8 Excellent Retro Homes To Rent for Film and Photo in New York

8 Excellent Retro Homes To Rent for Film and Photo in New York

Charming and nostalgic, retro homes breathe fresh life into a frame as compared to the modern, typical, drab homes. Not only do retro homes look spectacular on the camera, they usually are steeped in history, and have their own place in film language. Whether you’re looking for grandma’s house, or that of a rich industrialist from the past, we’ve picked out the best retro homes from our collection of listings to rent for film and photo in NY. All of these are available to rent on Giggster, and we highly recommend these spaces to capture that rustic charm necessary for any good retro filming location.

1) Old Fashioned Retro Home near Seaside

Old Fashioned Retro Home near Seaside New York Rental

The cliched "grandma's house", walking into this old-fashioned property feels like stepping back in time. A style that looks like it could be anywhere from the 50’s to the 70’s, this cozy retro space adds a charming effect to your footage. The interior has a very natural color scheme with floral overtones. Even the fixtures seem period correct which adds a whole different level of authenticity to this space. A house that looks like it could be located anywhere in the USA, this compact home is the perfect retro home for small shoots.

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2) Vintage Retro Home with Period Props in South Brooklyn

Vintage Retro Home with Period Props in South Brooklyn New York Rental

A proper vintage retro home with vintage décor and a collection of props from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, this stunning place has everything you need for a retro-esque film and photo shoot. Painted wooden walls, plush red carpets, and designer grade furniture and fixtures help steep the home in the authentic retro vibes. The staircases are narrow, and a few of the walls are wallpapered that really help sell the look. Oh, also, the props are included in the cost of the rental.

3) 60s and 70s Dated Dream House w/ Minimal Furniture

60s and 70s Dated Dream House w/ Minimal Furniture New York Rental

A gorgeous, minimal retro home that lacks furniture apart from the bits that require installation, the rich 60's and 70's look at this home is to die for. There's wallpaper all around the living areas of the home, while the bedrooms are plain and empty. There's even a surreal green painted room that looks especially wonderous on camera. Definitely a space that screams 'Grandma's Home', the home across its many rooms offers a true vintage, rustic vibe that permeates through the listing.

4) Classic Ornate Manhattan Greystone

Classic Ornate Manhattan Greystone New York Rental

A historic Greystone building that oozes character and on-camera appeal, there's a retro 'Uncle Ben' aura to this Manhattan home. Each room within the home offers a variety of textures, colors, and moods, all of which come together to create a dramatic, retro vibe that's unmissable. Well decorated with loads of artworks, fixtures, wallpaper, carpets, and what not, the home is also well lit during the day light hours. There are also multiple four-poster beds at this listing, giving it a one-of-a-kind charm and appeal.

5) Retro Bohemian Loft & Roof Deck in Central Williamsburg

Retro Bohemian Loft & Roof Deck in Central Williamsburg New York Rental

A mesmerizing loft setup with retro 1920’s chic décor, exposed bricks and high ceilings, this listing has all the works. The loft visually immerses you in nostalgia with its vintage furniture and classic speakeasy vibe. A visually rich space, there’s no spot that looks dull or boring. The vibrant color tones and decor language go really well with the carpets, fixtures and other installations. There’s also a roof deck which provides stunning views of the NYC skyline, and can host up to 25 people.

6) Retro 2-Story House in Middletown

Retro 2-Story House in Middletown New York Rental

A property that dates back to the 1900s, this Americana retro home is located in an extremely picturesque setting, adjacent to a tree line. The large grounds and front yard with a stone walkway really boost the exterior look, especially in front of a camera. Inside the home is very cozily decorated with dashes of color peppered throughout. With a walk-out basement and an attic, there’s really all kinds of rooms and places for you to get the shots you’re looking for.

7) Retro Fairytale Home with Medieval Features in Mohegan Lake

Retro Fairyale Home with Medieval Features in Mohegan Lake New York Rental

If you're going for something medieval, then this retro fairytale home in Mohegan Lake is where you ought to be. Featuring a well, an original Great room, a barn door, wagon wheel chandeliers and diamond shaped windows, you're in for a treat at this location. Overall, the home has a great room, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and two big outdoor patios that can be styled for anything ranging from a retro home to a vintage hunting loft. This old fashion, unique listing is also located in close proximity to the Mohegan Lake that has a dock for boats. Also, the lake is visible from the bedroom.

8) Retro 60s Designer Home with Hudson Valley Views in Newburgh

Retro 60s Designer Home with Hudson Valley Views in Newburgh New York Rental

An affluent space with plenty of designer traits, this 60’s home is a mid-century retro delight. Built in 1960, this house sits atop a small hillock. The added height gives jaw dropping panoramic views of the Hudson Valley below and really add a surreal feel to the multiple sitting decks and the pool outside the home. The layout of the home is built around a central courtyard with a koi point, and there’s plenty of natural light coming in to all nooks and crannies of the home. Stylish furniture and high-end designer fixtures and artworks really spruce up the location into something truly unique.

These spaces look incredible on camera, and each adds it own unique flavor to the project you have in mind. Do be mindful of compact spaces and windows if you’re thinking of lining up your frames by looking at these pictures. And if you’re interested in renting any of them, or taking a look at more pictures, or getting an entire list of features, please follow the links provided. That said, in case you'd like to see more retro listings, please go through our catalog of location rentals available for film and photo in New York City.

Happy filming!

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