Large warehouse spaces make for incredible photo & video sets. Rustic, and raw on camera, these large spaces have plenty of open area for you to move around and get all sorts of wacky camera angles. There’s always a bunch of light too making them ideal for your setups. Plus, we’ve curated a list of different warehouse styles and interiors from our extensive collection of warehouse rentals in Los Angeles so you can choose one that suits your needs the best. So let’s get straight into the Giggster picks for the 9 best large warehouses you can rent for film and photo in LA.

1) Rustic Brick Warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles

Rustic Brick Warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles Rental

A rustic brick warehouse, this industrial property can even double as a large open event space. A Cathedral ceiling with an exposed beam support, a central skylight that runs along the length of the warehouse, and rustic brick and colored walls, there’s plenty of charming light through the day. Great for pretty much whatever you see fit, the chandeliers and lights setup, really adds an elegance to the space during the nighttime.

2) New York Style Warehouse Loft with A/C in DTLA

New York Style Warehouse Loft with A/C in Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles Rental

A New York style warehouse loft located in close proximity to the fashion district, this space two distinct looks. The warehouse has a concrete floor open area with exposed cemented beams, and another loft area which has a hardwood floor which comes to life with the minimal Zen decor. Windows wrap around the building so light would never be an issue during the daylight hours. There’s also access to the terrace area. Additionally, the property has a bunch of props available onset. Just follow the link to find out the entire list.

3) Derelict Industrial Warehouse near South Park

Neglected Industrial Warehouse near South Park Los Angeles Rental

A grungy, raw warehouse with a bold vintage aura, this property has a very distinct looks. Unevenly chipped walls, exposed bricks, an iron gate … there’s a whole lot going on here. The open areas really make it incredible for any sort of project you might have that requires a very gritty look. Just like the previous, even this one has a bunch of props and equipment available on site you can rent for your project.

4) Rustic Brick Warehouse with an Arched Ceiling in DTLA

Rustic Brick Warehouse with an Arched Ceiling in DTLA Los Angeles Rental

A century old property with rough, original rustic brick walls, arched wooden ceiling, and handcrafted rod iron chandeliers — this warehouse is an ideal location for both film and photo projects. Wood-paneled, brick, concrete, mural … the walls in this warehouse offer all kinds of textures for you to play with. The space looks incredible when decked up as a ballroom, or a grandeur location and would go a long way if you consider it as such for your film or photo project.

5) Futuristic Mega White Warehouse near Sun Valley

Futuristic Mega White Warehouse near Sun Valley Los Angeles Rental

A high-tech, futuristic looking warehouse loft and office, this 30,000 sq ft property has a very distinct look which you’re not going to find elsewhere. Completely white with elegant marble floors, unique door and window shapes, and a small landscaped entrance area — this property is perfect for a warehouse in the modern era. It also doubles as an incredible startup office front. The abundance of white really helps on camera light by adding a lot of nice bounce and reflections which can be used for maximum visual impact.

6) Warehouse with Truss Ceiling near San Pedro

Warehouse with Truss Ceiling near San Pedro Los Angeles Rental

A converted warehouse space, this listing has a very nice on-camera appeal to it. Concrete floors, steel columns and original open-truss ceilings really elevate the place to have an elegant appeal. There’s cleverly placed windows and doors around the warehouse offering you plenty of natural light for your shoots. There’s also some industrial and storage equipment available on site which adds a lot of character to the footage filmed here.

7) Industrial Warehouse with Cyclorama near Chinatown

Industrial Warehouse with Cyclorama near Chinatown Los Angeles Rental

Perfect for projects that require planned post production, this vacant industrial warehouse is equipped with a cyclorama (28’ x 34’) making everyone’s life simple. There’s a fair amount of natural lighting available on site which is pretty patch. A general open floor plan makes the space perfect for large rigs. Scenery rentals and custom graphics are available on site as well. All in all, you’d be hard pressed to find a better equipped warehouse when it comes to planning post production.

8) Huge Dingy Warehouse w/ Floor Drain in Downtown Los Angeles

Huge Dingy Warehouse w/Floor Drain in Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles Rental

Another neglected warehouse space, this on built in the 20s and covering a massive 10,000 sq. ft. floor area, there are tons of textures and looks within this warehouse. Featured distressed wood, exposed bricks, vintage industrial elements, and a floor drain for wet-downs, your camera and you have tons of character and rustic charm to work with, albeit, more on the grungy side. The venue can easily be blacked out, to give you complete control over the lighting as well, and yes, there's plenty of power supply to light up your equipment.

9) Warehouse with Multimedia LED Glass in Compton

Warehouse with Multimedia LED Glass in Compton Los Angeles Rental

A 2-storey warehouse space fitted with multimedia LED screens, this open warehouse can be used in many unique ways. The LED screens are the standout feature of this space. The screens are made of a transparent glass with embedded LED lights, making it a great tool to get creative. The technology has the ability to have customized graphics, sound/motion activation, and live art/app syncing and display. The ground level has a large office space facing the warehouse. Second level is accessible by stairs and features extra office space and a small balcony that overlooks the installations downstairs.

These warehouses all have their own unique features and installations - something you should definitely be mindful of while deciding on your location. This said, if you like what you see, would like to check more pictures, or take a look at the fine print, please follow the links in the description. But in case you'd like to see more warehouse listings, please follow this link to view our entire range of warehouse rentals available for filming and photoshoot in Los Angeles. In case you'd like to get know more about how to factor in budgets for an extensive warehouse sequences, here's a short blog which gets into the details of how much it would cost to rent a warehouse location for a day.

Happy filming!

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