It’s finally happened - you’re engaged! Congratulations all around! Now there’s a decision to make. How are you going to announce your engagement? If you look online, there are so many different ways to announce the happy news. From the traditional announcement in the paper to fun videos to incredible surprises, there are a lot of options to consider.

Fundamentally, your engagement announcement should match your and your fiance's vibe as a couple. If you’re relatively introverted then having a flash mob, huge celebration just isn’t going to feel right for you.

It also should feel authentic to the moment. If the proposal was in the city, having an announcement written in the sand at the beach over an hour away probably isn’t going to have the desired effect. Be genuine with your announcement. After all, you're sharing this amazing news with your loved ones – they know what you’re like so they’ll be happy for you no matter what!
Need some inspiration? Don’t worry, here are some things to consider when you’re looking for fun ways to announce your engagement. Will it be a loud all-night outdoor party? Or a quiet dinner with friends and family? ​​Either way, everyone will be excited about the upcoming wedding. See how Leonie and Andi announced their upcoming nuptials. They had a fun time and you should too!

Go subtle or go big

First things first, you need to decide how big your engagement announcement is going to be. If you want something subtle, like a nice photo of you and your spouse where your hand and ring are clearly visible but you don’t reference it at all, this can be a fun way to get shocked reactions from your friends and family members.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to make a big production out of your engagement announcement then that’s completely fine too. Maybe you make a funny video that ends with the proposal. Maybe you use fun props like balloons to hold with your ring hand and then you pop it and confetti rains down on you. There are loads of options of varying sizes and extremes – it’s up to you, your spouse, and your style as a couple.

Storyboard selection

The next option is the storyboard style of the engagement announcement. Whether you do this as an actual storyboard – something that’s especially cool if either of you is an artist or graphic designer – or you use a series of photos in an Instagram slider style, it’s a great way to share your amazing news.

The reason this works so well is that it takes your loved ones on the journey of the proposal. They get invested in what’s going on and want to see where it ends up. It’s a fun way of really bringing them in and making them feel like they’re a part of this huge moment in you and your fiance’s lives.

You can either hide a friend nearby to capture the entire proposal the first time around, or you can recreate it at a later date once you’ve refreshed your makeup, hair and wardrobe. It’s up to you, but the former offers a much more authentic result.

Funny poses

This is one of our personal favorites and one that a lot of our friends have done in the past. Especially if you’re one-half of a goofball couple who don’t like to take themselves too seriously, using a funny pose is a fun way to bring your personality into the announcement and give it some levity.

We’ve seen engagement announcement photos where the happy couple has feigned surprise as if it’s happening then and there. If you’re into Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, there are plenty of “one ring” references that you can bring into your fun engagement announcement. Essentially any pop culture reference that features rings can be a solid base for a fun, geeky and entertaining engagement photo shoot.

Another way is to bring in a funny full-body pose. Maybe it’s the soon-to-be bride carrying the fiance in an over-the-threshold style. Maybe it’s using other objects with a ring shape, like donuts to emphasize the focus on rings. There are a whole host of options, you can find loads of inspiration online, particularly on Reddit and Pinterest, so check those out if you’re looking for something a little bit more goofy and funny.


One of the most traditional ways to share your engagement announcement on social media is by using some kind of sign. Whether this is through spelling out phrases like ‘she said yes’, or ‘he put a ring on it’, on a sandy beach, or using pebbles or flower petals, it’s a classic for a reason.

It’s probably the clearest way to announce an engagement as people are scrolling through social media. No one has to zoom in for a ring or scroll across through a series of photos, trying to piece together what’s going on. If you’re a couple that likes to get to the point, then a sign style engagement announcement is probably going to be right up your alley.

Final tips

Let’s round out this article with a few final tips for announcing your engagement in a fun way:

  • Be as authentic as you can. Look, everyone knows that engagement announcements are staged to some degree, but if you can have fun and bring your personality into it, your loved ones are going to respond much more to your happy news.
  • Take some time. You don’t need to announce your engagement immediately, take some time for yourself to enjoy the news. Once it’s out there’ll be some fanfare, especially if you’re introverted, it’ll be a lot.
  • Tell the important people first. Don’t leave your parents to find out at the same time as the girl you went to high school with does. Some people might not use social media so let them know on the phone or in person. Make sure you let the important people know before anyone else, it’s a sign of respect and I’m sure they’ll appreciate the joy of being one of the first people to hear the big news!

Balloon Engagement Shoot

Last week’s pastel and peach Parisian wedding workshop shoot from Carmen and Ingo Photography had another part of it that I saved for today: this beautiful engagement inspiration!

Leonie and Andi are a real life couple and the perfect models for this shoot. They’re young, trendy, and have an effortlessly chic sense of style. A giant balloon is the perfect playful prop and their love and affection for each other takes centre stage in the most alluring way!

balloon engagement shoot / Carmen and Ingo Photography
engagement shoot inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
balloon engagement shoot / Carmen and Ingo Photography
engagement shoot inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
engagement shoot inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
engagement shoot inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
balloon engagement shoot / Carmen and Ingo Photography
balloon engagement shoot / Carmen and Ingo Photography
balloon engagement shoot / Carmen and Ingo Photography
balloon engagement shoot / Carmen and Ingo Photography
engagement shoot inspiration / Carmen and Ingo Photography
balloon engagement shoot / Carmen and Ingo Photography

Credits: Photography: Carmen and Ingo Photography // Concept & Styling: Doreen Winking Weddings // Hair & Makeup: Felicitas Brunner  // Jewelry: Michaela Römer //  Venue: Die Alte Gartnerei (Munich, Germany) // Models: Leonie & Andi.

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