For Ace & Jig’s Spring 2019 campaign, the clothing brand filmed a desert-themed video at one of Giggster's popular fashion photoshoot locations the Desert Country Club in September of 2018. Ace&Jig is a unique clothing brand that creates its clothing partnership with textile specialists in India. Their clothing is known for its bright saturated colors and stripes which are present in all their clothing.

The brand is focused on sustainable fashion which entails creating durable clothing, attention to not wasting resources, and never exploiting workers who make their clothing. While ageism is a common occurrence in the fashion industry, this campaign featured five models, with two pairs being mothers and daughters. Produced by Carissa Gallo, styled by Doria Santlofer, and makeup by Hayley Jean, the female-led team created a beautiful campaign.

Ace & Jig SS19 from Carissa Gallo on Vimeo.

The video featured the model, Salem Mitchell and her mom, Cailee Lola and her mom, Corey Grayhorse, and Josephine Jones. The short film shows the models inside of the abandoned diner that is also a part of the Desert Country Club location. Their clothing from the spring line was coordinated with the locations they shot in, creating aesthetically pleasing shots which are beautiful enough to be stills.

The producer made sure to utilize the unique backdrops of the country club in their video by choosing clothing from their line which complemented the colors of the buildings. The scene filmed out in the desert is paired with green-themed clothing from the line. They did the same in their styling for the red accents in the old diner and the gas station as well as the bright blue motel.

The film includes the more traditional serious shots of modeling mixed in with shots of the models playfully dancing in a synchronized formation. The film radiates a female strength which relates back to Ace&Jig’s brand which was founded by two women.

The wide variety of buildings, color tones, and structural elements really make the Desert Country Club in Lancaster an ideal fashion shoot location. If you would like to book it for your fashion project, please follow the link provided. In case you would like to see more locations, please click this link to view our collection of fashion photoshoot location rentals available on Giggster

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