Warehouses are epic places to shoot at. There’s usually a ton of windows, different wall and floor textures, open floor areas, incredibly high ceilings and a whole lot more that enable this space to be ideal for most photo and video projects. And on Giggster our warehouse listings range from industrial storage warehouses through private warehouse lofts to factories repurposed to function as event spaces. So straight from our extensive catalog of warehouse spaces available for film and photo rentals in New York, here are our picks for the top 10 large warehouses you should head to with your camera.

1) Industrial Warehouse on Brooklyn Waterfront in Navy Yard

Indsutrial Warehouse on Brooklyn Waterfront in Navy Yard New York Rental

An industrial warehouse located on the Brooklyn waterfront, this 22,000 sq ft column free warehouse is incredible for your photo and video needs. Concrete floors, exposed beams, storage equipment and some warehouse props really help establish a level of authenticity to the place. Industrial and active, this warehouse in Brooklyn Navy Yard has already been featured in movies, events and other commercial productions.

2) Unique SoHo Warehouse Loft

Unique SoHo Warehouse Loft New York Rental

A warehouse loft, this second floor SoHo space extends a massive 10,000 sq. ft. Floor-to-ceiling windows stand at one end of space with a 14-foot high tin ceiling covering the length and breadth of the home. With exposed brick walls, a climate-controlled warehouse, and stunning views of New York’s iconic cityscape, this warehouse has a lot going for it and it’s all good. The open floor plan makes it simple to use rigs and capture long shots with no cuts, something that always works positively for films.

3) Raw Industrial Warehouse in Sunset Park

Raw Industrial Warehouse in Sunset Park New York Rental

Spread over an astounding 56,000 sq ft area, this raw, gritty warehouse is one of the largest industrial warehouse in all of Brooklyn. Capable of functioning as a production facility, this mega structure has 7 warehouses interconnected with drive-in access. Natural light emphasizes the industrial aesthetic of painted white brick walls and concrete floors through skylights. It offers unique passageways and cobblestone streets for variant exterior scenes. A perfect space for a shutterbug!

4) The Dumbo Warehouse

The Dumbo Warehouse New York Rental

An elegant warehouse that has a single look, you could easily mistake this space for being a haunted maze. High ceilings, exposed pipework and beams, and fading walls with exposed bricks definitely have their own onscreen persona which the camera captures beautifully. There’s also an office area and a few rooms adding to the different looks in the place. Close to the Manhattan Bridge, this place is spread over 80,000 sq. ft.

5) Massive Open Warehouse in Passaic

Massive Open Warehouse in Passaic New York Rental

A massive open warehouse in New Jersey with high ceilings and thin support columns, this listing has a very industrial feel to it. The 13,000 sq ft area has a lot of light coming in from the many windows that wrap around the warehouse. A space that has a few props, there’s a lot of potential here and that really depends on your script. But the columns might get in the way of any elaborate tracks or robotic rigs you might have in mind.

6) Industrial Warehouse with Heavy Machinery in Brooklyn

Industrial Warehouse with Heavy Machinery in Brooklyn New York Rental

A ginormous industrial warehouse area, this listing has soaring high ceilings and a large amount of storage shelves and heavy machinery. Spread over 10,000 sq ft, there’s also a dining hall and loading bay at the warehouse. But what really makes this space standout is the quantity of heavy machinery which gives this place an incredible feel, and the perfect ambience for a thrilling action sequence.

7) 3 Story Empty Warehouse along NYC Viaduct in near General Grant Memorial

3 Story Empty Warehouse along NYC Viaduct in near General Grant Memorial New York Rental

A multi-story warehouse property that opens to the NYC Viaduct, this warehouse listing is perfect for controlled lighting setups and sequences that need you to move the cameras vertically across multiple floors. Largely empty except for the beams, support railings, and a crisscross of support pillars, this warehouse space also has a few rooms, each with its own tile pattern and wall color allowing you to capture an even more range of looks and ambiences while on your shoot here. All in all, the space is probably the only warehouse you need for an entire script that revolves around a warehouse.

8) Zen Warehouse Loft in Passiac

Zen Warehouse Loft in Passaic New York Rental

A uniquely styled warehouse loft, this 12,000sq ft loft studio is filled with daylight and props. Exposed wood beams, an onsite furniture and prop rental facility, and aesthetic decor lets you customize this beautiful warehouse to meet your fine details. Space includes props, furniture, wardrobe racks, iron & ironing board, steamer, Italian espresso machine, hi-speed WiFi, stereo system, ping pong table, printer, scanner, folding tables & chairs, etc … making this a perfect space for long shoots.

9) Shabby Chic Industrial Warehouse in Brooklyn

Shabby Chic Industrial Warehouse in Brooklyn New York Rental

Now a film and photography studio, this warehouse was originally built over 120 years ago. The warehouse has five distinct venues/themes on site, each giving your film a different tone and flavour. Exposed bricks and beams, metal stairs, open floor areas … there’s everything you’re looking for here. There’s also furniture, decor, props and expendables available at this warehouse for rent.

10) Unique Warehouse with 80s European Cars in Maplewood

Unique Warehouse with 80s European Cars in Maplewood New York Rental

A 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse space made up of a car repair space, indoor parking, and an indoor showcase area, this venue feels like its straight out of a Fast and the Furious franchise, or any movie that has a bunch of cars. There's a lot of on-screen character and appeal to this location, that on the second floor, also features a lounge, a kitchen, an event space and a collection of rare European car parts.

All in all, there’s a lot to look forward to while shooting in warehouses. You might want to take in extra light cutters and huge stands to help with the light coming in from all sides. Besides that, all footage looks pretty stunning. And if you like any of the listings, would like to check more pictures, or take a look at the fine print, please follow the links in the description. But in case you'd like to see more listings before finalizing, do check out our collection of warehouses available for rent in New York, and select the one that best fits your needs.

Oh, also, if this is your first time renting a warehouse space for an extended period, you might want to check out this short blog on how much it costs to rent a warehouse space for a day, that also categories warehouses by size, budget allocation, and the various elements you've to factor in while renting such a space.

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