Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Another winter wedding – we love them! The colors powder blue and gold are ideal for adding elegance to your wedding venue, no matter where you decide to get married. You’ll see a few images can go a long way and our inspiration will get you started on your powder blue and gold wedding theme.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

A powder blue and gold wedding emits a Christmas feel and perfectly captures a winter wedding celebration. So, when looking for wedding venues, consider a building or site that could accommodate the blending of wedding and Christmas decor. If you’re not incorporating the holiday season into your wedding, select a venue that aligns with your vision and personality.

A forest setting would look ethereal and out of this world with the natural elements combined with some golden and dusty blue decor elements. It would also look romantic and chic in unconventional indoor wedding venues, like lofts, old buildings, and warehouse spaces.

Color Palettes for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Go for the gold when choosing color palettes for your long-anticipated wedding. The bright yellow shade of gold is perfect for your lighting while going with rose gold would exude a high sense of elegance and class for your utensils. Try experimenting with blue gold as well for the other decors.

Create a breathtaking atmosphere by bringing the sky and the sea indoors with different shades of blue. If you’re going for an open concept for your venue, powder blue is your best choice, as this color enhances the depth of every detail. Powder blue, gold, and white make up for fantastic wedding colors, especially if you’re aiming for a feel-at-home festivity.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Blue is one of the most popular colors for bridesmaid dresses, and it’s easy to see why. Bridesmaids in powder blue dresses can easily pull off a glam party look. And when you pair them with light yellow and peach blooms, they make the perfect combo for summer and spring weddings. They’re also practical for chillier months.

You can’t deny the dreamy appeal and elegance of bridesmaid dresses that highlight the dusty blue and gold themes. They suit the magical outdoor atmosphere and are ideal for beach celebrations, forest weddings, or any wedding that has a blue color motif. They can also be easily combined with brighter colors and soft bouquets.

Menswear for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Blue wedding suits for the men will never get old. You can have the men wear a lighter shade of blue for their tuxedos and pants or pick navy blue wedding suits with a light blue shirt for a suave look. With the groom and male guests sporting powder blue suites, they have brought the best of occasion attire to this memorable event. This color will blend perfectly with gold accents ceremony decor.

Consider going for shoes with unique details or embroidered accents. Choose the ones with blue and gold designs for consistency. The groom can also wear a simple pair of loafers to the festivities for a more minimalist approach.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

For the wedding bouquet in a powder blue and gold wedding, look for wedding flowers with powder blue and rose gold petals. They don’t need to be over-the-top, as you could go with just four or five petals. Don’t forget the greenery, but go for ones with lighter tones as much as possible.

Go for warmer hues for your boutonnieres like yellow gold, copper, coral, and pink. You might want to stick with roses for their versatility and durability, but carnations and peonies are incredible alternatives to consider. Another boutonniere style worth exploring is scabiosa pods, which are excellent for fall weddings.

Wedding Invitations for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Everybody wants to create a perfect first impression. So, for your powder blue and gold wedding, try to be very involved in crafting and designing your wedding invitations. There are plenty of ways of keeping with traditional styles while blending a touch of modernity. Gold texts in wedding cards are timeless. Paint them in powder blue canvas, and your guests will not think about refusing the invite even for a second!

Contemplate do-it-yourself designs to elevate the appeal and add personality to your wedding invitations. Use vellum paper and complement it with glam foil lettering. Another design you may want to consider is the foil-pressed marble in which your canvas is blue with sprinkles of gold dents.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Turn your powder blue and gold wedding into a dreamy one with an all-blue, multi-tier wedding cake. First, you must pick the flavor you will love and adorn this delicious reception dessert with a white or pink flower.

If you prefer highlighting the golden side of your wedding, bring a stunning metallic wedding cake to the table. Pair the gold-painted layers with powder blue floral accents on your five-tier cake. Another option is going for an all-gold three-tier cake with blue petals at the top. All these cake designs are worthy of being the golden centerpieces of your banquet.

Reception Decor for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Turn your wedding reception into a Christmas family affair by adding elements of the holiday season to your dream wedding. Powder blue would make for a magnificent backdrop during the reception. Gold accents and decorations like bells, balloons, and more will help create a festive environment. Try adding rare elements like gold and white feathers and a pantry of chocolate kisses packed in golden wrappers for a unique touch.

Wedding receptions should be the time when you can relax and enjoy the abundance of everything. Layout the golden table linens to make your wedding food look more riveting. Also, bring out the gold plates and powder blue placemats for a dining experience that would compare to that of royalty. If you want to make part of the wedding celebration an outdoor event, string gold lights in the trees.

Portrait Props for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

Portrait shots are like dry runs for your big day, so they should preview the most stunning version of yourself. Using props that will effectively bring out your joy and excitement are necessary. For a powder blue and gold wedding, consider utilizing decor and props that have a touch of Christmas in them. Anything that glitters in gold is worthy of a portrait prop.

Your wedding bouquets are excellent tools for bridal portraits. Single-stem flowers and highly sophisticated blue suits for your groom’s portraits will never fail to deliver. Enhance your indoor settings with powder blue and gold backdrops for a more relaxed series of captures.

Favors & Gifts for a Powder Blue and Gold Wedding

For wedding gifts that will surely be appreciated by your guests, try going for DIYs. Scented candles are the most conventional choice but add your own twist. Personalized tote bags are no-fail gifts that will be loved by even your pickiest guest. We also love the idea of giving away minimalist necklaces and bracelets for more formal occasions.

Be wise when choosing your wedding favors to avoid sacrificing a massive portion of your wedding budget. Personalized matches are one of the most practical gifts one could ever receive from a wedding celebration. You may also consider leather luggage tags with gold accents and flip-flops in powder blue.

Credits: photo credits: gold pear, bridesmaids in powder blue < via Style Me Pretty, gold pears, pear shaped engagement ring < from Emmaline Bride, gold dipped feather necklace, stationary, cake, table setting < from Inspired by This.

12 days of christmas: a partridge in a pear tree

powder blue and gold wedding

Welcome to day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas series! For ‘a partridge in a pear tree’ I didn’t want to go too literal with the inspiration, but you will find pears, pear shapes, and feathers on this board. The powder blue, gold, and white colors work really well for a luxurious winter wedding and this is definitely one of my favorite color combinations!

Credits: photo credits: gold pear, bridesmaids in powder blue < via Style Me Pretty, gold pears, pear shaped engagement ring < from Emmaline Bride, gold dipped feather necklace, stationary, cake, table setting < from Inspired by This.