on berries such as blackberries and blueberries along with violet and gold hues. The gold touches really worked wonders!

Once we shot in the studio we went out into the streets where spring was really in the air. The birds were singing and the sun was shining. The warm breeze spoke to the coming changes.”

Credits: Photography: Anastasia Bruykhanova // Décor: Time to be HAPPY // Hair & Makeup: Makeup By Anita // Cake: Sweet Diva Cakes // Models: Maxim & Oksana // Venue: Studio Lublu Gorkogo in Yakaterinburg, Russia.