As an overworked and budget-conscious producer you're probably good at surviving without proper nourishment and hydration. And yet, while you may be able to survive a 20-hour shoot sustained only by 5-hour energy and the occasional fruit-rollup, there's a good chance your cast and crew will appreciate a hot meal midway through the day.

Here at Giggster we believe that a well-fed crew is a happy crew, which means finding affordable on-set catering and craft services is pretty important.

To make your life a little bit easier, we put together a comprehensive list of the very best production catering options in Los Angeles. Not only did we scour Yelp and Google, we also reached out to dozens of Giggster producers for their recommendations on favorite catering services in the city.

You can find the full list below (not ranked in any order):

15) My Taco Guy Catering

When it comes to on-set catering in LA it's hard to beat tacos for price and popularity. Several producers we spoke with recommended this company as the ultimate "taco guy" option. They've got super straight forward ordering, and really cheap rates relative to the other options on this list.  We looked through dozens of Yelp reviews, and these guys consistently get shout outs as the best on-set Taco catering option in the city.

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14) Castle's Catering

Founded by Shanita M. Castle in 2010, Castle's Catering is a popular production catering service that benefits from Shanita's mastery of native Creole and French cuisine. Born and raised in LaPlace, Louisiana only a few miles outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, Shanita brings an undeniable Southern passion for food and hospitality.  If you're looking for rich flavorful catering that warms the soul, this is a great option for your next shoot.

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13) Rise & Shine Catering

Photo by Ella Olson

One of the reasons that Rise & Shine made this list is that their reviews really "shine" on Yelp. Seriously, they have dozens over lengthy five star reviews, and while many are for weddings, they are also a great option for film production meals. Like the previous two options on the list they have tons of experience, catering on film sets for over 20 years. They take pride in their low prices, custom menus and great customer service.

"As a production company, catering and craft service is very important to us.  We use the request tool on Rise & Shine's website and they always respond very quickly and are easy to work with. We have used their catering service multiple times, both in our studio and on location and every time has been fantastic."

Click here to learn more about their catering menu and prices

12) Dine with 9 Catering

Dine With 9 Catering is an experienced TV, Film, and commercial catering team that is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner throughout greater Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County areas. They also provide professional craft service staff to keep your crew motivated throughout the entire day. In addition to amazing catering and snacks Dine With 9 Catering takes pride in excellent customer service and custom menus.

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11) Jennie Cook's On-Set Catering

Looking for a five-star veteran of Los Angeles craft services? Jennie Cook’s has been catering for film sets and the entertainment industry since she was barefoot and pregnant back in 1985. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available seven days a week, with incredibly diverse and delicious menus. They're a very friendly, affordable and flexible team, though you should note that they do have a $500 food minimum for all jobs including breakfast. But if you ask nicely, they do make exceptions.

Click here to learn more about their catering menu and prices

10) Too Tasty Catering

Too Tasty Catering is another veteran catering company in Los Angeles, with over 18 years of on-set experience. Specializing in French, Filipino and Hawaiian recipes, chefs Michelle and Robin provide a range of flexible menus and pricing options to fit any diet, or production budget. With great prices, and close to 2 decades of positive reviews, they’re a no-brainer option when it comes to ordering amazing on-set cuisine.

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9) Bite Catering

Los Angeles' Bite Catering Couture is a high end caterer serving the production teams and events in the greater Los Angeles area. Offering a full range of catering formats, they're committed to flawless execution in taste and service. Founded in 2007, Chef Elizabeth Goel has gained traction by applying the concepts of visual presentation and amazing tastes from her background as a pastry chef to innovate on the her catering menus.

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8) In Good Taste LA

In Good Taste is one of the longest tenured and most popular caterers in Los Angeles. With 30 years of experience in film production around Southern California, their menu  are diverse and consistently delicious. Executive Chef Teri Gooden insists on the the freshest ingredients and creates menus as diverse in influence as Southern, Caribbean, Asian, Contemporary American, Traditional American, Italian, among others. There is also an assortment of Fusion Menus. And all of them can include a vast array of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options. Booking is easy and can be done through their website by following the link below.

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7) Heirloom LA Catering

In 2008, Matt Poley and Tara Maxey started experimenting with new culinary treats during off hours of their regular kitchen jobs.  The trademarked Lasagna Cupcake was born shortly thereafter as comfort food to fit the palm of your hand. Catering gigs followed and as work got busier, the two hired friends and called themselves Heirloom LA. As a next generation catering service, Heirloom's founders have prioritized humanely raised livestock and the freshest local ingredients. The company's reviews speak for themselves - with Heirloom LA ranking amongst the very best catering teams on Yelp and Google reviews.

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6) Well Done Catering LA

Well Done Catering was a team that many Giggster renters mentioned as a go-to favorite for types of productions. They offer catering and craft services for a variety of productions and have a friendly and accommodating team of servers available on-demand. They’ve worked with just about every production company in the city, but their bread and butter remain budget-friendly projects.

I hired this company to work on a music video with Cardi B. They are awesome!! Great organic food and great great great craft service and staff. We will never hire a different caterer they are the best!

Click here to learn more about their catering menu and prices

5) Eco Catering

Eco Catering's LA team is an organic-focused, family-owned catering and event team with experience in films, events and weddings. They focus on seasonal catering menus sourced from local fields and pastures and handpicked, organic ingredients. Head Chef Nick Brune was raised in the kitchens of Louisiana, and brings that regional flair to his on-set catering menus.

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4) Rutt's Catering

Established in 1976, Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe is the old dog on the block. Paul Wahba started their catering service in 2003, in since then has become a favorite of big union crews and small indie production products alike. Available as both catering pick up and delivery with setup, Rutt's Catering is a very affordable on-set option at only $6 to $7 person. They have tons of great Yelp reviews and have experience handling jobs as big as 1,200 people. Just give some prior notice if you've got that many people!

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3) Boyz in the Kitchen

Boyz in the Kitchen is another one of the OG's in film catering world with 26 years of experience under their belt. They have experience catering to major studios, as well as smaller productions, and events. Chefs Gary LaCasse and Joey Arroyo blends French and Puerto Rican menus, but can handle just about any type of special request. Sample menus are on their website and should give you a good idea, of why these guys have been so popular for so long.

Click here to learn more about their catering menu and prices

2) Marbled LA Catering

Like Heirloom, Eco and Hungry Bear, Marbled LA is one of the next-gen catering concepts that have integrating sustainability and seasonality into every decision they make. Like LA's fine dining restaurants, Marbled LA's team dedicates extensive time and energy to sourcing natural ingredients grown through responsible and environmentally friendly practices.

"I had to feed my film crew of over a hundred and not a single person could complain! Who would want to when you're being served some of the best food Los Angeles has to offer. Not to mention conveniently brought to you! I have hired Tro and his crew on to a TV show to feed a hard working hungry crew and will plan to keep doing so in the future."

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1) Hungry Bear Catering

Co-owner's TJ Holgado and Jennie Trinh bring a background executing detailed concepts for Japanese, Italian and Mediterranean restaurants with a deep knowledge of farm-to-table practices in personal and professional kitchens. Whether you're looking for a catering option for a large-scale on-location shoot or an intimate photo studio session, Hungry Bear has the culinary talent and and professional capacity to deliver a five-star experience.

"Jennie and TJ deserve TEN stars!!!  They are absolutely the best caterers in the world.  Not only do they create fantastic dishes (from uni pasta to miso black cod), they can also re-create your own favorite dishes.  I love taiwanese fried chicken, and they were able to create into a fancy dish with thigh meat and recreate Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits.  It was so amazing."  

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