Remember the interesting locations from crime thrillers and police dramas where all the action happens - where money exchanges hands and every epic chase sequence starts? Sometimes dingy, almost always expansive - these scenes are shot in warehouses, the perfect setting to give you the right amount of shock and thrill. And boy do we have tons of warehouses available to rent for filming in Los Angeles. Of course, shooting in a studio is always an option, but if you want to choose authenticity over convenience, here is a list of the 8 most unique warehouses that you can rent for your shooting needs on Giggster! Read on to discover some truly breathtaking filming locations.

1) Creative Industrial Warehouse Near Downtown LA

Creative Industrial Warehouse Near Downtown LA Los Angeles Rental

Located about 10 minutes from downtown LA, this warehouse is perfect for shoots ranging from crime shows to music videos. You can tailor this 5,816 sq.ft. space pretty much how you'd like. The warehouse in itself is over 2,000 sq.ft. in size and has two roll up doors leading into it. The driveway with the large sliding gates will definitely be a great addition if your scene needs long shots of vehicles entering the area. Don't miss the dramatic touch the bathtub in the middle of the hall adds to the entire space!

2) Rustic Brick Warehouse in DTLA

Rustic Brick Warehouse in DTLA Los Angeles Rental

Another gem from downtown LA, this beautiful brick property is perfect for all kinds of shoots and events. From music videos to films and fashion shows, this high-ceiling venue can be transformed into a set that works the best for you. This warehouse is about a century old, and has handcrafted rod iron chandeliers that add to its camera appeal. It also has a large parking area, making it easier for the crew to off load their equipment.

3) Derelict Industrial Warehouse near South Park

Derelict Industrial Warehouse near South Park Los Angeles Rental

A one-of-a-kind dilapidating warehouse space, this one has tons of camera character. The derelict, neglected venue has paint chipping off the walls, discolored floors, and exposed beams on the ceiling giving it an industrial look unlike the other spaces in this list. The multi-colored brick walls exude a camera appeal, while the no pillar open floor plan allow you to move the camera how you'd like. The location also has equipment rentals and vintage props on site you can utilize for an extra fee on the day of your shoot.

4) NYC-Style Warehouse Loft in DTLA

NYC-Style Warehouse Loft in DTLA Los Angeles Rental

This 10,000 sq.ft. New York City style warehouse loft has its own style and camera presence hard to find on the west coast. It has one concrete side with gorgeous cemented beams and one wood side with hardwood floors and beams. The windows wrap around the entire building, letting in natural light throughout the entire day. There's even a make up room, and a private roof access with breathtaking views of the Los Angeles skyline available at an extra fee. Due to its large floor space, it's great for big productions and large sets.

5) Central LA Warehouse with Multi-Media LED Glass

Central LA Warehouse with Multi-Media LED Glass Los Angeles Rental

This open-air two-storied warehouse space comes plugged in with multimedia LED screens. The screens are made of a transparent glass with embedded LED lights, making it a great tool to get creative and utilize the space in a several different ways. We especially love the idea of shooting the subjects both in front and behind the screens. Given its absolutely unique look this space is great for artsy music videos, film and photo shoots!

6) Abandoned Warehouse and Parking Lot near Glassell Park

Abandoned Warehouse and Parking Lot near Glassell Park Los Angeles Rental

This unique warehouse compound features a multi-dimensional production location. Expansive concrete parking lots, rural graffiti exterior and interior makes it a very unique property in the city, giving it a grungy, modern vibe. The warehouse also has tons of different looks and styles, all of which are distinct, and camera ready. Be sure to check them out by following the link provided above. Oh, and we almost forgot, the parking lot looks pretty capable of handling a shoot all by itself too!

7) Graffiti Railroad Yard near Lincoln Park

Graffiti Railroad Yard near Lincoln Park Los Angeles Rental

This private railroad yard is not exactly a warehouse but we had to include this purely because of how out-of-the-box it is! These tracks are not active and are surrounded by brick graffiti walls that look spectacular on camera. The noise tolerance in this area is high, thanks to this being an industrial location. It is also great for day and night time shoots. Fun fact - there is a dark tunnel which is a part of this property and yes, it is available for shoots!

8) Vintage Warehouse with Props Included near Park Mesa Heights

Vintage Warehouse with Props Included near Park Mesa Heights Los Angeles Rental

A 2,500 sq. ft. warehouse filled with props you can decorate your film set with, this space is pretty much its own prop house. Inside, among the many treats you'll discover, the prominent ones include, a rotation collection of large, vintage neon signs, a couple of Harleys, a few dirt bikes, a 1951 Buick, WWII era aircraft parts, vintage wooden ammo boxes and antique car parts. The warehouse has wood beam ceilings in one part, and a vaulted corrugated tin ceiling on the other side, with old gnarly industrial windows streaking sunlight across the space. There's even a 50ft exposed brick wall if you want a different look onsite.

Just like studios, warehouses are versatile spaces for events and film shoots from across the board. And in case you're looking at renting warehouse spaces for a long day, here's a short read on how to go about renting warehouse spaces, and how much you're looking at spending each day on warehouse locations rental.

This said, whether you are writing the plot for the next Mafia movie, or looking for a space to do a grungy fashion photoshoot, this list has your warehouse requirements well covered. However, in case you'd like to see more locations before finalizing your shoot location, please follow this link to view our collection of warehouse spaces available for rent in LA.

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