Choosing Your Once in a Lifetime Wedding Gown

Breanna and Anna are the wonders of the fantastic Anna Bé line and when you read this editorial you’ll know why they’ve got the ideal dress for any bride style!

Your wedding should be everything you want it to be. From the wedding reception to the over the top photo shoot, we say go for what makes you happy!

Searching for your Once-in-a-Lifetime Wedding Dress

Your proposal story is an unforgettable event that you'll be recounting for days to come. It's also the moment that gets the ball rolling so to speak in terms of putting together the dreamy wedding you've always dreamed about. Whether you are a hopeless romantic who has fantasised about walking down the aisle or you've only just recently started poring through bridal magazines; searching for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding dress is a big deal.

The pressure comes from knowing that you have a certain time frame to find a gown that will sweep you off your feet at first sight. You might also be working with a wedding budget that doesn't quite allow you to splurge on that one aspect of the big day. Most brides always feel like they have the odds stacked up against them, and they potentially have to settle for a bridal ensemble rather than choosing a dress that they are crazy about.

Perhaps you have settled on wearing "something borrowed" but you are still figuring out how to modernise the ensemble or you have a very specific look in mind. One look at the bridal looks that  Anna Bé has in stock proves that your dream wedding dress exists.

What Best Suits You

First things first, if you haven't already started pinning different bridal looks or saving clippings from bridal magazines then that should be your first order of business. Coming up with a bridal inspiration board helps you figure out what wedding dress style and aesthetic speak to your heart.

Visualising how you'd like to look on your big day doesn't come easy for every bride. It could be as easy as consulting your wardrobe choices or making a trip to a department store to see what looks great on you. However, having a look in mind helps you narrow down your choices and you'll also be able to communicate the same with your bridal consultant.

Get browsing and do as much research as you can about wedding dresses and bridal accessories. Once you have a specific look in mind, then you are ready to start booking bridal boutique appointments.

Shop with your Wedding Theme in Mind

Perhaps you are finally ready to go for bridal appointments after choosing your wedding colours and theme. In that case, you'll find it helpful to shop for a wedding dress that aligns with your chosen theme.

Beach Bridal Looks

For a beach wedding, you'll find something with an empire waist or a sheath-style ensemble a befitting choice. The fabric should be light and airy with choices like chiffon and charmeuse topping the list of comfortable options. As for the length, a short dress would be ideal but a high-low option would still work.

If you want a long dress, choose a length that won't make it difficult to navigate the sandy terrain at the beach and also keep the train short.  The Lela Rose dress paints a picture of a bridal look that would be perfect for a beach wedding.

Country Wedding

The relaxed country setting works for a rustic or bohemian-themed wedding. A bohemian-styled dress would be a great choice but you could still keep that aspect a bit modern by choosing a contemporary bridal look. For instance, the Watters’ dresses would be perfect for Bohemian-rustic affairs.

However, if you are keen on fully committing to the theme, then the country setting pretty much allows you to set your spirit free. A flowy A-line dress, mini lace number, or floral maxi would work for the bohemian or rustic theme.

Nature-inspired Wedding

Perhaps you and your significant other want to commune with Mother Nature by saying "I do" at a forest venue. A loose flowy dress or an ethereal look, much like the striped Hayley Paige dress, would be perfect for the occasion.

Embroidered details, flutter sleeves, and light lace fabric are some of the design elements that are sure to give your bridal look an enchanted feel. For a mystical look, go for a wedding gown with off-shoulder bell sleeves and a relaxed, loose, skirt. A shoulder bow dress is another great look for a nature-inspired wedding.

A Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale weddings are often grand occasions that take place in a big hall or ballroom. In turn, you'll want to wear a wedding dress that's designed to make you the belle of the ball. The Vera Wang dress fits the bill, with the dramatic train and form-fitting silhouette.

In general, looks with hand-embellished bridal looks, delicate embroidery or beading details, and off-shoulder or sweetheart necklines are perfect for this theme. A-line and mermaid silhouettes are also elegant choices for such occasions.

A Simple Wedding

Who said that you shouldn't dress up just because you are having a courthouse or backyard wedding? In either case, a whimsical dress, a minimalistic option, or a stylishly simple look would do the trick.

Think along the lines of the Elizabeth Filmore look for a backyard wedding. In general, a bridal look with a short tail, sleeveless top, and lace or embroidered detail would work for a simple wedding.

Other Considerations when Shopping for your Dream Wedding Dress

There are plenty of other things that you should have in mind when shopping for your wedding dress.

  • Body shape

We are all built differently, and your body shape will determine which dress silhouette is most flattering for you. It's also worth noting that not all bridal stores have petite or plus size sections and you should be keen on this aspect when scheduling bridal appointments.

  • Accessories

Wear appropriate undergarments for your bridal fittings and also try on the full look. That means pairing the right footwear with the gown and crowning it off with a veil. It gives you a clearer picture of the look that works for you. For winter weddings, also shop for a complimentary jacket or cardigan.

  • Destination wedding

If yours is a destination wedding then a dress tailored using a light fabric would be ideal. If you simply must wear a ballgown-style dress then make arrangements for how you'll transport it to your wedding venue. Based on the size of the garment bag, some airlines have limited room for you to carry it in the cabin.

  • Take your consultant's advice

Most brides go to their bridal appointments perhaps hard-set on what they want but a majority have ended up choosing outfits that they hadn't initially thought they'd like. Listen to your consultant particularly if they suggest that you should try different silhouettes to see what suits you best.

10 Gorgeous Gowns From the Anna bé Style Book

You’ve met the wonderful duo (Breanna and Anna) behind one of Denver’s finest bridal salons – Anna Bé – here as part of the ‘inside the boutiqueseries and now I’m thrilled to bring their super chic style book shoot to you!

Style books are definitely one of the best new trends coming from bridal boutiques. It’s a creative way for them to show off their curated collection of wedding dresses, accessories, and jewellery with a style and flair that is aimed towards their ideal clients. The savvy boutique owners and stylists at Anne Bé dress brides in their once-in-a-lifetime gowns all day long, so they were the perfect people to pull together a fabulous bridal fashion editorial!

Watters wedding dress and Haute Bride bracelet | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Watters wedding dress | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Tara LaTour powder blue wedding dress | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Watters wedding dress | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
 Vera Wang | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Vera Wang | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Lela Rose wedding gown | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
 Elizabeth Fillmore wedding gown | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
 Elizabeth Fillmore wedding gown | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
 Modern Tousseau wedding dress | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Hayley Paige wedding gown with stripes | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Anna Maier wedding dress | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |
Lela Rose wedding dress | Anna Be Stylebook by Tory Lea Photography |

Wedding dress designers in order:

1. Watters
2. Tara LaTour
3. Watters
4. Vera Wang
5. Lela Rose
6. Elizabeth Fillmore
7. Modern Trousseau
8. Hayley Paige
9. Anna Maier
10. Lela Rose

Credits: Photography: Tory Lea Photography // Styling: Mile High Style // Floral Design: Plum Sage Flowers // Hair: Matthew Morris Salon // Makeup: The Look Salon // Studio: Artifact