Chicago isn't always considered as a cheap location for a film project. But in a city as big and broad as Chicago, we here at Giggster have plenty of affordable film location rentals, perfect for budding filmmakers and professionals alike. In this list, we've put together a few of these gems from our entire catalogue of film rentals available in Chicago. Read on to discover these budget-friendly filming spots.

1) Lincoln Square Storefront and Flex Space

Lincoln Square Storefront and Flex Space Chicago Rental

This diverse, 4,000 sq. ft. cultural space in Lincoln Square has a raw, industrial vibe with exposed brick walls and high ceilings, qualities necessary for an aesthetic and hassle-free film project. Encompassing 3 spaces in one with tons of flexibility in terms of the furniture and fixtures, the open floor plan allows you to capture the best angles. What's more, the space is location in one of Chicago's cultural hubs, which means you can capture the palpable city vibe on your shoot here.

2) Modern Gym in Palantine

Modern Gym in Palantine Chicago Rental

If your film script requires a modern gym, then this fitness and martial arts facility in Palantine is ideal for your film shoot. Fully equipped with exercise equipment, conventional and unconventional, this martial arts studio has an industrial vibe perfect for shooting a workout or fitness scene. The 8,000 sq. ft space has plenty of floor area to work your cameras in, and with the dark floor mats and exposed lighting rails, there's all sorts of on-screen appeal to be found here.

3) 4-Room Intimate Studio Space in Lincoln Park

Intimate 4 room studio space in Lincoln Park Chicago Rental

An intimate and versatile studio space with multiple rooms, this pocket-friendly filming space is made for indoor shoots. Whether you're looking for a yoga or workout setup, an artsy space, or a casual lounging look within your film, there's plenty this space offers and then some. White walled across most rooms with an open floor plan, there's tons of space to move your camera about in this 1,400 sq. ft filming studio in Lincoln Park.

4) Artsy Speakeasy in The Heart of Wicker Park

Artsy Speakeasy in the Heart of Wicker Park Chicago Rental

An artsy speakeasy that oozes on-screen charm and appeal, this intimate, vibrant event space is a one-of-a-kind filming ground in Chicago. There's all sorts of amenities on-site including a microphone and sound system, a digital video projector and an expansive seating and furniture array. With exposed brick walls, fancy installations and fixtures, and a tiled floor, there's a genuine art meets culture vibe to this listing that's truly surreal while filming here.

5) Ranch Style Family Home with Plenty of Natural Light

Ranch Style Family Home with Plenty of Natural Light Chicago Rental

An old-school, ranch-style family home rental in Chicago, this mid-century property has a quaint, homely vibe that harkens back to the 60s and 70s. Inside the home has dull, grey walls and an open floor plan, perfect to keep your focus on the action. There's also a beautiful backyard patio deck and yard that adds to the friendly, neighbourly charm of this listing. There's plenty of natural light coming in through the windows, and with a few clever camera tricks, you're certain to get all sorts of angles and frames here.

6) Upscale Music Studio near West Town

Upscale Music Studio near West Town Chicago Rental

A venue graced by legends of music including Sting and John Mayer, this upscale music studio has all the right colors, tones and vibes for an acoustic and aesthetic music video shoot. And in a world of Instagram reels and endless music videos, this space is a go to spot for any aspiring music makers or music video makers in Chicago. Intimate and cozy featuring an open floor plan, there's all sorts of charming shots waiting for you at this upscale music studio near West Town.

7) Creative Timber Loft Office Space in River North

Creative Timber Loft Office Space in River North Chicago Rental

A gorgeous office loft space with exposed beams and brick walls, this rustic film rental oozes an 80s charm and grandeur. Designed as an office space, the location is perfect for filming office scenes and interviews. What's more, there's an on-site editing suite and production bays which you can utilise to make the most out of your filming experience here. Be sure to check out more details by following this link to the creative timber loft office space listing.

8) Graffiti Themed Loft in Wicker Park

Wicker Park Graffiti Themed Loft Chicago Rental

Bold, colorful and artsy, this graffiti-themed loft space in Wicker Park is your go to spot for a budget-friendly artsy home in Chicago. The themed apartment is propped with original art in a bunch of different colors, funky cloth textures and much more. Fully decorated and equipped for an at home shoot, this sensational listing is perfect if your film has to do with art and its infinite sub-themes.

9) Dramatic Industrial Loft Space near Uptown

Dramatic Industrial Space near Uptown Chicago Rental

A stand-alone, one floor, brick building, this 3,000 sq. ft. filming space has endless camera potential during natural sunlit hours. With floor-to-ceiling windows running along the length of one side of the building, and then more on another side of the building, your shots have all the light required for a gorgeously lit frame. The industrial loft space is also fully flexible in terms of the furniture and features three semi-private conference rooms as well. There's also an exposed wood-beamed ceiling which adds to the camera charm of this location.

There you go, folks – a list of Chicago's best, super affordable film rental locations! Remember, if you like any of these locations you can click on their titles or the links within the description, and go to their Giggster listing page where you can send a message to the owner and set up a scout and then make a booking! If these aren't exactly up your alley (or you have a greater budget!, you might want to take your pick from our film location rentals available in Chicago.

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