2019 was an incredibly important year for Giggster with record growth and thousands of incredible productions created on the platform. While our company has made a ton of progress with exciting technology updates, the addition of talented team members and a range of unique marketing initiatives, most of this growth has been achieved through the hard work and incredible creativity of our community of renters and hosts.

Thousands of new producers, photographers and event planners have signed up to Giggster over the last 12 months, ranging from first-time location renters to seasoned producers from Hollywood's biggest studios. In addition to a healthy influx of new users, we've also seen signs of increased loyalty from our long-time renters - which we attribute mostly to the hard work of Giggster's Customer Success team (a special shoutout goes to Alison, Kelsii, Adrian, and Abby), as well as numerous refinements to the core Giggster product and the continued expansion of our location supply.

To provide a little more clarity into our growth, we decided to put together a collection of cool stats, and important milestones breaking down the things that made 2019 a year to remember.

As you can see above, our total bookings on Giggster.com have continued to double year over year, with 2019's strong growth positioning our company as one of the largest location booking companies in the business. Despite the large increase in quantity of bookings, we've been able to maintain our status as a truly professional locations platform, with our average booking value ($1,874) far above other peer-to-peer location rental services.

With thousands of location bookings running through our platform, we've been able to identify several macro-level trends in the location rental industry. The past 12 months helped solidified our understanding of seasonality, with the fall months of October and November once again serving as our most popular months of the year (in terms of both total bookings and revenue).

Single-day production shoots during the work week remain the most common booking type on our platform, with 8am to 5pm being the most popular hourly range. However, Saturdays are the most popular single day (with Tuesday following as a close second). Unsurprisingly, single-family homes remain our most popular location category by a wide margin, which is also reflected in our total supply (which when put in context of our catalog of listings in LA is alone well-over 2,000 homes).

Top Host - 2019

AJ was our most successful host this past year, thanks to the cinematic charm and distinctive decor of his listing, Abandoned Vintage Apartment. With an incredible price, easy parking access and limitless production potential, AJ has been able to generate over 80 bookings over the past 12 months, with more than half of these coming since September 1st.

Top Host Runner Up - 2019

Veteran Giggster host Brian has continued to attract lots of bookings, thanks to a combination of great value and exceptional host support. While he missed out on the top spot this year, Brian's location Mad Men Midcentury is firmly established as one of the most popular locations on Giggster. If you want to learn more about how how he's become a superstar host, you can click here to read an interview we did with him back in July.

Rookie of the Year - 2019

David joined Giggster in February of 2019 and has very quickly established himself as a one of our top up-and-coming hosts. With nearly 40 bookings in 12 months, he's been able to find a carve out a great niche, thanks to the period-perfect decor of his 70's Suburban Home.

Of course, these three hosts are just a few of the incredible success stories that have helped make 2019 a hit. Joining them are over one thousand other property owners across the United States who have hosted a shoot through Giggster in the past year.

With great popularity, comes great responsibility and our product, marketing, and engineering teams have worked hard to keep pace with a number of exciting updates and releases over the year. A few of our favorites are highlighted below: