7 Retro Homes To Rent for Film and Photo in Los Angeles

7 Retro Homes To Rent for Film and Photo in Los Angeles

If you're looking for a dated look that tells a story of a bygone era, retro homes are great option to bring a feeling of nostalgia to your footage. Whether it's high ceilings and French doors, or a rustic American warehouse with freight elevators, these alluring homes have a distinctive "period" vibe. So if you’re looking to introduce a dash of the past, we’ve here at Giggster have you covered. In this list, we've narrowed down 9 magnificent retro homes you can rent for film and photoshoots in LA from our exhaustive list of film and photo rentals available in the City of Angels.

1) Retro Home with a Record Room in West Hollywood

Retro Home with a Record Room in West Hollywood Los Angeles Rental

A Bohemian, retro home with a woody exterior and stone walkway leading to the main door, this home is about as rustic as it gets. Wood makes up a majority of the interior and the bohemian decor elements add a lot of chic and style appeal. Exposed beams and a loft area really add to the scenic appeal of the property which seems to be ideal for photo and video owing to the large amount of natural light flooding in through the large windows.

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2) 1920s Brick Finished Retro Loft in DTLA

1920s Brick Finished Retro Loft in DTLA Los Angeles Rental

An oddity of the ages, entering this pseudo-neglected loft is like taking a step into the past. A true product of a time bygone, the plot is even furnished with vintage decor and furniture. Styled to look from the 1920’s, there’s plenty of exposed beams which capture the rustic aura perfectly. The homey apartment is filled with neutral warm tones with dark carpets, wallpapers and tasteful decor.

3) Bold & Retro Bungalow near Hollywood Hills

Bold & Retro Bungalow near Hollywood Hills Los Angeles Rental

With Classic Los Angeles vibes and with a view overlooking the Hollywood hillside, this bungalow offers a lot of diverse looks. White on the inside with dashes of primary colors, tasteful wall art, and bold carpets, your certain to get a properly lit frame for your scene. The outdoor patio area looks straight out of the tropics, adding a very vibrant and bright tone to your film. There’s even an outdoor pool area which fits in perfectly with the surroundings — and lends itself perfectly for the camera.

4) Eclectic Retro Home in North Hollywood

Eclectic Retro Home in North Hollywood Los Angeles Rental

Retro home packed with art and aesthetic installations, every inch of this space is photogenic. The bold artworks and colorful interiors blend well with the offwhite walls and light wood floors. There are plenty of color all around which adds a lot of vibrance to your frame as well. There is also plenty of space available outside including multiple seating areas, a pool and a small garden area.

5) Brightly Lit Retro Home near Baldwin Village

Brightly Lit Retro Home near Baldwin Village Los Angeles Rental

If you’re worried about having enough lighting indoors, here’s a property you have to look at. Featuring minimal installations with light colored furniture and light wood floors, the sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows really flood the space with all the light you could possibly require. There’s also a fireplace with a mantle in the spacious big room, and a neat wooden kitchen to wrap up the interiors. Outside a charming, quaint Zen-like aura radiates through the air. The retro home near Baldwin Village also features a terraced garden, landscaped flora and a dirt yard.

6) Retro Spanish Mission Home near Highland Park

Retro Spanish Mission Home near Highland Park Los Angeles Rental

A rustic Spanish Mission Home with plenty of European airs, there are a lot of different areas and aesthetics on site which really add to the value derived from filming here. Set on a half acre site which has been landscaped for the camera, there are plenty of flowery and rocky seating areas outside, and another one near the small, yet, eye-catching fountain. The interiors have exposed columns in an otherwise open floor plan giving you plenty of space to move around — and just like the outdoors, the interiors are extremely aesthetic and tuned for the camera.

7) Retro Vintage Mansion in Echo Park

Retro Vintage Mansion in Echo Park Los Angeles Rental

A retro mansion atop a hill in Echo Park, this place has a lot of retro character and vintage vibes. With a stunning view of DTLA from the front porch and a mesmerizing glimpse of the Hollywood sign from the back, this space really captures the LA vibe across its many rooms and multiple outdoor decks. Not just that, the interiors reflect upon bygone times with plenty of vintage instruments and old-school furniture and fixtures all over the home. Notably, the interiors are rust-themed which adds a very moody look to the footage captured here.

Rich in character and having an onscreen presence, these listings are the perfect to capture different moods and tones within the retro home style. If you’re interested in renting any of them, or taking a look at more pictures, or getting an entire list of features, please follow the links in the description. However, we understand this is a short list, and you may want to explore more photo and film rentals. If that's the case, please follow this link to view our entire collection of listings available for photo and film in Los Angeles.

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